‘Mugabe must go’

OUTSPOKEN Kariba church leader, Patrick Mugadza, who attracted global attention last month after he staged a solo demonstration at the Zanu PF national conference in Victoria Falls, accusing government of fuelling poverty through maladministration, yesterday called on President Robert Mugabe to concede failure and step down immediately.


Addressing journalists in the capital, Mugadza, who is currently on $50 bail following his arrest, said he was ready to face “any consequences” arising from his remarks.


The Remnant Church leader was arrested after he staged a one-man protest in December, where he marched through Victoria Falls town waving a placard with the message: “Mr President, the people are suffering, Proverbs 21 vs 13.”

The State claims that the message was offensive and meant to demean the Office of the President.

Mugadza, who spent 18 days in remand prison after failing to raise the required $500 bail, was only released on New Year’s Eve after the intervention of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR).

ZLHR applied for a downward review of the bail to $50 after he had spent the Christmas holiday in jail.

Mugadza argued that elections were not the solution to the country’s political crisis, saying losers in the previous elections had always claimed to have won and went on to be declared winners.

“Focusing on elections in Zimbabwe is not the best way forward because we have examples that elections in Zimbabwe, with the way things are right now, do not work,” he said.
“In 2008, MDC claimed they won, it is believed, and when you win, you rule.

“But with a situation whereby somebody won, but did not rule, so if it is like that, you win and do not rule and you may still lose, but you rule, to me, it doesn’t make sense to have an election.”

He added: “My suggestion to the President is for him to allow a situation whereby he is going to be saying guys, things are not okay so as a result, because I love you
people, I fought for this nation, for its progress and not for its retrogression, what I am going to be doing is to give an opportunity to the nation to formulate a government of technocrats.

“He should say: ‘My sons and daughters, we have to take this nation from where it is’.

“I am not saying dislodging him because it will appear violent. I am saying it will be good to speak to him in love and say: ‘Mr President, things are not okay. It’s clear even to you that things are not okay, so may you have a way for this interim government to be put in place for the betterment of the people who you love and the people you fought for’.”

He said if given a minute with Mugabe, he would tell him to step down and allow technocrats to salvage the country from its current economic mess.

He also took a dig at local prophets who prophesied bumper harvests and economic prosperity in 2016, accusing them of acting as mouthpieces of the ruling party.

“It is important to have some men of God, some of our big prophets. I am a little-known pastor, but there are many other men of God out there who I strongly believe should stand up and begin to speak concerning our situation. They know what is going on, but they are not saying much,” he said.

“I was in South Africa about two or so months back, and I am going to be very frank because one of my prophets, when I was there, said the only direction to the solution for the nation of Zimbabwe is when we have a businessman ruling the nation.

“And this was (United Family International Church leader Emmanuel) Makandiwa speaking at one of his seminars in Sandton, South Africa.

“He is supporting an interim government led by technocrats, so I want to urge him [Makandiwa] and many others that have got a massive following and membership, that there are some who are not members, who follow them very much.

“If they stand up and begin to speak, I believe it will make a difference,” the Gutu-born pastor said. He said fear was Zimbabwe’s biggest enemy, adding that he was not afraid even if he were to be abducted Itai Dzamara-style as “sown seeds will always germinate”.

Dzamara, a staunch critic of Mugabe, was abducted in Harare early last year and has not been seen since then.

Mugadza said the reason why Zimbabweans continued to go to work despite receiving their salaries late was because of “a spirit of witchcraft circulating in the country”.

He urged people not to run away when confronted by baton-wielding riot police, saying the next time it happens, demonstrators should sit or kneel down to pray.

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  1. We agreed that VaMugabe chete chete.Tsvangirai is the one who allowed VaMugabe kutora nyanga in 2008.Kana mubhara tinova pusha vachitonga chete.Fo yo own info, vanobviswa nerufu.Pasi nemhandu.#Mugabe2018

    1. That is why you will remain in Bindura and die a poor man because you have no fission of the future. How can you say mhandu in this age, as an adult you should understand the importants of having different views. Zimbabwe has failed because ZANU PF does not want to hear the views of those who may know better

  2. The expectations we had for Zimbabwe before independence have turned up to be tyranny and poverty. They say when the root of a tree starts to decay it sends death to the branches.

