Have demons gone modern?

The question rang in my mind after watching several people being exorcised of demons by modern-day men of the cloth. If it were a dance I would have described it as well choreographed. There are many things that are puzzling in the sequences when the demons are supposedly chucked out.

Kamurai Mudzingwa

The first puzzling thing is that all the demons speak in English as they respond to the men of cloth who also use the same language (I am talking about Africa here). Are we to understand that these demons are so recent that they speak modern English or is it that all demons we see are of English-speaking origins? They do not speak old English by the way, but English as it is currently spoken as if they want their international audience to understand them.


Those who have studied English know how it has evolved. For example, the English spoken and written during Chaucer’s time is very different from that spoken and written in Shakespeare’s time. And by the same token, Shakespeare and his contemporaries’ English is different from that spoken and written in our time.

Perhaps, the men of cloth are so powerful that they enable the demons to speak in modern day English.

However, what is more puzzling is that the demons speak in the original voice of the possessed with their full accents betraying the fact that they are not from the English. One supposed demon that had possessed a female congregant shouted in the high pitched feminine voice of the supposedly possessed: “I am a man, I don’t want her to stay with another man! She is mine!” So much for a male demon to speak like a woman. Maybe it is gender equality among the demons.

I have also noticed that these so called demons are very disciplined. They know their time in church. They do not manifest at any other time except when it is time for demons to be cast out. They are very patient as they only wait to manifest when they are given the cue that it is their time to perform as it were.

They also do not perform haphazardly as is expected of evil spirits; they wait in a sort of queue until their turn comes. They offer a modicum of violence for the international audiences as if they know they are going to be beamed live on television. They are also careful not to attack the cameramen nor to damage their cameras as if they reason that to do that would make people across the globe miss out on their performances.

These demons also know the use of a microphone. They wait for the man of cloth to ask them questions and before they respond, they wait for the acolytes to put the microphones close to their mouths or they automatically move their mouths towards the microphones. They do not want the television audiences to miss any word of their supposed confessions pertaining to their so-called evil deeds. All this happens under controlled hysteria, they are careful not to get out of hand. Perhaps it is the man of cloth’s power that keeps them under check.

And the demons love women. The bulk of the “possessed” people are women. This gives the impression that these English-speaking evil spirits target women more than men. Or is it that women are more vulnerable to demons than men? This gives me the impression of traditions dying hard; traditionally, witches were mostly women.

But whatever the case, these disciplined demons give the men of cloth the platform to showcase their supernatural powers as they supposedly cast out these evil spirits. And the cameras allow the men of cloth’s powers to be beamed worldwide. Because the demons now speak in the same language, it makes the work of the men of cloth easier as they can now travel to other countries to converse live with the demons with no fear of language barriers before they cast them out since they have universalised the use of English.

Maybe since demons are spirits, they can speak in any language they fancy for the benefit of the audience. Unlike the demons we were taught about in school and at home, the modern day ones are disciplined, intelligent and understanding making the work of those who cast them out easier. Who knows? Maybe they also watch their performances on television after being cast out.

Kamurai Mudzingwa writes in his personal capacity. Feedback maxmudzm@gmail.com

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  1. Nice and well researched article on demons! Demons are more than modern. They have will and intellect. Thats why the church requires the Holy Spirit’s gifts of revelation to effectively deal with them – the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the of discerning of spirits, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

    1. Well said @Juilee Johns.

    2. This article is not well researched at all, it is very entertaining though. Well researched articles EDUCATE the reader. This author here is not educating anyone, he is actually asking questions more than giving answers. If you want answers, please ask, some of us are happy to answer

      1. You know the writer asked questions then answer them if you have answers, this whole thing being done exocising demons is done by charlatans, dhimoni ra sekuru vangu rinotaura ne chikaranga havana kumboenda ku skuru, and speaks in english.

    3. Acts 16:18 – And this did she many days. But Paul, being troubled, turned and said to the spirit, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.

      Please take note of the “He” came out of “Her”. It seems you are not so sure about the area you ventured into jurno, You only have showed that, you have a ” Religious spirit”. You are trying to define Holy Spirit matters using scientific methods and that proves you very ignorant indeed.

      I advise you not to seek the limelight by delving into areas that you know nothing about, unozvikuvadzisa. Hapadi nyama apa askana ndezvemweya.

      Mark 3: 29 – but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin “– 30 because they were saying, “He has an unclean spirit.”

      MusaSparkwa nekusasa nyaya dzamusingazivi, next time bvunzai zvakanaka munoudziwa kuti chii chirikuitika. My apologies If I was too hard on you, kungotiwo “hatingadzori tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso”

      1. Ze Truth or rather Z False. care to answer the questions posed rather threaten. Thats the problem with these modern churches any questions posed you interpret the bible to suit your hidden agendas, put fear into the person and threaten. heee izvi nde zve mweya hazvi bvunzwe ete.; whereas Jesus used to answer people even when he was a child. Just tell the writer quoting the bible why the demons are now different from “rigiyoni”.

    4. My God! Another one bites the dust!

  2. Only yesterday, I was reading a similar piece published on 30 December 2015 by one “Bhonzo reSvosve” on newzimbabwe. Here is the link…

    Kamurai Mudzingwa, is this article plagiarized? Ndiwe here Bhonzo reSvosve futi?

