‘Bureaucracy delaying declaring Mugabe birthday public holiday’

ZANU PF youths have blamed government red tape for delaying their proposal to have President Robert Mugabe’s birthday, February 21, declared a public holiday.


Addressing journalists in the capital yesterday, the party’s national youth secretary, Pupurai Togarepi said they would go ahead and celebrate the “Robert Mugabe Day” this year and lobby for people to commemorate the day like any other public holiday.

Mugabe turns 92 on February 21, with party youths organising an $800 000 bash for him in Masvingo province.

“We have started the procedures to have the day declared a public holiday. We wrote a letter last year to the Justice ministry, but you know because of government bureaucracy, we are still waiting for them (to respond). However, this year, we will go ahead and celebrate the icon. We will urge people not to go to work and youths will have real celebrations on that day,” Togarepi said.

Pupurai Togarepi

However, opposition parties and political analysts have condemned the call for a Mugabe holiday and plans by the ruling party to hold a mega bash for him at a time the majority of the population are facing severe food shortages.

The opposition MDC-T said the money being mobilised for Mugabe’s birthday celebrations should be diverted to feed hundreds of thousands of families in drought-stricken provinces.

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  1. this is not North Korea! nxa!

  2. Chiremba Honestly

    Declaring functions as holidays has the effect of killing businesses.
    In business economics it causes loss of revenue.chitsva chii apa?we may end up declaring everyday as holiday kana ukaramba uine that thinking

    1. Besides 21 February is a Sunday where most of us would be in church praying, praising and thanking our Creator who deserves all the glory and honour for there is none like Him and His name is above every other name. Sunday vashoma vanoshanda or vachiri kushanda mu formal sector as you know the employment status of our beloved nation Zimbabwe.

  3. we dont have time to celebrate the birth of a murderer, a gukurahundist! take him to Noth Kera and leave us in peace. Holiday for what? celebrate this suffering? Tinzwirei tsitsi maZANU. Mambopedza kuparadza nyika here mava kutoda zvemaholiday?

  4. People, lets pray God not Mugabe. He has made the whole country to suffer and you now want to phraise him. Kwanai vanhu veZanu. Nxa

  5. we the youths are not working,we actually waiting for the 2.2 million jobs promised asi the jobs are being dished out ku birthday party ???????

  6. ko picture yemudhara uyu ndiye youth leader here, iye Togarepi wacho. Kana ariye ko ane makore mangani coz from his looks is well above 50yrs.

  7. icon kkkk aayaa

  8. Is that guy a youth? Just saying

  9. Machende Mundiro

    how much will another holiday remove from the GDP ???? think about it . .. .but then again these are zanu ppl talkin, shoot first think later mxm

  10. Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans kkkkkk lol

  11. @chimuti if a public holiday falls on a Sunday the next day automatically becomes a holiday so argue on the merits or demerits of proclaiming that old man’s birthday a holiday

  12. The youths have no jobs to go to. So let them celebrate. There are no jobs in Zimbabwe so everyday is a holiday. Better declare everyday a holiday in Zimbabwe.

  13. Mr Togarepi…..to enlighten you a bit,Zimbabwean people hate Robert Mugabe and when he dies,most people would love to have the opportunity to PISS ON HIS GRAVE,many ordinary Zimbabweans CURSE the day that Robert Matibili was born…….and if you have observed this month’s events you will also see that they cant wait for him to DIE……why dont we wait for his DEATH DAY….and declare it a National Holiday…and one last thing Togarepi…..when that ALBATROSS(oh sorry i dont suppose you have read Coleridge) falls from the suffering Zimbabweans’ necks…..we will dismantle the PATRONAGE NETWORK which you IDIOTS fight so hard to retain……that IMPOSTER went to Mozambique in 1977 to claim credit for the work that others had done……we know who our REAL HEROES are!!!!…..Robert will not leave a LEGACY

  14. The dude is simply seeking recognition but for the wrong reason. Keep your ignorance to yourself. Zimbabweans have better and constructive issues to deal with.

  15. yah Togarepi ribatanidze neraSmith kana Rhodes

  16. honestly speaking do we necessarily need a public holiday or there are better things to be considered at a time millions of zimbabweans face starvation. why not channel those funds to most needy areas. If RGM has a heart for zimbabweans the best birthday gift he should give to zimbabweans is his refusal of the purported bash

  17. Mugabe does not deserve a holiday of any sort. A lot of people are on permanent holiday because there are no jobs and there is no way such a man can have a holiday.
    To most people Feb 21st is a day of mourning because this is the day the murderer and destroyer of Zimbabwean people was born.
    This guy has killed our livelihoods, our heritage and for some people their futures. How then can you celebrate his birthday? No way.

  18. @GiFT.sure everyday is a holiday,the only difference is there is mabiko that day so nice to have mabiko on a holiday.

  19. mabiko anobvepi? only matop shatta epatronage system ndivo vanokwana. the rest we will continue to wallow in abject poverty struggling with out daily suffering.

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