  3. The presidential seat is just lyk a toilet seat: you dnt hv to be told by others to leave it once u r done with it so that others can use it. Sadly the first person who went to use e toilet – & who happens to be the father – isn’t budging at all arguing he is the one who built the house…& e toilet. Ma1 chaiwo!!

  4. Pastor Mugadza just like Itayi Dzamara is brave. More Zimbabweans need to stand up and speak out. Mugadza makes a number of valid points. Current govt has failed and they have no idea of how to fix this economy. They have mismanaged the economy this far and there is no way this leadership will take this economy out of the hole they dug for themselves. Without leadership renewal this economy will continue on a free fall.Not even the Chinamasas of this world will fix this economy with their creative ideas which border on theft on a grand scale. He is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. Such thieving methods are destroying this economy further.

  5. Where is mudhara Musona who used to contribute a lot on this forum? Hey mdhara Musona where are you? Remember you’ll be turning 71 so say something while you still can. Maybe you were abducted.

  6. Where is mudhara Musona who used to contribute a lot on this forum? Hey mdhara Musona where are you? Remember you’ll be turning 71 so say something while you still can. Maybe you were abducted.

  7. “….the only direction to the solution for the nation of Zimbabwe is when we have a businessman ruling Zimbabwe.” Isn’t Mugabe a businessman?

  8. Kingifrika The 1st

    Pastor Mugadza.it is that Mugabe you now want to go so fast who has guaranteed you your free expression by endorsing the constitution clauses on freedom of expression. Surely he must go , but whereto ? If he goes wherever that may be whom are you assuring the nation must replace him at that point ? I honestly don’t see you as a suitable replacement until you prove me otherwise. I think if we want circus politics then certainly you are an indispensable asset . So at the moment carry on hallucinating that Mugabe must go but remember what happened to one not so Pious Ncube ? Mugabe must rule to the hilt because thats what kings do since most of those that want to challenge him are greedy sellouts who want to sell our birthright and sovereignty. Icho !

  9. People have suffered enough and its evident that those riot are suffering too

  10. Kingifrika The 1st

    It does not take bravery to say Mugabe must go, rather it is a question of knowing one’s constitutional right on free expresstion. Pastor Mugadza is doing just that. Secondly it is being fool hard to think that Mugabe’s depature will signal the end of Zim’s economic crisis- Nay nay ! Saddam Hussein’s depature did not solve Iraq’s problems rather they increased same scenario in Libya. If Mugabe goes a power vaccum will ensue and who knows right now who will fill that vacuum ? No one knows.. my guess ..some rebels hiding under a facade of proponents of democracy Pastor Mugadza just be careful what you may be agitating for just a suggestition

    1. Mugabe going will not bring an immediate solution to the crisis but it wil start a process to correct all the wrongs done during his failed and now clueless leadership

  11. We only need to map the way forward by correcting govt policies inconsistance cause Zimbabwe to fail.

  12. Kingifrika The 1st

    I would like to comment on TB Joshua’s lousy and irrational prophecy on Southern Africa’s problems. It seems the man lacks tact and wisdom. His voodoo prophecies are like those of his fellow Nigerian one Pastor Moses who said in 2013 that by December 2014 Mugabe would have died describing the President as a fallen big tree. Now we are in 2016 that prophet is mum on his tactically feeble prophecy. TB Joshua has a litany of scandals engulfing his personality alone where does he get the excitement to make prophecy about our region ? He is not yet done with Boko Haram in his own back yard ? This is a classic example of worrying about a granule in someone’s eyes yet one has a huge log in his own eye. TB Joshua please leave us alone our kings are born to rule and someday die just what will happen to you and everyone else. Your country is a country founded on Coups de etas for all we have known but we left you alone. You tell subliminal lies which hiding under prophecy which is unbecoming for what you claim to be. If you carry on doing this , I will expose your fake ministry for what a scandal it is be warned. You are no where near what a prophet of God is- no apologies

  13. @ Bindura ibva pano,uri mutengesi iwe.why do u even read private media hanti ku Zanu makati hamuiide saka ukutsvaga ani frend yako pano kkkkkk zidofo..