  3. be careful never comment on things u have shallow knowledge on,and why putting the picture of judgement nyt 3

    1. Kingdom citizen

      Next time you decide to write on spiritual matters you must elevate yourself spiritually first and do a thorough research. A verse of scripture to help you.
      “We don’t speak about these things with words taught us by human wisdom, but with words taught by the Spirit, as we explain spiritual things to spiritual people.
      A person who isn’t spiritual doesn’t accept the things of God’s Spirit, for they are nonsense to him. He can’t understand them because they are spiritually evaluated.” 1Corith 2:13-14

    2. Shepherd Gwesela

      That’s an empty threat Ezekiel. No-one is intimidated by a group of conmen using psychological means to steal from poor Zimbos.

      1. well spoken

    3. The article is fairly OK. The writer has brought out some interesting observations. i.e. “They know their time in church. They do not manifest at any other time except when it is time for demons to be cast out. They are very patient as they only wait to manifest when they are given the cue that it is their time to perform as it were.” … But as usual, some gullible followers of these prophets will not see anything good in this article. Imagine someone putting a banner on their car written. (This car is under the watchful eye of my prophet) It’s not about God but about glorifying an individual.

      1. Its called freedom of association and if the “poor” are being robbed as you think then where are they getting cars to put stickers? I think noone will continue following a church that impoverishes him. Tiri vana veMuporofita because Jesu tinaye uye zviri kutobhadhara futi, thats why the church is growing in both numbers and quality. Check the faces now and the same faces 3 years back. We cant talk of the number of congregates’ cars being dedicated to God each and every month in our churches, its too much. We have managed to open successful business after being coached by these prophets how to do business God’s way.

    4. Ko madii kuti dzidzisa. This is an area which are not knowledgeable about.

    5. Thats were demons were being cast!

    6. Give home the answer, why would a karanga or manyika demon manifest in english and wait for a microphone to be put to its mouth please just explain so that you either convince him/her or you convince also yourself kuti kunyeba. The number of demons cast out so far I suppose we now are short of them.

  4. You nothing about demons! You are not even an authority on that matter. You are still juvenile in those matters.
    Demons in the New Testament spoke the language of that time. They only respond if they come under a higher authority and or power.I doubt if you even understand that

    1. the only authority on demons thus far is the devil and all gullible self made prophets and their followers. nhaka tichapera chokwadi.

    2. Nhay hako.tell them.don’t rush to comment things you don’t know.research and read the word.the devil and his team aren’t dumb.they move with time as well so that they can have access to attack people hence why they become modern but our Jesus is stronger and higher in authority than anything or anyone on this universe.

  5. kkkk i also wondered on all these

  6. Gents do not pour water on this nice article even if you have that belief of English speaking demons of a 100 year old granny who died years back and do not know any language other than its vernacular hahahahaha its you why threaten this researchers who do not know

  7. now wait for the sons and daughters of papas kkkkkkkkk aiyaaaas

  8. Denford Tirivanhu

    It’s quite clear that the so-called possessed people are not possessed at all. It’s a mixture of choreographed actions and sheer hysteria. Choreographed moves are rehearsed in advance before the “church service”. Hysteria, on the other hand, is a psychological phenomenon. If people are extremely anxious and hungry they easily fall prey to hysteria given a certain environment. It’s mob psychology for you. This is the reason why prophets encourage worshippers not to eat anything before coming to church so that the worshippers become hypoglycemic (have low blood sugar levels) and can be induced into saying nonsensical things during their periods of temporary madness.

    1. My man you say it well.

    2. I really wonder where this ‘90% of Zimbabwe is Christian’ comes from. Perhaps 90% of Zimbabweans actually know jack about Christianity.
      Anyway, I digress.
      Hysteria, mukoma Denford, is a term that was created by us to define the observable phenomenon. Please note that very carefully. I do not know of prophets who ask people to come to church hungry. Maybe tell us your experience, where have you been, what do you believe in?

  9. its not just the demons. there’s a horde of other misfitting antics from these pastors who sell you bangles & all other bits purportedly for your “protection” yet they move around with bodyguards 100% of the time… hahahaha. I’d have said they’re fake but then its just none of my business….”quoted”*

  10. kkkkkkkkkkkkwa hilarious demons.

  11. The writer of this article has a very shallow knowledge about spiritual matters & therefore produced a silly & immature article. The spiritual world is way ahead of our time & to try & understand the science of angels & demons without revelation is a futile exercise

  12. Kana pane kunonzi kushaya nyaya, ndikoku

    1. Say it again Eagle

    2. You seem to lack understanding of scripture yourself. Where in scripture is it said you need revelation to understand how the devil operates? Ephesians 6: 10-18 is clear about what a christian must do to be a victor of the devil’s machinations. One does not need to have any special knowledge about the operations of the devil to defeat him but rather must establish a firm relationship with God as prescribed in the said scripture. Job was one example of a person in scripture who defeated the devil without having to know how the latter operated. His steadfast faith in God saw him through.

      The writer is correct in questioning the practices of these modern day prophets for scripture directs us to test and examine the authenticity of these spiritual showboating activities.

  13. Demons are spirits and when they possess a person they use his faculties.

  14. your inquisitiveness is fine although it would be wise to do a thorough research before you write an article of this nature. It is very clear from the article that you have no idea at all what the demonic is all about because had you done a very basic reasearch then most of your questions will have been answered unless if the intention of the article is not exactly wanting to learn but to “mock” or make the men of God questionable.

    1. Botha you are right.Kufarisa uku.It’s best to shut your mouth if you have nothing good to say otherwise you will mock some men of God that are genuine and it’s not good.Researching is the best thing to do if you are going to go public with a topic like this otherwise one will end up becoming a fool

  15. Demons speak in any language in the world. They even know the future. Reporters and other contributors should understand that spiritual things are beyond scientific investigation and, therefore, any attempt to understand such things in the context of science is a futile exercise.

