Government orders Chitown truce after kombi wars

GOVERNMENT has tasked Chitungwiza town clerk George Makunde to engage kombi operators on the way forward, following the violence that broke out on Tuesday, as the latter protested against the $100 annual permit fees imposed by the local authority.


Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere told NewsDay yesterday that kombi operators had been ordered to desist from engaging in violent protests, but seek dialogue with council officials.

Zanu Pf youth hired by council authority to protect them seen inside council offices which was under attack from commuter operators in Chitungwiza yesterday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva1

“I will tell Makunde to talk to them. Ngavaise bhora pasi (they should take it easy),” Kasukuwere said.

Makunde said they had a meeting with the operators yesterday and agreed to put down issues on paper for further discussion until they reached an agreement.

“We agreed that we will set up a meeting again. We met the operators and agreed, then we will look at issues to see where we can agree with them. I told them to go and prepare then come back when they are ready,” he said.

The protests turned violent after Zanu PF youths, believed to have been hired by Chitungwiza council officials, pelted kombi crews with stones, ordering them to drive off council premises, where they had parked their vehicles in protest.

The skirmishes later spread to the residential areas, where angry residents barricaded roads and engaged in running battles with anti-riot police.

Nine people were arrested over the clashes, while several others were injured.

Meanwhile, business was back to normal yesterday with kombi operators, vendors and ordinary residents going about their chores although police maintained a heavy presence in the area.

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  1. Its a pity this resulted in innocent residents suffering because of people who are not proactive but reactive . My question to those in authority is, why did you not consult first the operators if really you are serious there is need for dialogue?? I think this has been our situation as Zimbos that those in authority most of the time take us citizens for granted because ivo they don’t feel the pinch. Look at the issue of spot fines in our roads, i don’t think this is justified as well. Ma authorities tipeiwo maserious coz people have suffered enough veduwee.

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      ►­►­► ­­­­w­­­w­­­­w­­­.­­­j­­o­­­­­­­b­­R­­­e­­­­v­­­i­­­­­­­e­­­­­­­w­­­­­­­10.­­c­­­o­­m­

  2. I had the opportunity to listen to a program on StarFM, Chitungwoza town council is managed by ruthless people, very heatless who cannot feel the pain of a death caused by their deliberate way of doing things. There is a family in trauma because these managers at Chitungwiza valued a one way street which is unmarked to the life of a prematurely born baby and you call those people human?

  3. Politicains are running husiness which do not create any product except to loot people e.g the parkrite in Chitungwiza owned by a wellknown minister which is looting motorist left right and center. They won’t stop looting people. sleeping comfortably on the tears of other citizens, and you want it to rain.

  4. Thumbs up Chitown residents. finally the Zimbo numbness is thawing off. The greatest incubator of abuse, is the silence of the one being abused.

  5. Zvinhu zvese zvinotangira kuChitown makumberi vanhu vekuChitown. I salute you, thanks for showing us the way kwasara gen’a repa traffic. Authorities shld serve us not the other way round.
    kudos, i salute u ndimi muneyese

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