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ZimSelector offers easy and affordable Financial Services


ZimSelector.com is Zimbabwe’s first online shopping mall for financial services products. In these tough economic times this product is best suited to ensure that you are getting the best deal for the insurance products that we all need to protect our valued homes, businesses, cars and loved ones.
• If you are living abroad, you can now feel self empowered to do it yourself without sending money home and asking for favours.
• You can also apply for bank accounts and mortgages whilst living abroad.
• If you live locally and are one of those that have left your assets exposed because you find hunting around for quotes tiresome and frustrating, you can now do it in a mater of minutes.
• If you are already covered now is a good time before your renewal to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.
Get quotes and get covered or make your applications now www.zimselector.com

ZimSelector.com prides itself for its ability to simplify complex products and processes for the customer and here are a few tips to help you avoid some pitfalls and get the right product for your needs:

Motor Insurance – cover level matters :
When it comes to renewing a Motor Insurance policy, it is tempting to go for the cheapest option, Third Party insurance, which is the minimum level of insurance which satisfies the requirement of the laws of Zimbabwe as defined by the Road Traffic Act.
However, when it comes to a claim, many will discover that Third party insurance offers very little protection so it really is important to understand the various options:

insurance tabble

Third party Insurance:
This is the most basic cover and protects the client (or insured/ policyholder) against loss or damage to third Party Properties in the course of driving, and death or bodily injury to these Third Parties only. It also covers any legal liabilities arising from the policyholder’s driving which results in any of the above mentioned accidents (bodily injury, death, or property damage) to third parties. It does NOT cover any loss or damage to the car of the policy owner.

Third party fire and theft insurance
In addition to the above cover, this insurance policy also covers theft or fire damage to the policy owner’s car. It does NOT cover damage to the policy owner’s car for any other reason than fire damage.

Fully Comprehensive
This is the most extensive form of motor insurance cover, which, in addition to the above cover, also provides accidental damage to the policyholder’s vehicle.

Remember – often in life you get what you pay for – and saving on the level of motor insurance may be a costly mistake when it comes to making a claim. Check out prices on our site – the best cover may be cheaper than you think. Always shop around before buying your insurance – as soon as you get your renewal notice make sure you compare cover and quotes. It really only takes a couple of minutes by clicking here https://www.zimselector.com/zms/motor-insurance

Home Insurance:
Make sure you have enough cover. The real purpose of homeowners insurance is to make sure that if there were to be a fire or other disaster you will be able to rebuild or replace your home with one of similar value. If you are ‘under-insured’ the Insurer may not give you the full amount following a claim.

Consider with your home contents – taking extra cover for expensive or luxury items such as jewellery, artworks, antiques, or electronics. Make sure you have a good record of the items in your home. Some people walk around with a video camera to record their possessions. Or use a digital camera to take pictures. Make sure you store these files or tapes off site. Keep receipts for expensive items.

Always close windows and lock doors when you leave the property.

If you get a discount for having an alarm, you must use it when you leave the house.

Using your home for business may invalidate your insurance policy

Get a quote now or compare your existing insurance on https://www.zimselector.com/zms/home-insurance

Funeral Insurance
The death of someone you love is a time of grieving and emotional upset …but it can also be a time of financial worry if you are not prepared.

Perhaps it will surprise you that the average funeral in Zimbabwe costs around $3000. This will increase significantly if you are in the Diaspora and want to take the deceased back home.
ZimSelector offer a range of Funeral Insurance products that are designed to help ensure that at a time of grieving, the bereaved do not also have to worry about the cost or even the organisation of the funeral.

There are two main options for Funeral Cover – ‘cash back’ or ‘funeral service policy’ Have a look at our site for the full details. If you are unsure, please give our customer service team a ring – all the contact details are below.