  16. Very interesting topic. May the responders respond without bias. In my view there are fake things being done by these man of cloth to get money from their followers. May we all please support this research. It shows that Zimbabweans we are now educated if we impose such intelligent questions. Pamberi ne mubvunzu wabvunzwa nemunyori we this article.

  17. Well put together article. Its highlights what the many brain washed fail to see. The obvious con! Look at old Church records to see what a real exorcism is about. Feats of super human strength and talking in languages not known the possessed. Not this second rate childrens play acting!

  18. The writer is spot on. He is not worried about the spiritual nature of demons. His focus is on how fake demons are “exorcised” in some of the modern churches. Intelligent readers should be able to go beyond the surface and unearth the real message. You should watch how these so-called demons seem to be trained. Let us not be in denial of the reality that many people are being duped by fake miracles including the fake act of exorcising demons. Why should people get angry when the truth is told? The writer attacked no one in particular.

  19. All please read these verses ,Mathew 24 : 24 , Mathew 7:21 –23Lluke 12:15. At Mathew 11: raise the dead we are waiting to see that. These are money making ventures in this dollarized world. People beware kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndiko kwa,dzinomhanyira.

  20. A very good article, definitely not what gullible people want to hear about their men of the cloth.

  21. This is an article of an ill informed fellow who does not know how demons operate. Demons are fallen angels and they do not operate in a way that a carnal mind can understand and were not allocated a percentage or a quota to Shonas nor the other quota to Indians nor Portuguese etc. They do not choose who to attack. Any race can be vulnerable to demons meaning they understand every lunguage.Their agenda is, they came to only torment the sons of man despite of your nationality meaning these demons can understand any lunguage unlike you who needs to study lunguages first because they are spiritual. It is so unfortunate that this fellow seem to like to understand the Spiritual while he is still very carnal. Another very wrong thing that the writer has done is to put A real man of God’s picture on an ill informed article. These two cannot be associated.

  22. Rubbish!!!! if you dont know anything about demonology or spiritual matters please dont pen an article like this. You have shown your shallowness to the whole world now. Please first find out what a demon is….thats your homework

  23. Besides your shallow understanding of the spiritual things which I shall not labour to teach you seeing that you portray as a “full-of-i-know” kind of a person.

    My question to you is why useOPHET Emmanuel Makandiwa’s picture as if he is the only man of God in Zimbabwe? Or you are saying he represents the body of Christ.

    Have you ever seen demons being given a microphone in prophet Makandiwa’s church. For the record he is the only man of God who I have heard publicly denouncing such a thing. Buy his DVDs on the Wisdom series. If you care go on Christtv and see if you’ll ever see such.

    You need to apologize for that picture only if the devil is not using you.

  24. What you dont understand about demons is that they are fallen angels masquerading as your deceased ancestors.As such demons can assume any form, ghost or impersonate your grand father or whatever in voice etc.have you read 1Samuel 28, you will understand how they operate. Thats why you you should not be surprised to hear demons speaking in different languages, they can literal speak in any language as other commentators have said during Jesus’ time they spoke Hebrew, they just speak any language suitable for the audience.Read also revelatio12,Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14.

    this does not to mean Makandiwa, magaya,angel and a host of other prophets swarming the country are genuine.these are fake too, read the scriptures, the bible warns of such deception before the return of Christ, read Mathew 24.

  25. The demons are fallens angels and can speak any language look into Revelation 12, isaiah14, Ezekiel 28 and 1Samuel 28.

  26. Well done Kamurai. This is a refreshing dimension of looking at a mystical issue. Those who are saying the writer does not understand demons, well he is not alone! Share your knowledge (or wisdom) with us. The real problems might be emotion, bias/prejudice and “hoodwinked” thinking/beliefs. etc

    A balanced look at these things enables participators and observers to think (and act) for themselves – which at a personal level, I value very much, as opposed to “canned” beliefs which are usually communicated in a simplex fashion. Debate enriches the mind.

    A number of churches (lower case is deliberate) have sunk so low that they have moved from the role of spiritual teaching and growth and the mental discipline required to achieve that by chaining themselves to the world of material enrichment and all its vices. I much prefer not to be chained in any way. i doubt that a loving God would be impressed by that.

  27. Ezekiel, don’t threaten the writer.I see you mention Judgement Night 3, so these demon-chasing sessions now even have episode numbers.Thanks for letting us know- the writer missed that notable point.

  28. marabishi atinoitirwa nava fana ava vemishonga ava nemasaramusi mapenzi oti minana,siya zvakadaro zvidyirwe mari zvakasiya pfunga ku toilet zvikatora tsvina kuisa mumusoro,babaiwe nhari siya vapedzerwe nguva vachayeuka bako vaniwa.

  29. This issue is more complicated, the demons are fallen angels and are higher in power and intellect than us human beings, hence they can speak any language, dont be surprised by that..However there is complete victory over them in Jesus’ blood. Kindly read the following scriptures 1 Samuael 28, Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14, revelation 12.http://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/media/e/2546/t/defeating-demons–devils–and-evil-spirits

  30. Demons are fallen angels in the work to deceive the children of mankind, they can speak any language which you may think of , which can be heard by the audience.Read 1 Samuel 28, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28 and Revelation 12.

