No bonus joy for civil servants

GOVERNMENT has reneged on its bonus pledge this month and reportedly advised civil servants’ union leaders that it was financially hamstrung and could not commit itself to mobilise money for the 13th cheque anytime soon.


Public Service minister Prisca Mupfumira and Apex Council member Sifiso Ndlovu confirmed the development yesterday.

Mupfumira told NewsDay that she could not give a definite date for the payment of bonuses, saying the situation had been worsened by the fact that Cabinet was on recess, with its chairman, President Robert Mugabe, away on holiday in the Far East.

“We don’t have a date yet. When we get a date, we will advise and, as you know, Cabinet is on recess and we might only meet maybe next week, that is when we will discuss some of those issues. The commitment to pay is there, but as to when we will pay, if I state a date, I will be lying,” Mupfumira said.

Prisca Mupfumira
Prisca Mupfumira

“As for the February 10 meeting, it is just a meeting, but it has nothing to do with bonuses. We are committed to pay, so we will wait for Cabinet and I will get a clear view from there.”

Ndlovu, also chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association, said indications on the ground were that civil servants would not get their bonuses anytime soon.

“From the interactions that we have had with government, we have been told by the Public Service minister that she is still engaging her Finance counterpart, Patrick Chinamasa, on the bonus issue and she will be able to tell us the pay date on February 10, when we meet her,” he said.

“So it means the hope that civil servants would get their bonuses early is close to nil, we will wait for February 10.

“The commitment to pay is there, but as to when we will get the money, we will only know after February 10. We know that the government is committed to paying us, but as to when, it’s the headache for the employer to tell us.”

While Ndlovu was looking forward to the February 10 meeting, Mupfumira had already watered down expectations from that gathering.

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe president Takavafira Zhou was also not very optimistic on the bonus issue.

“It’s very worrying that this government is treating us as servants without rights,” Zhou said.

“After being told that this is the position, we resolved to embark on a go-slow as a way to send a message to our employer. We have since realised that it (government) is now intimidating the workers. They have recalled all those on leave and there are unilateral transfers.”

For the first time since Independence, public workers went for the festive holidays without their December salaries and were yet to receive last year’s bonuses, despite the government’s assurances that the payment would be made this month.

Last year, Chinamasa announced the government had suspended paying bonuses as it could not afford, but was forced to beat a hasty retreat after a public reprimand by Mugabe.

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  1. So Chinamasa was right, after all.

    1. when Biti used to say that there is no money he was called names kkkkkkkkk

    2. Why is this government allergic to facts. Just tell people that there is no money and don’t keep them waiting. Biti would ruthlessly say “money does not grow on trees”. Chinamasa tried a more diplomatic approach but he was rebuked by his superordinate. Does governing mean playing with people’s psyche? In Zimbabwe it is. To you fellow civil servants, remove “bonus” from your financial plans and dictionaries, I tell you. Ko Nzara mati maona zvairi kuita here and you still expect this government to give you bonus. If that happens before June 2016 then I bet you President Mugabe will be 6-months pregnant with a baby boy!

  2. Of course he was right. Kana uriwe mubati wehomwe you know better.

  3. Ndopaunoona rimwe richingoti pamberi neZanu. Who really in his/her right mind still believe in these thugs??

    1. Those who are scavenging in it at taxpayers’ expense.But the future is bleak for them without BoB, their god

  4. Civil servants must be realistic, how can anyone expect a bonus when they’re almost being not paid their regular salary. Govt is stone broke & that’s it

  5. The country is surely on the verge of closing down.

  6. Mupfumira told NewsDay that she could not give a
    definite date for the payment of bonuses, saying the
    situation had been worsened by the fact that
    Cabinet was on recess, with its chairman, President
    Robert Mugabe, away on holiday in the Far East.

