Man assaults wife over ‘car fresh air’

A 24-YEAR-OLD Harare man, Delight Mutizwa, yesterday appeared at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court charged with assaulting his wife on New Year’s Eve after the latter opened the couple’s car window to let in fresh air as they travelled to Kadoma.


The journey, according to State papers, was cut short as Mutizwa made a sudden U-turn and drove back to Harare after assaulting his wife, Wilmar Muronda, who apparently had opened the vehicle’s window despite the fact that her husband had switched on the car’s air-conditioning system.

Mutizwa pleaded not guilty to assault charges when he appeared before Mbare resident magistrate Anita Tshuma, who remanded him to next Monday on $100 bail.


Allegations against Mutizwa are that on December 31 last year, he was travelling to Kadoma with his wife when the two engaged in a quarrel over the opening of the vehicle’s window.

It is alleged Muronda asked Mutizwa to open one of the windows to which the latter objected and closed all the windows and instead, switched on the car’s aircon system, a move which angered Muronda, leading to an exchange of harsh words between the two.

As the couple continued arguing, Mutizwa allegedly started assaulting his wife with fists before making a sudden U-turn to Harare.

The State alleges when they got back to their home in Glen Norah, Mutizwa took his wife’s phone and locked her inside the house.

As a result of the alleged assault, Muronda is said to have sustained a swelling on her cheek and she reported the matter to the police, leading to her husband’s arrest.

Hilda Huni appeared for the State.

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  1. Stupid hubby.

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  3. It obviously is not a case of an open window. Opening window was just the match that was needed on a situation that was ready for a fire. This is an often quarreling couple, and so young. Marriage already on the rocks, after court would they co-exist?

    1. You are spot on!! Dont blame it on the window. There was never any love

  4. l thought air con is the best coz especially with this heat wave. The air from the window will actually be hot, so madam was just out to pick a fight. She didnt want to go kwavamwene kkkk

    1. Pamwe baba vainhuwa saka paitoda mhepo yepanze chaiyo

  5. When you are travelling at 87km/ hr upwards it is advisable to close all the windows and switch on the aircon. If you open the windows the wind will drage the car resulting in more fuel consumption than than it is when you use your aircon.

  6. Dzimwe dzimba yaaa zvakaoma

  7. Biggie Taapatsi

    I can’t believe how some people easily loose the plot and go off-topic. The issue here is about abuse, and people start discussing the merits or otherwise of opening a window when it’s hot or driving


    The results of marrying drunkads and chain smokers. The stench emanating from the hubby’s mouth was too unbearable. The wife found it hard to breath and asked hubby to open the window. The stench mouthed hubby felt offended and he did the Mayweather way.

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  10. Maybe the man felt indirectly insulted in that he took the wife was implying that he had farted?

  11. It’s sad and unfortunate that most ladies who comment on these social medias make own weird conclusions like the man was swelling,abuse etc.when was not there,you go by the facts as presented and nothing more.To travel from Harare to kwekwe with a windows open is really torture coz of the extreme heat.the heat itself causes headaches and it gets worse with wind coming through the window.It is clear the wife didn’t want to go to kwekwe.the husband should have just left he in Salsbury to enjoy the new year with her friends.she is definitely not a village woman.she didn’t was to miss the fireworks.soon after return to Harare she went to her parents then the night club.
    Will wait to see how the learned judge will deal with this !!

  12. She didn’t want to go to kwekwe and miss the fireworks in Harare so she chose to ouch a fight and she won the war.she ended up in a night club.

  13. Pane angaasura apa. Mweya..

  14. Madam indururani. Whilst the issues is so trivial. The attitude of the lady is hugely annoying. Muface akazongowana akukanda zvibhakera. He didn’t mean to.

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