  31. An interesting perspective from the writer. We as Zimbabweans seem to raise offence when our beliefs are questioned. Instead of empty threats and bashing with verses that even yourselves don’t fully comprehend, why not counter an argument with facts. Just asking someone to read a verse or printing a verse to someone without explaining it isn’t going to achieve much.
    As Christians, let’s be open to criticism. People inside or outside the church have every right to question what they don’t understand…surely that’s what leads to understanding. How they go about their quest for understanding shouldn’t be constrained to how we would have done it ourselves. @Judgement10 above is spot on. The writer isn’t professing understanding what’s going on. He in fact is asking questions possibly rhetorically. Let’s be receptive to criticism people

  32. we need spirit of revelation

    the article poses very good questions which can only be answered with verses if they are any in the bible. it is good to keep quite if we dont have answers than to argue just for the sake of arguing which will not help those of us who do not know. we need to pray for the spirit of revelation, wisdom and discernment.

  33. The King Of Glory

    I feel that our brother has made pertinent observations but his argument however just lacks biblical verses to support his observations. The devil came to steal kill and destroy according to John 10v10(a) and hence it is common cause that people who steal many times pose as genuine man of God and they make sure they make christians feel insecure before God so that they become victims of their machinations. The more real it appears the fake it is

  34. Although there may be fake prophets or whatever but the process of casting out demons is what it is & God will never bend backwards to accommodate unbelievers

  35. Ko picture yawaisa iyo ndipo paaitaura chirungu here madimoni acho. Why do you want to use another prophet to attack another.

  36. You have no revelation of the things of the spiritual realm. Once you have that revelation then you will get your answers. There is a lot that happens in the Spiritual Ream, thats the play ground. Demons can speak any language

  37. mademons are not ancestors but evil spirits brought on this mother earth by Lucifer after he fell out of favour with god and he is on a recruitment drive to widen his kingdom so be careful not to get recruited

  38. Dear Writer

    It s with a heavy heart that i comment on this article , you have utterly disgusted me by your lack of knowledge not to mention wisdom over a matter which you assert to be more knowledgeable about .

    You lack the spiritual understanding of the operations of demons in human life as such you have displayed not only your ignorance but idiocy in insinuating that man of the cloth stage manage the exorcising of demons at their churches .

    Demons can speak any language , as much as one can speak any language by the power of the Holy Spirit

    Just a rough idea of how the Spirit operates should tell you that we have the same God who hears all the languages spoken as much as we have the same devil who knows all the languages spoken under the son and cause people to do evil of every tongue and origin …

    when a demon is talking , know its the devil talking …………..

    When a man of God is talking …. know God is talking ….

    Demons speak hebrew , shona , english , chewa , ndebele and so on ….

    Get knowledge Mr Writer

  39. Sanganai ne mubvunzo. ‘Have demons gone modern’? igore remibvunzo, questions, imibuzo?

    Very good article. The sooner we start questioning certain issues the earlier we shall be enlightened and assist a whole lot od people from being fleeced of their hard earned cash.

  40. If the desire of the writer of the article and those of the others whoa re commenting is to seek knowledge, I have no doubt the answers have already been given in the various comments that I have grouped below. These comments, while not exhaustive, should provide answers to the bulk of the writer’s (and others’) questions.

    1. machakachaka January 14, 2016 at 9:32 am #: “Demons speak in any language in the world. They even know the future. Reporters and other contributors should understand that spiritual things are beyond scientific investigation and, therefore, any attempt to understand such things in the context of science is a futile exercise.”

    2. Jubilee Johns January 14, 2016 at 8:15 am #: “………. Thats why the church requires the Holy Spirit’s gifts of revelation to effectively deal with them – the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the of discerning of spirits, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.”

    3. Demon Buster January 14, 2016 at 8:28 am #: “…… Demons in the New Testament spoke the language of that time. They only respond if they come under a higher authority and or power.I doubt if you even understand that”

    4. Eagle January 14, 2016 at 9:09 am #: “…. The spiritual world is way ahead of our time & to try & understand the science of angels & demons without revelation is a futile exercise”

    5. morris chigoma January 14, 2016 at 9:11 am # “Demons are spirits and when they possess a person they use his faculties.”

    6. “……… “We don’t speak about these things with words taught us by human wisdom, but with words taught by the Spirit, as we explain spiritual things to spiritual people.”

    A person who isn’t spiritual doesn’t accept the things of God’s Spirit, for they are nonsense to him. He can’t understand them because they are spiritually evaluated.” 1Corith 2:13-14

    AND above all, Bothaz January 14, 2016 at 9:19 am #: “….unless .. the intention of the article is not exactly wanting to learn but to “mock” or make the men of God questionable.”

    1. Thank you

  41. The problem with the followers of prophets dont reason and see light towards the deeds of their so called Papas such that they attack the writer yet its a well documented article with facts .In south africa Prophet Phiniel was making his followrs eat grass ,hair and makonzo saying Holy spirit ati its food last year one of his snake he had gone with to make people eat as food bite him and died so true and genuine christlike christians dont attack writers abt pics etc humwari huripi kana motuka imi muchiti muri vateveri vesoko ndapedza hangu proud to be a genuine Theologian

  42. why did you put the picture of my father on that discussion. when did you last see him interviewing a demon during service? we don’t have time to waste, giving demons an audience. they can’t lecture us on anything as we know it all. neither do they wait for time of prayer to manifest. they come out as the word of God is spoken with power. thank you

  43. Thanx Biggie. But the point here is not about the spiritual realm the real demons operating in but the fact that there are some people out there who are setting up fake exorcising sermons. Do you insist that there are no people masquerade as men and women of God who have the power to exorcise demons yet they just stage manage the whole thing?