Once you have decided which plan suits you best, it is so quick and easy to find out the costs, it will literally only take you a couple of minutes on the ZimSelector website to COMPARE. We are sure you will be surprised how little funeral insurance can cost – and being prepared early can save so much heartache later. https://www.zimselector.com/zms/funeral-insurance

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind when you are making a trip for either business or pleasure.
You can make sure you are covered for losses that occur from defined events during a specified journey. Events that you may wish to cover depending on the providers package could include:
• Urgent or unexpected illness or injury.
• Lost damaged or delayed baggage.
• Legal expenses.
• Political or natural disaster evacuation.
• Personal Liability.
It is important that the product Providers have strong financial security and we have only chosen trusted brands to compare on our site

When you are buying a house, you can sometimes focus so hard on choosing the property that you forget all the costs you need to plan for. ZimSelector.com is an official agent for the mortgage application services of several reputable lenders including CBZ, CABS and NMB Bank. Our customer services team is geared to help you every step of the way with your application whether you are at home or abroad. Contact our customerservices@zimselector.com for more information.

Here are some of the main expenses you need to remember:
• A deposit for the house. Although you will probably need a mortgage, you will still have to put some of your own money into the property, typically a minimum of 10% of the purchase price. If you are selling a house, you may make enough profit for the deposit – but make sure.
• Estate Agency fees. If you have a house to sell, you may want to do this with professional help from an Estate Agent. Our recommendation would be to deal with a ‘registered’ estate agent. This can be checked with the Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe.
• Property repair. Often the home you buy needs some ‘care and attention’ it may be prudent to reserve anything between 1.5 to 2.5% of the total budget amount for repair works to the acquired property
• Legal costs. The conveyancing lawyers are the seller’s choice, but do ensure these are reputable and registered and only pay money in to the lawyers trust account and not directly to the seller.

There are many ways to save money, Check out our Investment channel to see the range of products and interest rates available. https://www.zimselector.com/zms/investment

It is also essential to start a bank account because you will find it easier to arrange your mortgage where you already have a track record with a well-run bank account. You will also need to be able to set up regular mortgage payments when the property purchase is complete. Use our banking comparison service to find the best option for you. https://www.zimselector.com/zms/banking. Remember, you will certainly get a preference for funds if you have a banking or investment product with the mortgage lender.

And what about the mortgage? Well, there are a number of mortgage options, depending on your requirements. Although we don’t have a mortgage on-line form at present, our customer service team would be delighted to give you free advice and arrange the best mortgage for you over the phone. Give us a call on +263 4 480817 or email customerservices@zimselector.com to get the ball rolling.

And once you are happily settled in your new home, you will need the best home insurance – we can help there as well with our home insurance comparison channel www.zimselector.com/zms/home-insurance

Investment Pitfalls – how to avoid them
At ZimSelector.com we offer you investment choices from strong capable brands in Zimbabwe. The investment products include unit trusts, money market products, savings, equity portfolio investments and mortgages. These products are available online at www.ZimSelector.com from trusted institutions including CBZ, CABS, Fidelity Life, and Old Mutual.

It is never too late to invest in the future. No amount is too small. Log onto www.ZimSelector.com. to take the first, important step and let the site guide you as you search for the right investment opportunity for you. At ZimSelector.com, we aim to make the right decisions easy for you, we also want to help you avoid these investment pitfalls.

1. Doing nothing. There is one guarantee, if you do nothing, you will not meet your saving goals
2. Starting late. Postponing your investing career is second only to not investing at all. The earlier you start, the more you will save and it does not need to be a lot.
3. Investing in the wrong thing. Only invest money in the stock market that you won’t need for at least three years, and preferably five years or longer. If you know you need early access to your funds, opt for a more accessible savings account.
4. Putting all your eggs in one basket. Don’t tie all your money up in property or long term investments as you do also need some rainy day money.
Don’t delay, you do not need to save huge amounts as little amounts saved regularly soon mount up. Llog onto www.zimselector.com and chose the investment that suits you.

In conclusion, providing financial security for you and your family really is important and there is no time like the present to avoid regrets when an unexpected fatality or catastrophe occurs. You will find all the information and products you need on www.zimselector.com and it does not matter whether you are at home or abroad. Please log on today and get started – remember a friendly customer services team is always available to assist you on +263 4 480817 or email customerservices@zimselector.com.

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