Zifa settles debts

Zifa has oiled the national football team’s preparations for the January Chan finals in Rwanda by settling its debts with the players and technical team.

By Kevin Mapasure

Warriors in training

The team’s head coach Kalisto Pasuwa, who is currently negotiating a long-term contract with the association, received full payment of the $11 000 that he was owed.

The players in camp were also paid what was outstanding to them as well as camping allowances as they make final preparations.

Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa on Monday promised the players and coaches that the association would settle their arrears and that going forward the administration will pay them on time.

The football mother body clinched a $1 million sponsorship deal with Harare-based businessman Wicknell Chivayo, who has since started servicing Zifa’s

$180 000 debt to Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet.

In the past, preparations have been hampered by lack of funding where at times players boycotted training owing to non-payment of allowances.

In their final Chan preparations, the players briefly staged a strike ahead of their second leg tie against Lesotho and Chiyangwa came to the rescue donating $10 000 and he also gave them the same amount to share after they had qualified.

Zifa has moved in to make sure that after some disturbances last week due to an impasse between Pasuwa and the administration which led to the squad losing a week of preparations, there would be no further hindrance.

The players were told that they would be rewarded handsomely if they succeed at Chan and morale is high in camp with players fighting to make it in the final 23-member squad.

Yesterday, the team continued preparations with their normal two training sessions and they were still clinging on to the hope of captain Danny “Deco” Phiri recovering in time to make the trip to Rwanda. In the afternoon yesterday the medical team was still assessing the midfielder.

Zifa is also making efforts to organise an international friendly match for the Mighty Warriors who will be representing the country at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

Zifa is hoping to secure a match against an unnamed Spanish club in the New Year after they resume training.

Chiyangwa has been using meetings with fellow football administrators and Fifa presidential candidates to seek friendlies for both the men’s and women’s teams.

By yesterday, Zifa was still tying up loose ends to a proposed friendly match pitting the Warriors and the Mozambican senior national team.

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  1. STILL, i dont trust politicians to run our soccer.

    1. I also don’t trust you politicians to continue commenting on football issues

    2. Tonderayi Chanakira

      Iwe Willard Mubvumbi unoita kunge usinga farire Mukoma Phidza Chavatadza chii apa I think we must support Philip Chiyangwa for bringing SANITY to ZIFA Urikurasika papiko nhai shamwari???

    3. Guyz as much as I had reservations about Phidza running football. I have always thought mukoma Phidza has some kind of pride and this would work in our favour because he will do everything possible to protect that by performing well at Zifa. Let’s support him, besides he is proving to be better than Dube. When last were the warriors paid all their dues.

  2. Guys let us have a positive attitude. The guy won the elections and he is doing his job, but take take naye. If those candidates whom you wanted to lead Zifa are genuine soccer people they should come in with all the assistance they can. I like Peter Ndlovu’s attitude when he said he was to support who ever was to win mazifa elections. Let us support bhora sebhora and leave politics out of it.

  3. legend of elegance

    Well done Phidza

  4. That’s a good start for all soccer loving people.l hope 2016 will be a turning point for Zimbabwean Football we have the talent.Keep it up Zifa.

  5. ilikesocerduaisy

    bumper soccer, hehehehehe.
    mega soccer deals, aha

  6. Pple r alwyz sceptical..a good thing has been done..u dont necesasirily have to trust dr phil to acknowledge that a good thing has been done…thank u dr..to pasuwa the ball is in yr cot nw..failure is nt an option…dont ever think that the fans wil come to yr rescure again..u wil go my man…its time for perfomance nt yr acting for puplic sympathy..its either u perfom or go..personally i dont think pasuwa u r able to tek zimbabwe anywhere footballwise…i doubt yr capabilities…

    1. Iwe ndiwe uri sceptical manje. Why start attacking and threatening a coach who has done extremely well under difficult conditions? This is a man who should be given a good chance even if he fails to perform well at Chan. He is the best coach we have had in years. And to Phidza, well done, keep it that way. Zifa needed people of action and you have just showed that you are one!!

    2. You doubt his capabilities and yet he has results to back the ????? are you mentally blind or deaf

    3. You doubt his capabilities and yet he has results to back the ????? are you mentally blind or deaf?

  7. A snake atracts its prey by pretendences,then cuddles the prey bfo tightening its grip
    On the stupid prey then swallowsit.a snake is a snake,it carries poison,not chocolates.
    The changing shiny colours will eventuly bring out true colours,annoying colours of a
    Reptile .watchout.Dube mustered this art of giving 1st then strike wth speed.

    1. well done phidza, any football fan with an objective mind will aprreciate such a gesture!!

  8. Pasuwa the man he is the one who has taken us there he will finish amongest the best

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