  44. You can not comment on neither can you understand the things of the spirit while operating in flesh.Wisdom is free ..and when you go after it seek understanding.

  45. The writer is demon possesed

  46. The writer did not profess to be an expert on demons, but he was asking relevant questions from an observer who is on the outside.So when he is threatened and castigated are we saying people are no longer allowed to ask questions but just follow everything blindly. With the asking of questions and the provision of answers that’s when understanding comes.
    In the bible demon possessed people where not disciplined they where very violent, eg the sons of sceva, the man named legion, the boy who threw himself in fire on that occasion when Jesus said his disciples had little faith. So this question needs to be addressed
    The bible says in the last days people will be given over to the doctrines of demons. Its sad that these days its not the preacher who spends much time with the microphone preaching to congregants, but its the demon possessed people who will be given microphones to hear what the demons are supposed to say. In the bible Jesus did not allow demons to speak, even Paul rebuked a girl possesed to keep quiet. But now some churches give premium time to hear supposed demons speak. So thats another question which needs to be addressed
    In this current climate of deception it is important for every christian to diligently guard their hearts, to discern every spirit, every teaching if it is from God. Let every christian diligently study the word of God. Thats the foundation of christianity

    1. I concur with everything you have mentioned! Seeking answers is not a crime, and giving demons the platform to speak is nothing short of being despicable!!!

  47. Heating bellow the belt. Apa warova madununu ana makandiwa newaya. Talk of showbiz at its best.Uchanzwa rimwe dununu rave kuti touch not the anointed. kkkkk anointed by the devil off-course.. Nhaka tichaonerera zvedu.

  48. It reminds me of a Kenyan televangelist famous nationally whose ‘career’ ended abruptly when a true worshipper was coached on how to ‘possess’ the demons and spiilled the beans. He secretly recorded the whole coaching lesson which was done at night. It involved many people each allocated their role. Worse even, the televangelist ‘slept’ with one of the ushers. It was aired in a local TV station and amazingly, the televangelist admitted it saying this is the latest and easiest style of earning a living claiming most of them are even seeking witchcraft to attract large congregations and are now filthy rich. Currently there is a row between the govt and these church leaders following a national outcry where worshippers have been conned millions in terms of ‘seed’. Only the WISE will recognize these con-artists at these end times.

  49. Silly questions deserve silly answers

    1. Very true that was indeed a mischievous question and its more of an accusation than anything else. If this person is a genuine Christian then i feel sorry for most like him. He is on a personal vendetta judging by the illustration. Its no coincidence that he chose this particular photo. Silly questions deserve very silly answers. Vakuru vakanyora ngavakamure ignorance yavo sezita ravo.

  50. I think Edward is a true Christian judging from his language

  51. And Truth is not a fanatic

  52. The author of the article has said it all. It is now a subject of the reader to interpret his texts to get what ever meaning they want. Like all biblical texts, you may not understand where the writer is coming from or going unless you keep having a hermeneutic cycle of interpretation. All the same, I find a very myopic understanding of spritual issues from those who purport to be spiritual in the responses herein added. Such shallowness has led to prophets of doom taking advantage of our poor, our women, our enslaved to the extend that the gospel of prosperity has now become the essence of our monetary and fiscal base as countries and families.

    I am sorry but this is mere studpidity if one has to argued with the writer on his observations because he is trying to save a lot who are blinkered from this rubbish.

    Reply to this and I will take you on, on an individual basis-both from the scriptures side and social perspective. Then I will ask who are you as a person.

  53. These idol worshipers always defends there idols.

  54. This is what my English teacher would have called a fine piece of sarcastic writing. Makes some light reading!

  55. …interesting observations….and simple article.I am a child of God…..and I do believe in deliverance.Some pastors fake these deliverances….whilst others are genuine and are all about liberating people from bondage.However my take is not about the pastors…it is about the true observations that the writer brings forth.
    We have to acknowledge( we of the tribe of Christianity)…that we shall be observed…dissected….and questioned…..and when it happens…we must stand in truth.
    However….I do disagree with the writer’s generalizing about deliverance processes.
    There is a lot that goes on prior to an actual manifestation(genuine manifestation)….even the writer’s observations are a manifestation of some sort( intellectualism)….However…..I must say…the Christian community(myself included)…..must expect close scrutiny…as anointed servants of God demonstrate spiritual things that are unfortunately scrutinized through the natural eye by the circular world.
    I congratulate the writer for what they term to be an honest observation(which I believe it is)….because if it is not then it is nothing but a spirit of criticism devoid of spiritual depth and understanding.
    keep writing…..we need such observations……and the truth of the matter is that the writer exercised their free will in writing this article and we as children of God…must respond in a way that does not create enmity…but attracts the true love of Yahshua HaMashiach.Shalom.

    1. makemeunderstand

      A response from a mature child of God. Good work

  56. The writer of this article is no different from the Charlie Hebdo journalists. You do not attack other people’s beliefs. You should respect our beliefs. It is no crime to believe a different doctrine from yours. If we believe that demons speak modern English, so be it. Who made you a spokesman of those you think are being deceived?

  57. No wonder why these so-called prophets are now stinking rich! There are just too many people who has decided to throw common sense out through the window and start following these so-called prophets! The writer paused very good questions which in my view should be answered. Why should some people take offense when questions pertaining to spiritual matters are raised? Do you believe that we only ask because we are not Christians as well? Some of us want answers because most folks are being led astray nezvinhu zvenhando! Fact for Fact, zvenyu zvekuti papa what what izvo pa side!

