MDC-T has neglected local govt: Cross

Eddie Cross

MDC-T secretary for local government Eddie Cross says the opposition party has not been equipping its councillors with information to help them carry out their mandate more effectively and improve on local governance.


Cross, who is currently on a tour of the country meeting MDC-T councillors to explain constitutional changes in the operations of local authorities, said the absence of a platform for city fathers and party leadership to regularly meet was largely to blame for inefficiency in council management.

“The councillors don’t meet regularly with the top party leadership and, therefore, sometimes they are not in touch with our policies. I am meeting them so that we can share policy and appreciate the problems they are facing,” he said.

“We have neglected them in the past, but this is a challenge that we are now addressing, this is why I am going around the country meeting our councillors.”

MDC-T councillors have been accused of presiding over the rot at most local authorities where poor service delivery, corruption and mismanagement has been rampant over the years.


Cross said while indiscipline among councillors was also to blame for some of the rot, the majority of council problems could be traced to the economic woes facing the country.

“If you look at the problems faced by Chitungwiza and Redcliff, you cannot blame the councillors because even if they have brilliant management skills and ideas, they can’t solve the financial challenges they are facing,” he said.

“Redcliff cannot rise if the issue of Ziscosteel is not resolved because they have no finances to deal with service delivery and payment of wages and salaries. This is a national governance problem which needs central government to solve.”

Cross said the party was worried that MDC-T councillors who were the majority in Redcliff had voted to hand over the poor residents to debt collectors over non-payment of rates and levies.

“This is where you see the indiscipline, the departure from party policy by our councillors who chose to hand over the poor people of Redcliff to debt collectors. I will be having a separate meeting with the Redcliff councillors so that we can address this matter,” he said.

Last year Redcliff locked out over 30 families from their homes over outstanding rentals.


  1. Mr Cross, its not about councillors meeting regularly with your top six, but councillors meeting with the residents regularly and implementing what the residents want. you spend too much time fighting chombo and kasukuwere at the expense of performing your duties.

  2. I believe mr cross is right to a greater extent.Councillers should represent the people and also not forget ,the party policy, it was wrong for redcliff councillers to vote against the poor yet mdc is for the poor

  3. If the way councils have been run by MDC is a reflection of the way MDC will govern if they get in power we might as well stay with Zanu PF. Same difference.

    • not the same ,how can you have an effective council in a debt ridden and collapsing economy .when the gnu was there such councils like mutare,bulawayo and kwekwe were doing very well,but now zanu is in power you have problems .zanu out councils and the economy would do well.

  4. The MDC is my favorite laxative.
    For years now just the mention of this collection of idiots give me a fluid drive loose bowel movement.
    They give me the screaming shits. . . .

  5. MDCT councillors are equally stupid as ZANUPF where do they think those residence will get the money when everything has been run down they are busy stealing stupid people.

  6. MDCT councillors are equally stupid as ZANUPF where do they think those residence will get the money from when everything has been run down they are busy stealing stupid people.we made a very big mistake to vote people in to office people who had nothing to call theirs .Now they are stealing from the poor stupid councillors.

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