Pictures:Zimbabwe riot police brutalise protestors

Officers of the Zimbabwe riot Police today brutalised defenceless citizens protesting the delayed payment of December salaries and bonuses for civil servants.



Rural Teachers Union in Zimbabwe protest against the Government-for the delay of December salaries bonus.The protestors were dispaced by riot police.
Rural Teachers Union in Zimbabwe protest against the Government-for the delay of December salaries bonus.The protestors were dispaced by riot police.
Riot-Police-beat-up-members-of-Rural-Teachers-Union-in-Zimbabwe-after-they-staged-a-protest-againist-the-Government-for-the-delay-of-December salaries and bonus-Pic-Shepherd-Tozvireva.
Riot-Police-beat-up-members-of-Rural-Teachers-Union-in-Zimbabwe-after-they-staged-a-protest-againist-the-Government-for-the-delay-of-December salaries and bonus-Pic-Shepherd-Tozvireva.
A-riot-police-office-confiscate protesters' placards after beating them up.
A-riot-police-office-confiscate protesters’ placards after beating them up.

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  1. Ko makatambira here vana officer kana kuti mangomanikidzwavo

  2. Good, so tell your girlfriend to drive it and keep working online stop bothering us.

  3. This is bullshit @garry456, we make money through legal means not through dodgey dealslike this online crap of yours. Your are trying to swindle off the people’s hard earn money. I will continue to fight you @garry456.

  4. Kkkkkkkk. Hanzi “Mugabe were is our money?” Wadii kubvunza neShona, anonzwa mudhara uya.

  5. The police haisati yatambira but the Rural Teachers got paid on 29\12\2015

  6. mapurisa matofo wena kurova vanhu vanoda kuti naivowo vawane mari nxaa

  7. i think the police must b reminded that they are working for cash and brutality they have displayed is not healthy in a democratic country. RTUZ IS THE MOTHER OF ALL TR ORGANISATIONS.

  8. I like the initiative that these RTUZ comdrades have taken. It comes at this much needed time when Zimbabwe neeeds comrades who are courageous and brave. Keep up the good work comrades. ZVAKAOMA KUDARO TIRI MA SURVIVOR!!!!

  9. So I’m Zimbabwe how are the citizens supposed to voice their disapointment in the gvt, they should jus shut up even if what is happening doesn’t go down well with them…

    I Thot in a civilised environment peacefull protest is allowed…why best them up when they are just walking did not pause any harm to anyone….

  10. Cde Mtambowatsvukaropa

    The Seniour police officers who gave orders to have demostrators beaten will be accountable fo the action done under their approval

  11. This is sad guys , Is there hope for a better Zimbabwe.Why beat people demonstrating agains bad governance.

  12. Cde Mtambowatsvukaropa under which law will make sure this happens.???

  13. good job Robert forces, will know how to think and vote reasonable next time, we voted for you to do exactly that on others, now that the tables have changes, votes will perhaps change for me the hard mashona type.

  14. Hutongi hwepfumo neropa. Zanu ndiwo manyowa chaiwo!

  15. i foresee disaster in terms of the learning of students is concerned in Zimbabwe….

  16. I will never give transport/lift to a police officer! Muchakwira mazimota enyu eriot iwao.

    As for Obiza tha RTUZ leader,keep up the good work. You are one apolitical organisation leader I will always admire! Amandla!

  17. Please all be advised that @garry456 is a con, do not be tempted by those fake lies. who can make such monies so quick. why is he bothering us he must make his ‘money’ and leave people alone!!!

  18. #policemustfall

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