  58. I agree with the writer, Kingdom of Brain washers ,

  59. Demons will always respond to him who threatens them in the same language he understands.The camera man is not a threat and is ignored.The issue of the devil manifesting is confrontation with the pending danger which is the prophet.Yes the spiritual world is so complicated to us who are not into it. Some of us are so innocent that they do not believe the presence of these demons.You need to differentiate between mweya wasekuru , madhlozi and the demon.Svikiro or dhlozi will speak in the language that the person spoke before he died which is different from the demon from lucifer.Chidhoma will speak any language. Vanababa ava should take their time even visiting kumasowe to witness kwaMakandiwa to witness and compare and contrast.Imwe mweya yakaipa inoita kuti munhu ahure kana kurepa.Let us research some more. I do not have all the answers but this is my contribution. kumasowe vanhu vanonzi unoda kunamata here kuti mhosva yako ipere because by praying mweya wakaipa unodzingwa and the courts find him not guilty kana atungamirirwa nemweya.There is more to this than just pub talk.Lets assist each other to find the truth

  60. Jeremiah 6:13 “For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, Everyone is greedy for gain, And from the prophet even to the priest Everyone deals falsely.

  61. I met a group of people coming from church. All they talked about was what they sow and heard from demons. They were soooo happy. I was sooo SAD

  62. First of all you got it all wrong by putting up a photo of one of the events that was led by a Church leader. This sends a clear signal that you are implicated this said event.Judgement night 3 by Prophet Makandiwa. You should not have put that particular photo as an illustration. Questions begin to arise from those who where there that night. I happened to be there on the day and no demon ‘spoke on camera’ at any time during this event. Videos are available for you to scrutinise. Secondly, that queue of people was for prayer over deliverance from bareness of both men and women. Thirdly, the way you put across your article sounds more like you are mocking and aiming at exposing that its a non genuine occurrence. You have less questions and more insinuations. Last but not least, learn to differentiate between true men of God and fake ones. If you do not have that spirit of discernment pray and ask God for it. The true Men of God have no time to hear what the demons have to say, they simply pray over the affected person he falls or sometimes does not fall and when the demon is gone the man of God declares him free in Jesus’s name. Over 50,000 people had their heads touched by one Man of God in Chitungwiza and less than a hundred fell and manifested yet testimonies are coming out of great deliverances.
    So people please taurai zvamunoziva. In genuine churches its not an offence not to fall or manifest if you are touched or prayed upon by the Man of God. Huyaiwo kuchurch muine chinangwa chekutsvaga Jesu kwete kutarisa maitirwo ezviitiko. Jesu akauya unosara uripo nekuti wauya ku Observation not kuzotambira shoko ririkuparidzwa.

    1. makemeunderstand

      Well said. This is a better response. Dialogue can be made out of this

  63. The question is, when the demon manifest is it because of a threat by the other spirit or just a person standing in front of the person with demons.The demon manifests when under threat and it will challenge the threat and speak to the threat in the language they both understand.People want that they cannot understand to manifest to believe.God made it simple by sending Jesus in the form of a human being for us to understand. imagine if he was to send a very complicated being or some animal to spread the word. Zveimwe minana regai. The spirit medium is not a demon and is a spirit of somebody gone by and will speak in the language the late person spoke. Spiritual world is complicated.These spirits called demons came from lucifer just to cause chaos but they are calculative.They can cause a person to be a whore , rapist or murderer.So the spirit drives the flesh or the mind. Visit or research some more for all of us to understand. lets share our research with sober minds. Visit kumasowe also to establish the truth. Some of the prophets are lucipher incarnates.Be careful. These are those who want popularity and flare.A real prophet is humble and will not bother about riches.

  64. ndizvozvo shoko ……vana vanorashika mhani ava

  65. In my conclusion, magic dza Magaya and Makandiwa hadzina kana nemusoro wose. And to all those idiots following them, calling them papa or whatever it is you know refer to them as rohwayi bag nekuti makapata….kurara chaiko nekupusa!

  66. The writer did not insult anyone he simply put across what he observed and the unanswered questions that came to his mind so why are some people so worked up that they start raving and ranting against him. Why not answer him with facts? Maybe there are no facts to counter his arguments. Jesus was opposed many times but he did not blow his top. He actually convinced the lost ones in a cool manner. The writer mentioned no one, not even a denomination.

  67. There is a guy who raised an interesting subject when he said congregates are given anointing water, bangles, and so on, yet the prophet moves around with dozens of body guard, Any explanation to this !!

    1. None will come….vana vapapa vatsamwa….!

      1. The writer did not mention a denomination and yet its very clear on the photo he used who he was referring to. Kana makavenga munhu madii manyatsobuda pachena pane kuyeperedzera kubvunza mubvunzo. Now that it is very clear that you were really after prophet Makandiwa doesn’t he have offices you visit in order to seek understanding like what Nicodimus did. He went to Jesus by night to seek understanding of the this which were bothering him. When he got the understanding we all benefited from his research. until now people who need to know about being being born again can refer to that scripture. Kana uchiita hupenzi kana kana kuponda munhu paruzinji vanhu vanokukuza asi kana yave mhosva kana ngozi unenge wave wega. Those who are cheering you up will they be there to testify for you when the time comes. A word is enough for the wise

        1. as Phyllis replied I am in shock that any body able to make $4140 in a few weeks on the internet . try this website..

