Mugabe turns to God

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has instructed that Zimbabwe hold a period of national prayer as the severest drought looms and the country teeters on the brink of a socio-economic and political crisis.

BY staff reporter

A group of clerics from across denominations known as the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations (ZHOCD) yesterday told journalists in Harare that churches will also begin a process of mobilising resources to avert famine.

ZHOCD spokesperson Shingi Munyeza said Zimbabweans needed to “turn from our wicked ways”.

“Following discussions with the Acting President Phelekezela Mphoko who said he had authority from the President, we have agreed to call the nation and all Christian denominations to prayer from the 9th of January to the 17th.


“It was a spiritual request and as the prophetic voice of God we must respond responsibly. We as the body of Christ have chosen to respond to this request with responsibility as required of us rather than be irresponsible or reckless,” Munyeza said.

“This is a kairos moment that we, as a people, reflect on our ways and errors, recognise we have sinned against God, repent and seek the face of the Lord for the revival and restoration of our nation and land.”

Munyeza, who chose to be diplomatic, said Zimbabweans had collectively sinned against God, but would not be drawn into commenting on whether the “poisoned political environment” was to blame for “God’s anger”.

“The Church has sinned against God, and State actors have not acted in the manner God would have expected, so we need to walk away from sin.

“We must repent from our wicked ways and repent from our sins. In some way we have not been good stewards of what God has given us. Zimbabweans need to walk away from our sins,” the businessman-turned-clergyman said.

Zimbabwe has particularly in the last decade and a half experienced frequent droughts and food shortages.

Asked if Mphoko had revealed the extent of hunger Zimbabwe was facing and the number of people likely to require food aid, Munyeza said this was currently being figured out.

“We will work with provincial administrators to find out the extent of hunger. We did not want to have figures thrown at us so we will begin the process of finding out and ascertaining the help that is required,” he said.

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  1. 2 Chronicles 7:14-15. When going to God about this issue we must no reason or giving excuses or finger pointing at one another,we sinned as a nation in different ways from Christianity to political. Christians are blaming each other about the way they worship, some they’re hiding behind God ‘s name in performing magics caused by economic hardships.The Lord is coming soon,be ready.
    Matthew 6:33.Matthew 24

  2. In the modern world we should differentiate between spiritual and man-made weather patterns. Robert has never heard of EL-NINO? When other world leaders are finding ways to forge forward in the current weather conditions, he wants the easy way out. God did not create industry which emit toxins into the atmosphere, humans did and as such should find solutions that are humanly possible. Instead of spending money globe trotting and contributing to other countries economies, he should use that money to build dams and capture what ever little waters that end up in silting rivers, he should teach his land grabbers to protect the trees and not farm close to rivers and catchment areas, God will not change that for him. Does it mean if you are a church leader you should agree with nonsense? The few people who still have jobs should be at work instead of wasting time, Robert and his cronies can do that praying they have nothing better to do after all.

    1. African Cristiano

      My sentiments exactly. Instead using all that money they waste travelling around the world and holding silly conferences to buy irrigation equipment they now seek divine intervention kkkk. Not that it’s a bad thing but they should go to the drawing board and find solutions and pray for their solutions to work, maybe that is better!

  3. Saka moda kuita minamato nokuti zvarehwa na Mugabe. Pose apa hamaizviona kuti zvoda Mwari mukati here izvi?

  4. at least now our leaders have admitted their wrongs. God is just and ready to forgive and show his undying love for Zimbabweans. let unite my people let’s call upon God

  5. Its not too late to ask for God’s intervention. Zvakanakisa izvi kuti vanhu vave kuziva kuti mwari ariko uye ndiye muridzi wenyika nekuzara kwayo. Chimwe chinhu chinofanira kuti vanhu vazive ndechekuti mwari varikutaura kwatiri nenzira inoda kuti tive mumweya tigonzwa zvazvinoreva.

  6. The paradox here is that RGM actually thinks he is God.
    RGM also thinks he is going to be beatified by the Pope before he is pronounce as a SAINT.
    The fact is that this hypocrite never goes to church, even to confess his multitude of crimes.

    1. i think you dont believe in beatification and canonisation. its all rubbish and a baby of of catholic bigotry. The word of God does not speak of any of that from Genesis to Revelation. In simple calculation and understanding, how can a mortal man who is sold under sin make another man a saint? Catholicism is a fun religion, no wonder people follow it the world over

  7. Mvura hainganayi vanhu vachingopondwa semhuka. Gukurahundi atrocities, vana kuDRC, Rashiwe Guzha, 200 MDC-T supporters, nhasi tinotsvaga Itai Dzamara saka Mwari haafari nazvo. Hazvinei kuti neighbouring countries are also experiencing this phenomena Umwe nomumwe anonotongwa nezvake kudenga.

  8. Does Mugabe plan to rectify his wife’s partisan donations of food and equipment given solely to party followers at the expense of those who do not support ZPF. They are no more Christian than the devil . This praying thing is just another political tactic to save their heads.

  9. Blessed is a nation whose God is Jehovah;the Creator of Heaven and Earth.El-Nino may bring terrible hardships to the regions affected but the fear of the Lord gives the Leaders the wisdom to carry the nation through civilised Christian interventions.The prophet Elijah prayed for rain and the skies opened up with abundant rains.

  10. Mvura inganaye here shuwa imi makasunga VAPOSITORI VABABA JOWANI? Musakanganwe kuti nyika ino ndeyaBaba Jowani

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  12. To humble ourselves, repent and pray to God, the Creator of heaven and earth is the right thing to do. The sin is not that of politicians and leaders only because all of us have sinned.

  13. How can God bring the rains when other families are living in the open after the same government destroyed their houses in the name of illegal structures. We don’t have to treat God as our servant whom we instruct to bless our evil acts. Are you sure all your conducts are legal before the Almighty? Leaders, seek God in spirit and truth and do away with your hypocritical tendencies.

  14. The President is the cause of our suffering, Look, Pharaoh refused to let go the Israelites, Nebucadnezzar was punished for pride, Mugabe has blooded fingers strectching from gukurahundi, the tonderai ndiras, itai dzamaras etc mvura haife yanaya unless ataura nationally kuti he is responsible, Mwari anotsamwiswa neutungamiriri unorwadzisa vanhu…..

  15. zvichapera gehena

    How can Robert see drought today yet he himself has destroyed everything.

  16. I welcome the president’s call that people should pray for rains. Now we say to the president, thank you for the call but cant you see you are part of Zimbabwe’s problems? Why do you not want to attend to the problems of your people whom you always claim you love. If you love us, do us right things. I think for now the only right thing we want is that you stop down. Only that.

  17. This is crazy! Mboko must vacate hotel before he suggest turning to God. since his appointment the country is now worse off so this bloc deserves to be ignored atleast

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