Chinese man threatens to shoot immigration officers

A CHINESE national, Hun Xiangkun, was yesterday granted $100 bail after he appeared in court charged with pointing a firearm at five immigration officials during a raid at his home in Vainona, Harare.


Presiding magistrate, Tendai Rusinahama ordered Xiangkun (43) to surrender his passport to the clerk of court, not to interfere with State witnesses and to continue residing at his address of record.

It is the State’s case that on December 28 last year, five immigration officers, Collin Mahwasa, Harold Makumbe, Tariro Mandizvidza, Spiwe Munjai and Patrick Nyambiya, received a tip off that there were some illegal Chinese nationals residing at Xiangkun’s residence.


When the five raided the place, Xiangkun allegedly initially went into the house and later came out wielding a pistol and threatened to shoot the immigration officials, alleging they were bogus.

After the officers introduced themselves, Xiangkun then let them in. However, during the search Xiangkun’s wife reportedly screamed prompting her husband to rush
inside with a cocked pistol in hand.

Xiangkun again allegedly pointed the gun at the immigration officers and detained them while his wife rushed to Borrowdale Police Station to file a report.

The immigration officers then called their superiors and detectives from the Minerals and Border Control Unit, leading to Xiangkun’s arrest. The matter was remanded to February 1.

Francesca Mukumbiri is prosecuting the matter.

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  1. These Immigration Officials were overzealous. This guy reported them to the police well beliving that they were bogus. He acted reasonably in my view considering that cases of robbery ar on the increase.What did you expected him to do when he heard his wife screaming, to flee or defend his family.After all the raid yeilded nothing.

    1. True this guy has no case to answer, he did the right thing otherwise burglars will hve a party.

    2. Really? Are you serious? Did you expect the immigration officers to announce that they would be paying him a visit? It was a raid! You know, a surprise visit! In any country you might be in, this is how immigration raids are conducted. No one knows why his wife started screaming. To cause a distraction perhaps? Maybe they were actually hiding something?

    3. You are very right, everybody knows some of government officials abuse their power, which is harmful to this country, the power must be limited and used properly.

  2. The Immigration guys should’ve gone for a search with the assistance of the Zimbabwe Revenue Police, kwete vega. So our borders are so porous that even Chinese are trickling in unnoticed? Interesting..

  3. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pfuti yakanogedzerwa garo apa usina kupihwa bonus.

  4. The Immigration guys should’ve gone for their search with the assistance of the Zimbabwe Revenue Police.

  5. Were these guys in uniform? If not, I would suggest Immigration should ask ZRP officers in uniform to accompany them to private properties they visit because any crook may present themselves as immigration officers. I think the Chinese guy was doing his best to protect his family and property if the gun was licensed. ndoo basa repfuti kana iri for home protection

  6. Look East Police


  7. so what was discovered about the suspected illegal immigrants, only because he is Chinese that’s why he was fined $100 be it you a black man and see how wrathful the law is, selective application and a half baked story with was canned nxaa

  8. So what about the GUN?….what happen to the gun and did he have a licence for it and where did a Chinese man in a foreign country get a gun from ? and why does he need one ?

  9. Vanzwa nekubirwa nema bogus people he is justified considering the circumstances why do immigration officers raid without the police?

    1. i agree with u 100%, immigration officers should be accompanied by police details always.

  10. Hawu! Kanti hanti vele iraid it’s a raid, it can never be announced otherwise kuyabe kungasoraid. Kodwa how does he own a gun in the Republic of Zimbabwe? most importantly, what was his offense? I did not understand in the article above?

  11. He indeed was right, in Zim you cannot tell the difference between a bogus and genuine immigration or police officer, unless you go to their offices. They don’t carry any ID cards or display force numbers as prescribed by the law(if there is any). Anyone has a right to defend themselves against a person in replica uniform of officers because its common practice to have bogus people in uniforms. Even on roadblocks, spot fines are being handed over to bogus police with fake tickets, that’s one reason spot fines should be banned.

  12. when you go for a raid, you identify yourselves and produce IDs with your face and force number, you don’t just call some number from your mobile, how does one know who you are calling?

  13. They should’ve gone with Zimbabwe Revenue Police period

  14. they wanted money. corrupt immigration officers. only when the report was made at the police they remembered to call their bosses and a different section of the police force. has immigartaion issues anything to do with Minerals section of ZRP?

  15. Chinese Nationals are now in the habit of abusing locals. It is unacceptable. How about if a Zimbabwean does it in China, to point a gun at a government official.

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