        2. Go to hell @Marlencarr456 & @jzi69212 am so sick & tired of your s**t, after all what the flipin hell do u mean when you say “As Phyllis Replies”.Newsday should make an effort to filter these scamish messages. The nature of your English is a clear testimony that you are foreigners to this land and deserve nothing more than deportation or alternatively a long term jail sentence with long hard labour. I am going to lodge an awareness campaign by righting this comment below yours every time you type in yours. You can not be left and allowed to continue making a living by fraudulently robbing off people’s money online.

  68. Before rushing to display your ignorance try to do a research on demons, their origins and what they really are and the spirit world.
    1. Demons are not human spirits but evil spirits from the fall of lucipher.
    2. demons are not limitted to geographical places and they are not limited to language since they are spirits.
    3. Sources of demons are not only traditional i.e zvikwambo, ngozi, hwuroyi, etc but also the internet, food, media, music, fashion and association can transmit these demons that is why we see gayism these days in Africa.
    4. Marrine spirits do not need to be taught new language, just the same way christians speak in tongues, so demons operate.

  69. Mashonaland Dickmarsh

    This is one of Newsday’s best articles, if not the best. Keep it up. The writer is extremely intelligent. May I remind all people that the earth do dwell that all these professional prophets are fake. We all have dreams sometimes, Jews and Christians alike, but we do not become professional dreamers. These fakes had some real dreams in the beginning, and then learnt how to be professional dreamers; for a living – and it’s working.

  70. i see my christians here trying to defend themselves. some people who you try and argue with here are not in the same waive link with you. so you are just wasting your time. no matter how many good facts you will try and put forth, it wont work because you are at different platforms. one day tb joshua said we dont defend ourselves. we have our own defender. just for the sake of it, there is a day when this jurno will have a demon manifest out of him and thats when GOD will have given him the grace to answer his questions. that is not done by man but by GOD. that is why i dont worry especially when people ask questions which kinda of mocking the things of GOD.

    1. Since when did asking questions become known as mockery? When faced with real questions concerning real issues we are all seeing in these new church why do you have to became angry, evasive….kokupindura mivhunzo chete? Miracle money/airtime/babies…really, those who believe this must seek professional help – heads need to be examined!!

  71. the writer is spot on, i quot, it waits for the microfone to be near the mouth, fantastic, educated demons

  72. Pamazuva ekupedzisira ……..ahh handichazivi kuti verse yacho inopera ichiti kudii

  73. A natural man can not understand the things of the spirit ,they are spiritually discerned.

  74. Refreshing and thought provoking article. So much for the man of God.

  75. as Phyllis replied I am in shock that any body able to make $4140 in a few weeks on the internet . try this website..

  76. makemeunderstand

    I will not talk about the goodness or badness of this article neither will i talk of demons that i do not understand. But what worries me is that we obviously have defenders modern day churches, defenders of the pastors and defenders of the belief- these i would like to believe are “christians”. Why then in their responses as christians attack, insult and trash the article without answering or helping since they understand better? Is it the new order of the christians to behave this way?
    Some of a christians tasks are to be a light unto the world, salt for the world…. the list goes on; if the article is ill researched, lets enlighten rather than attack. It seems its just emotional defense of the beliefs, churches and their pastors.
    Faith in God not in men – we all fall short

    1. I feel there is need to make genuine people understand. If you were to really look closely some of the people contributing here are non Christians and the others are Christians who make the mistake of demonifying their own kith and kin. “Mhenoka ivo vekwaMakandiwa isu hedu tiri maRhoma” This coming from the non-belivers i say its ok you can say want you want but for the christian brothers who feel their church is doing it better you need to seek wisdom. Things of the spirit need prayer meditation and requests. If you do not understand how Magaya or Makandiwa or TB Joshua work ask God to make you understand. If you are truthful and genuine the Lord will give you vision and sight to see. Its not about being Catholic, Anglican or J.W that will determine your righteous path. Kudenga hakuna denomination and all forms of religion. Kudenga kunaMwari. Only God! So fellow Christians i will say this again, the writer in his inquest got it very wrong by allowing that Photo of Judgement night 3 to be an illustration. Images speak lots of words. If he wanted to keep it general then why not put up a photo of an unknown event and Church. He personalised the issue so don’t say anything against anyone who is coming in defence of their Church. That was a clear insult to UFIC. If it was a picture of Baba Guti, Manjoro or Wutaunashe you would not expect the congregants to keep quiet. For your own information UMC Anglican Methodist in Zimbabwe we are getting feedback on manifestations after men of God from those churches preach. We are getting congregants speaking in tounges in some of their services and deny it all you want but the spirit is moving and God is touching everyone irrespective of Pentacostal or Traditional protestant or whatever. Zvemweya kuti uzvinzwisise zvinoda kukumbira wisdom and understanding. Go to UFIC PHD or AFM and ask about their mode of operation. I am 100% sure that you will not get shot. Enda unobvunza because if men of God start explaining to you on this platform it will take too much space. Its a vast and deep subject. Its not everyone who is genuine in all churches and i say all churches. Its not all manifestations that are genuine but to write your article and generalise as if all demon casting churches are doing it in suspicious ways is wrong. What happens at Makandiwa’s event is totally different to what Happens at Walter magaya’s event. And i will repeat this No demon spoke on Camera on Judgement night 3 28 August. No demon was given a microphone. So that photo is way out of line. Next time put up an illustration in which we do not easily identify the event or the church then we can give credit to the article and say it was not meant for any church in particular. Itai zvamwari. nzwisisai shoko. Ini semuchristu ndikanzwa kuti Kuchurch yeRhoma mafata nemasister vanorara vese i will dismiss that issue with the contempt that it deserves. Its an attack on christianity. So when you spend time scrutinising how mordern day churches cast out demons are you seeking understanding that will lead you to heaven? Seek the kingdom of God first. If you don’t believe in their modus operandi stick to your church or to the beerhall. If 150,000 people are being conned by a few men of God then let them be. Be successful in your own clever world.Charwadza chii. If they are fake as you say why not let God deal with them. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. So no matter how much you speak against these churches you still get Zambians Malawians South Africans & Kenyans coming to these men of god. John Wesley, being the founder of Methodist Church used to cast out demons and pray in tounges and yet its taboo to even speak of it kuHwisiri. Its a wonderful world out there. Mbiri kuna Jesu not zvisina basa.