  14. the country needs more church leaders like this guy. kwete zana magaya zve chidade bedzi.

  15. one must step down peacefully as this will ensure will ensure smooth transition of power but if violence is used as in Libya,well u cn see th results for urself.so I hope this guys won’t hang in there too lng to th extent tht thz demos turn violent, & we all knw there are countries who’r always on th outlook to destabilize others. lts they tke tht opportunity to do wht they do best


    The pastor is a brave man. Tsvangirai and Mugadza are the only brave men in Zimbabwe. The demonstration wont work as long as there are only two brave men. In Zimbabwe we are cowards that even one (1) police detail holding a baton stick can disperse a big crowd of demonstrators.

  17. Taura hako weZhira. Ndiwo anonzi mapastor zve awa. Iyi ndiyo redemption chaiyo iri kuparidzwa namufundisi ava kwete redemption yokutorera vanhu mari shoma zvakare yavainayo mudzimba. Only good governance can bring bread to everyone including all pastors.

  18. So it’s true that some prophets say Zimbabwe needs new leadership when outside the country but when here they say let’s pray for our leaders? The true biblical prophets would confront kings for their wrongs and rebuke them face-to-face. Not now!

  19. Another dzamara in the making and more will continue to pitch up,,,lets see mukamuita disappear,,,,, maproblem enyu are now re appearing .no one can stop the tide of change kana mwari arikumusoro ada….he will continue to raise more dzamaras.

  20. machakacha ukutiiko iwe. everyone is a businessman as long as he is looking for money bt u need to understand the conotation associated with the term businesman used by the pastor. wekup man. it means someone concerned with the growth of the economy at large than being concerned wth power only like mgabe.

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  22. Mugadza, you kneel and pray not because police are confronting you, you kneel and pray when you have a problem and put your cares before God. I have a problem with so called pastors who say my spirit or spiritual leader told me this. Only God knows what He has for Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe have to know that only when we pray to God and not to human beings are we going to be saved. No amount of ridiculing Mugabe will save Zimbabwe. The VP Mphoko has called us for prayer, let us do so. When God has set a time for Mugabe to go that is when he will vacate office, and nothing else will happen. Let us confuse ourselves by listening to these so called man of god or prophets who are living in luxury whilst their congregants languish in poverty. You have the prophets and man of god selling church regalia at every service for a $1 and collecting a lot of money which they invest not in Zimbabwe but abroad where they are now spending most of their time. They only fly back to Zimbabwe for services. Wake up Zimbos, trust in God and not these so called or self styled fly by night pastors or man of god.

  23. useless goat mugabe

    That useless mugabe must die .he sold marange blood diamonds to Chinese and now its our animals .I wonder what’s next maybe orphans or prisoners for cheap labour. Fak mugabe

  24. nhai Bindura mwanangu inga ndakati kana wapedza kupenga udzoke KUMBA wani?

    1. endai munomutora zvisati zvawedzera Shewe



  26. Mugabe kundofa…Ana Bindura dzikamai zvenyu

  27. bindura you are disturbed

  28. Pastor you did the right thing kuuudza mukuru uyu kuti achibve zvake coz taneta. Chinongonetsa isu vana veZimbabwe kuda mbiri yekuti tine runyararo asi tichishungurudzwa siku nesikati. Tinodya runyaararo here nhai hamawe. Haaa ngatipafungei ipapo.

  29. Kingifika i think you are missing the point.

    We are were we are not because of ignorance of our rights but because of fear….fear to die, fear of being arrested, fear of being tortured. Is it not our right to just go to the Airport when RGM comes back for example with a placard that says “the nation is hungry” but how many of us will brave it out and do that.

    To me Dzamara and his team were brave. I also think Pastor Mugadza is brave…to even go to a Zanupf conference for that matter!!!

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  31. of course when we say Mugabe we’re saying him & all his people. & yes if Mugabe goes things will definitely change overnight. my colleagues in SA didn’t believe it when I said it in 2008 but things changed overnight on the signing of GNU. Even b4 they came back from jhb after signing, shops had stock & operating for the first time in several years.. so yes its as simple as that. Mugabe must just go…!!!

  32. The same sing song. Be realistic please Pastor, your duty is to save people from going to hell, dabbling in politics will not achieve that.

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