CIOs ‘secretly’ get bonuses

The government last year quietly paid Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives their annual bonuses, yet postponed, several times, paying the salaries of civil servants, only releasing the payments yesterday, a development that is likely to spark a rebuke from other public sector workers.


While most civil servants were penniless during the festive season, members of the CIO received their December salaries on December 21 and their bonuses 10 days later, insiders have revealed. “Members of the CIO got their salaries and bonuses on December 31. In fact, salaries were paid on December 21 and bonuses followed,” NewsDay was told.

“The CIO are treated differently because their finances and salaries are not handled by the Civil Service Commission, but the President’s Office and no one, other than the director-general of the President‘s Office, controls the budget.”

State Security minister Kembo Mohadi declined to comment on the matter saying: “That is an operational issue that I cannot discuss with you.”

At law, experts said, the CIO should be regulated by an Act of Parliament dealing with the secret services, but almost three years since the adoption of the new Constitution, President Robert Mugabe’s administration is yet to table such a law before the National Assembly for debate.

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Civil servants’ associations have already demanded that the government give them a specific date for the payment of their bonuses, as Mugabe promised, and revelations that CIO members had received their 13th cheque are likely to embolden the government workers.

The Apex Council, an umbrella body for civil servants’ associations, is set to meet with government representatives today, where they are likely to demand that the employer proclaim a date for the payment of bonuses.

The public workers are also peeved by the government’s decision to unilaterally deduct between $40 and $50 from their salaries.

“We are currently in a meeting finalising our demands with government,” Apex Council president, Richard Gundane said.

“We want finality on the issue of bonuses because we can’t continue operating on guesswork as to when we will get our salaries or bonuses. Our employer must take us seriously and give us a date when we will get our 2015 bonuses.”

“We also want a satisfactory explanation from our employer as to why they deducted $40 from our members without consultation.
We believe we deserve respect as workers. It is high time we got our welfare as a priority and government has to act accordingly.”

Since 2009, the government has not been deducting pensions from its workers, but the deductions were reintroduced last month as part of moves to rationalise the public service, much to the chagrin of civil servants.

Acting Public Service and Social Welfare minister Lazarus Dokora was yet to respond to questions sent to him on when civil servants would get their bonuses. As the Apex Council was meeting ahead of today’s meeting, long queues outside banking halls were a feature in parts of Bulawayo and Harare.

Nurses said they would never accept any late payments of salaries and demanded an unconditional apology from the government.

In a joint statement, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association and the Zimbabwe Nurses’ Association said it was “unacceptable for health workers to be paid today (yesterday) after going through a horrendous festive season and had reached alarming levels of socio-economic deprivation”.

“We maintain that such levels of irresponsibility and uncaring attitudes should be discarded forthwith and health workers must regain their good status in society,” the associations stated in the statement.

The delay in payment of the salaries had affected service delivery the most at State-run hospitals, as the health workers embarked on an unsanctioned industrial action.

The associations said their members would “never accept our salaries in any month that is outside the timeframe worked.
Salaries are a basic right and they must never be postponed to a different month.

“We demand an unconditional apology from the employer for the hardships we have endured as a result of their recklessness and juvenile planning.”

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  1. if the crumb is the biggest share on the national cake, it becomes a tough experience to share it among a multitude of hungry children. so there is need to craft, put into practice and monitor realistic measures and policies that allow the growth of the national cake. as a nation we may need to copy how our neighbours are growing their cakes then we do like we are in such a neighbourhood. then maybe if the crumb turns out to be the smallest and less preffred share, payouts for civil servants salaries will not create such news. why must it be news that so and so got paid when after all is said and done, a worker has to be paid. lets unite as a nation and lets join hands and go through our challenges and lets evaluate what we have done and what we are doing in terms of growing the national cake. then maybe, the cake will grow such that one and all will enjoy.

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  3. Mmmmm. Newsday matanga kunyepa manje. Whatever your sources were, makanyeperwa. I can tell you kuti nothing of that sort happened. Vari kutokwangwaya just like every other civil servant

    1. my buddy’s step-aunt makes $68 /hour on the laptop . She has been without a job for nine months but last month her check was $99350 just working on the laptop for a few hours. check my source

  4. mozoti hee hee majournalist are victimised, abused. with such reporting you wont go unpunished

    1. can someone say something that proves this is a lie? And why did the Minister refuse to comment. If no bonus was paid he would have categorically denied.

      1. How do you expect anyone to prove that? You want to see mapayslip? You have been told its a lie. Its false. Muchatipondesa nevanhu isu tichitotamburawo zvedu

    2. Why would you want to victimise the journalist just prove him wrong this is the fear factor which has made us a pariah state.

  5. CIO is not a National Security Organisation but a ZanuPF secret security organisation so they get salaries as and when they want it without government controls although the money as usual should come from the government.

  6. The vulnerable pensioners are being ignored and even the journalists are not talking about them.Please when are they getting their money?

    1. Pensioners have not been paid their December pensions and yet someone is saying all civil servants have been paid their dues

  7. I liked AIPPA in latter and spirit. It would place an albatross on editors to prove their stories. It made sure fabrication of stories, writing of fictitious banters, creative headlines meant to sale newspapers would not go unpunished. AIPPA created responsible journalism, AIPPA decimated gutter journalism. Gentle readers!!, this is one such piece of khaki envelop inspired journalism by individuals bent on inspiring vitriolic aspersions on man woman who tirelessly work day and night to make sure this country is safe for you and me. Why has Newsday failed to supplied proof of the said bonus payments?. The paper would have gone a step further in its investigative journalism to gather necessary evidence. They did not, and they will not because they are very much aware it is patently false.

  8. Newsday apa maenda mudondo. such blatant falsehoods anoendesa munhu ku jeri. save yourself make a retraction.

  9. this is bulshit mhani makadziwanepi nhema dzakadai vanhu veNewsday..tambai nezvimwe apa mairirasa apa…Editor kuregerera nhema dzakadayi…ndiwe uchapinda bizzy i tell you

  10. Matilaya Thomas

    It is surprising and absurd for the respected newspaper like the NewsDay to confuse the nation by coming up with a malicious story which has no tangible evidence to support its worth. The NewsDay should not abuse the new constitution which supports the freedom of expression by claiming that the CIOs got their bonuses yet such a story carries no merit, This is malicious and should be condemned by any peace loving person in the country, For the record my wife works as an officer there and she always shows me her payslip and her December payslip has nothing of that sort, We love each other that in matters to do with money she makes sure that she hides nothing to me and had she got the said bonus by the News day, she could have told me. I am surprised by such a story and the NewsDay should learn to publicize stories that carry weight and truth.

  11. haiwa nhema idzo…nxaaaa

  12. inini im actually in the system,,NewsDay iri kunyepa.This kind of journalism should not be tolerated at all..responsible authorities should question such kind of journalism..

  13. these are lies..what kind of journalism is this

  14. iiiiiiiiiii vakomana vanhu vataikotamburawo navo avo paholiday apa.. uku kutsvaga nyaya dzekuti bepa ritengwe uku…mmmmm such lies should stop

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