    Are you kidding me? people are suffering and their leader is away holidaying on tax payers monies and you hear someone say this government is for the people

    1. This govt is for those people in it who are enjoying themselves at taxpayers’ expense!

  7. Ko tikatora 800 000 ye bash tikambovabhadhara ma civil srvants aya,,,,,,tombomira zve bash toita ka private birthday ku blue roof pakadii ipapo

    1. I wish your wonderful suggestion had an audience!!


  9. Mbavha yagara haina rudo kana tsitsi.chinamasa akavaudza last year kuti hatina mari asi idzo mbavha idzi dzakawana 3million yekuita kacongress kadzo kuVic falls.izvozvi dzirikuronga budget ye800.000 kupemberera mumwe wavo.chisingaperi chinoshura regai vadye kwekupedzisira.Tavakutosvika.tisavarairwa tichifamba coz 2018 avapadyo.

  10. Asi nhai tino taura zvebonus ko pay date ra January ndiyani. hapana mari varume.

  11. Mugabe must resign on this one. He promised civil servants when he knew there was no money. If the government is struggling to pay normal pay where can it get money for bonuses and so Mugabe should not have promised. Its not good to play with people’s lives.

  12. Our government is spending all the money and recourses to fund ZANU PF Congress and Mugabe birthday.

  13. chokwadi ndechekuti zim yaora hw can one act as a temporary tr for 2yrs whilst qualified zvichingonzi no open post. achazoita rini maopen tanzwa nekutenderera nenyika vane hama ndovoga vakuwana mabasa isu nherera tofa . no job for us no bonus for u

  14. Pamberi neku shaya BONUS gore Rino!!!

  15. Civil Servants should not lose hope. Dubai is an important capital market so it is possible that the President upon his return to Zimbabwe might bring back enough money to pay wages and bonuses. We remain optimistic that the bonuses will be paid as promised by the President last year.

  16. Meanwhile qualified teachers have been fired only to be replaced by unqualified ones! Two weeks into the school term some are still waiting for teachers. The ministers concerned should take their work seriously.

  17. Cammille Flammarion

    Cappleton ‘King Shngo” in his song , Leaders Let the People Down has the following lyrics:

    All the Leaders Dem are let the People Down
    Dey always make the people wear a frown.
    Bigger heads are let de people down.
    Dem ask the Ghetto youths how me sound.
    Who dem Bwoy dem really want take fi clown.

    PROMISE is a comfort to a FOOL.
    Babylon are say dem ah go build more centers and school.
    I know me never see ah desk or a pen much less ah school.
    Ah who dem want fi take fi fool me cant cool.
    Dem drinking de people blood dem ah blood hound.

    The lyrics in this song are very true and liberating. I urge all people to listen to conscious reggae music. Politicians are Babylonians and bigger Heads. They always lie to the people and think they are wiser than JAH JAH. But we are “Living in a Small World’ and “Dat Day Will Come,” “coz dem no have no love fi mankind”.

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    1. nuff said Camille.see and blind,hear and deaf is what them want us to do

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  20. I have many relatives working un government agencies who were lamenting on receiving their monthly salaries. So before find issue with the bonuses, they government owes civil servant back pays.
    When Napoleon so the extent of his domain, he wept.
    Mugabe pays the military chefs like the owner feeding his bull fight dogs. they came out against journalist for reporting the secret bonus and they coming out to arrest and beat demonstrators because they have been fed.
    I thought the master was in Malaysia, but slowly it come out he was in oil rich Abu Dhabi: Like the last meal, he decided a unique spot to write the conclusion to his legacy.
    Idi Amin escaped to Saudi Arabia so he thought why shouldn’t he?
    It would be even sadder to come back and tease Zimbabweans with an extravagant birthday!
    Cry Freedom


    civil servants now is the time to take up arms against this cruel regime. handina kuti batai magini omene but kiti inouwara nenzira dzakawanda. zanu pf yapinda mumabhurugwa edu saka tofamba sei? ngachitsve full stop

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