  77. Its obsesssion,desperation,hunger and helplessness thats leading our people to this hellfire approach.Christianity is only 2016 years old before that how did people go about their lives,here in africa we had our way of worshiping our Musikavanhu or Mwari no threats or demon casting involved.Come this Christian crusade as an afront of slavery all hell breaks loose,all sorts of christian organisations spring up all threatening death and hell to none belivers.Please refere to first century christians for proper template of christian worship, no wonder Jews the fathers of monotheism were Christianity originated from are at odds with the religion.After all most of the doctrines being followed by some of these churches are extracts from paganism

  78. its a not well researched this article if you go to church you will definitely see that the demon tries to attack even the man of God but the ushers will make sure it wont happen and they also make sure that these demons wont attack the camera man and the microphone holder. on the issue of language be advised that demons can speak in any language they want. because they are spirits.

  79. in my humble honest opinion i think Newsday need to up their game, this article lacks depth and is of High school composition material. With the resources at newsday the writer should have done some research.even mai chisamba unovanzwa vachiti “muongororo netsvakiridzo” meaning she did her research prior to bringing up her story. What this guy is telling us is an observation he made and never bothered to do some research. the article is just as good as a facebook status update from an ordinary user not an article from a reputable publisher. disappointed by the Editor and entire Newsday Online Crew

  80. @Shoko I agree with you on the picture but remember the writers just send their articles to the newspapers and the editors do the rest. It is most likely that the writer did not put that photo on the article if you look at the way he tried to generalise. Perhaps Newsday editors can enlighten us. Maybe the writer himself can respond to that.

    1. If you put it that way i will understand which makes the editorial team look amaturish. If a writer puts up an article consult him before you illustrate in a manner that might invoke attacks on his piece. Just imagine someone’s sister’s photo being used as an illustration on a story relating to prostitutes?

  81. Its Satan and his angels at work. Remember folks we are living in the last days of earth’s history. The devil is busy with his work of deceiving, coz he knows that his time is short. Performing miracles, wonders and signs is one of his tools of trade. See Revelation 13:13, 2 Thessalonians 2:9, Mathew 24:24

    1. Mr if you really study the bible its full of people who cast out demons and it describes it the way it was done then not they way it should be done in the future. Jesus moved by donkey or on foot, is it therefore a sin for a Roman Catholic priest to travel by car. Just because car, tv or computer was not mentioned in the bible does it make it evil. Are there hard and fast rules for casting out demons? Are all demons supposed to say ‘i am legion for we are many’??? In what i have witnessed the Man of God has no time to talk or listen to the demons speak. He wants them out and gone chop chop because there is so much to say about Jesus,the old and new testament. There is so much to impart and demon casting is not a major event. Its a 20 min ordeal out of 4 hours of solid impartation and deep revelation of the word. It is the media that focuses on miracles, demon casting, the cash box of the church and are always on the lookout for controversial issues. Why? It sells the paper. Check last week’s editorial Wednesday of this newspaper. The editor clearly states that we have a clientele to please yet he personally feels there is too much focus on the 2 prophets. I gave him a thumbs up for being honest there. If you don’t write about Magaya or Makandiwa newspaper rako haritengwe. if you don’t find a scandalous issue on ZAOGA or AFM newspaper rako harina dhiri. I rest my case.

  82. Those who are criticizing the writer should read Numbers: 7:8. How are we to know the false gods and the true God. If all can perform miracles. The answer is easy. Look at the threats that you encounter when you question them and you want an explanation. Remember Satan is also clever he also qouted the bible verses when he was trying Jesus Luke 4:10. Satan was qouting Psalm 91:11-12.. So How do we know these prophets are Genuine. Simple look at thier life styles look the way they do in thier Churches its all about material things. contrary to what the true apostles in the bible used to do and what Jesus commanded. Look at how they sell items in the church and what did jesus do to those that were trading in the house of his father. Auctioning cabbages and bricks. I feel sorry for those who go at length protecting these people. What the writer did is very much right and within the Bible principles Check. Acts 17:11. Don’t take every word down your throat you need to research like what these guys in Acts did. Of course we do not expect you guys to give us a gentle bible answer other than a threat because we know your source of livelyhood will be threatened look at the way you fight amoung yourselves with regards to numbers of coingregants someone is now feeling the pinch. Look at how you wine and dine with the politicians how you jump when earthly honours are confered on you. yet the appostle paul who was even more educated than any of you was even regretiing the time he spend chasing those material things. to the followers my Advise verengayi bible renyu varume resechayi Provebs 2:1-6.

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