MP, party members clash

ZANU PF Harare North MP Tongesayi Mudambo is under siege from fellow party members who are pushing for his ouster on allegations of being part of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s People First project.


On Saturday, Mudambo’s accusers demonstrated in Hatcliffe accusing him of failing to protect them from housing cooperatives and land barons who were demanding large sums of money from homeseekers.

Mudambo, however, accused Justin Zvandasara of organising the demonstrations in order to elbow him out and take over the constituency.

“Firstly, I am not involved in co-operative business. This mess was there when I came. The people who demonstrated were on the ground when these co-operatives were started. The Local Government minister (Saviour Kasukuwere) came after I approached him (Zvandasara) to stop the land barons from taking people’s money and that is also my position,” Mudambo said.


“These are the same people who lost in the primary elections who are raising questions over my age and accusing me of working and being funded by the MDC-T. They never accepted defeat. They said I was young, after I won they started saying I am Gamatox, they said I was G40 and now they say I am People First.

He added: “People are suffering and people doing this should rot in jail. They want to use consortiums for their political gains. They gave people notices saying they should pay money to the developer or else they leave the place within 48 hours. That is wrong and as MP, I want to ensure the government directive is adhered to.

“They are taking money from people, but there is no development on the ground.”

He also said he will seek for direction from the relevant ministry. “After this I am going back to the ministry to say what is the way forward? Some 8 000 people voted for me and less than 50 demonstrated. These 8 000 should say I must go. They can’t steal using the party name,” he charged.

However, Zanu PF district youth chairperson Trymore Kanyemba said that they were seeking the intervention of the provincial leadership for Mudambo’s ouster accusing him of working with People First.

“We know he is working with the People First. Many district chairpersons demonstrated, but I am speaking because it happened in my district,” he said.

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  1. vivian v siziba

    Back stabbing and gossiping,any one who wants a political position in the party would simple initiate an allegation that so and so is sympathetic to Mujuru,that individual is simple done away with,his political career is simple over, due processes are never followed to establish the authenticity of those allegations.This trend appears to be spreading to state institutions or even to protection services.This behaviour not only affects service delivery but has a serious destabilising effect in the country.

  2. They say the gvt does not have money but all they do is firing MPs on false allegations to pave way for elections which are expensive. Just imagine how many elections have been caused by ZANU PF which could have been avoided. I think there must be a law to protect MPs who would have been voted into place from being removed by stupid selfish individuals.

  3. mmmmmm he is a visible representative of his constituency on the ground. Funny that major Zvandasara is a supposed owner of 1 of the cooperatives which has been in contention with Chikwinya. the struggle continues on a different dimension. Will Mudambo or the author of violence win in Hre north. watching!

  4. Those who are against Mudambo are the same people who invaded the land and threaten their African fellow brothers and chased them away from land accusing them to be MDC
    members now its people first we are all Zimbabweans.

  5. In my opinion as a bonafide Hatcliffe Resident, I am against the people behind the demostrations to destabilize our hardworking MP. The Honourable MP Tongesayi Mudambo is delivering his service very amicably in Hatcliffe. Water problems are now a thing of the past through the initiatives of Mudambo. Currently he is busy patching some potholes in all the streets in Hatcliffe. People are trying to tarnish his image because he refused to be a land baron and loot people’s funds through housing co-operatives. Housing co-operative Chairpersons’ and their committees have been in a trend of abusing people’s funds and selling land dubiously. It’s high time these corrupt activities come to an end. Sanity should now prevail in Hatcliffe, especially at CONSORTIUM. Zimbabwe will never go anywhere, if this nonsense and corruption going on in Hatcliffe continues. The responsible authorities must fish out all corrupt Housing Cooperatives Chairpersons ‘in Hatcliffe and stop those trying to tarnish the image of Mudambo. Nyama inonaka inotaura yega, Honourable Mudambo is doing a good job.

  6. ukaona munhu achirikuda zanu ibenzi nokuti yaparara

    1. Kanakuti imbavha

      1. my Aunty Brianna just got a great Lexus IS F Sedan just by some parttime working online with a macbook…

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