Pastor defends ‘anointed’ condoms

Paul Sanyangore

Controversial pastor, Paul Sanyangore, of “anointed condoms” fame, has been asked to stop praying for condoms as this would only mislead and misinform the public.

By Phyllis Mbanje

During a heated and emotive discussion at the Condomise Campaign tent at the International Conference on Aids and STIs in Africa (ICASA), Sanyangore came under fire from the campaign organisers and participants, mostly young people who felt his stance was retrogressive in the fight against HIV and Aids.

“Please stop praying for the condoms, it misinforms the public and is totally against science,” United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) senior HIV technical advisor Bidia Deperthes said.

She argued there was no need to get the condoms blessed, adding religious leaders should not mislead congregants.
However, the 30-year-old pastor defended his actions, saying condoms were physical and when he prayed he was addressing the spiritual side.


“This woman came to a spiritual church and came to me to pray for her condoms. I can only tackle it spiritually,” Sanyangore said.

The pastor, who is also popular for other controversial miracles, said attacks on the church would only drive it away.

He boasted of a congregation of over 5 000 people, saying it was a good platform to talk about HIV and Aids.

“The church is the best social place to discuss these issues; I am tired of burying people who are dying of Aids. I have buried 10 so far, imagine by the time I get to 50,” he said. He said when he prayed for the condoms, he was addressing the spiritual side and, therefore, could not comment on their safety or efficiency.

But UNFPA chief of procurement services Eric Dupont said condoms underwent rigorous tests and were safe to use without being prayed for.

“Condoms should not be anointed. It sends a very skewered message,” he said.

A barrage of questions from the audience attacked the pastor for his actions which he consistently defended.

“I did not say condoms are not safe, neither did I say they are from the devil. Married people can sit down and decide to use them. Condoms should be used, but if people ask me to pray for them, I will,” Sanyangore said defiantly.

A representative from the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, Albert Maqolo, who was one of the panellists, said several tests were done in accredited laboratories to ensure that condoms were safe.

Sanyangore hogged the limelight after he prayed for condoms during a service. Several women stampeded to have a box of the “anointed” condoms for use in their homes. A certain woman had approached him saying that her husband who had been away for two years after a mysterious disappearance was coming back home.


  1. To leave home for church and pray for condoms of all the things that affect us as aa people buffles the mind. Some of these pastors leaves a lot to be desired. I suggest the Ministry of Health should come in, some one is messing up its yard!!

  2. There is no scripture to support Sanyangores stance hence it tantamount to heresy unless God has spoken to him. But i stand to condemn his view basing on the word of God, what is the reason for annointing condoms and does it mean if he doesnt pray for the condoms they wont work?

  3. One doesnt have to look for so many things if they want see/tell that someone is mad…………can you imagine someone praying for a condom…..kuti riite sei? This guy is mad……just trying to eke out a living like all of us………..vendors, prophets, thieves (police included) kombi drivers and of course MAD PEOPLE like this guy.

  4. I think the organizers are portraying double standards there coz they are campaigning for the youths to condomize so what’s wrong with a “man of god” blessing their campaign? Ndosaka tichiti rairai vana the correct thing so that there won’t be any opportunists.
    Hezvoooo… Ngaanamatirwe macondom acho vana vashandise vakasununguka.

    • I agree with @kitsi. the organizers are being myopic. why not use every channel to get the condomise message across? if his church followers who are youth use the anointed condoms so be it. we need to stop new infections. ICASA showed that new infections are highest among the youth aged 15-24. if this pastor can get them to use these, then we will be winning the battle to bring infections down. surely, this pastor is playing his role in the 90-90-90 campaign which ICASA is supposed to be promoting?

    • I’d not mind SaNyangore preaching condom use to young people in his church BUT praying for condoms, no! Next he will pray for tablets to heal? On this road I see him praying for sexual organs or the sexual act itself. I don’t know how but please let’s not take this anointing business to those reason-numbing heights. Why is “anointing” becoming such a commercial game-changer, a money-making service and road to fame? Pliz musadaro vanhu vaMwari – we will lose respect of you, or we already have.

  5. Zvinonetsa izvi nyika yoda kuudza mwari mashandiro aanofanirwa kuita , Look here the husband is gone for two years he comes back she ask pastor to pray for condoms so that when she suggests kumba hapaite bongozozo he agrees to pray imi venyika moita noise kuti azviitirei nhai , Haa mazimba mandinyadzisa

    • The desperation is this country is so high that people are ready to do anything. You have these dubious pastors preaching to gullible congregants who have succumbed to the economic an political pressures like never before. If you really think of it what in what way does prayer help in the use of condom? Sanyangore is a criminal and should be treated as such?

  6. The problem is that people have sunk so deep into things which are anointed as they would put it, anointed water, pens, bangles and bracelets, etc….were in the bible do we find that if u dont have these so called anointed thngs your life will be a miseray.All these prophets are but driving people away from the critical thing of reading the scripture and learning to pray.Just seek God for he is still God with a prophet giving u annointed things.

  7. @kitsi. It seems to me both ICASA i and this “prophet” are speaking the same language although they are deliberately trying to misunderstand each other polemically. Both camps, ICASA and Prophet Sanyangore are all campaigning for the effective use of condoms to prevent HIV/Aids. Sanyangore is not encouraging his congregation to desist using condoms on the pretext that they can be “anointed” by his “holy powers” from HIV infection.Anyone who campaigns for the effective use of condoms should be encouraged including those who want to first of all perform some bizarre rituals on the said condoms before they are used. The bottom line is, whether anointed or not, the same condoms are still a scientifically healthy way of HIV prevention.

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  9. What of late has become of these people claiming to nourish us spiritually? They will stop at nothing to make ends meet. At least they require a certain literacy level to offset themselves from self-endorsed debacles such as this. Instead of discouraging pre-marital affairs the pastor advises the people on how to engage in it ‘safely’. Where do you refer to in the bible on the same? Preach holiness and sin, but do not take pastorhood as a source of livelihood. Why take the current socioeconomic desperation currently in the country and tell the people what they would like to hear instead of telling them the bitter truth? Surely we are in the prophesied last days.

  10. Pastor Sanyangore,you can put your `blessing` on the condoms,but you can be certain that God`s blessing is not on them. You can not turn a way of offending God into a way of pleasing Him. Marriage between a man and a woman is honourable,and sex therein is holy\clean\undefiled,meant to be enjoyed[not endured] ,by the two.But whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.The safest way of preventing Hiv\Aids is abstinence ,and total faithfulness to one`s marriage partner.And all pointers loudly inform us that man cannot improve on God`s way of doing things,without messing things up in the process.Do not be deceived,God is not mocked,whatever a man sows,that shall he reap.The world might call it safe sex,but for the unmarried,God calls it fornication. Society may call it extra-marital affair\small house,God calls it adultery. And on these God`s frown and judgement[not blessing] is upon.That`s what a true man of God should be telling `his` congregation and anyone who cares to listen.

  11. During bible days, real prophets of God were men of renown,

    1. Men that got God’s message to the people straight from God Himself and conveyed the message to the people.
    2. These men never pointed people to themselves but to God.
    3. And these men had a true and clear vindication that God had sent them because signs and wonders followed them.
    4.And we also find out that there was only one major prophet at a time..God did not work with multiple prophets simultaneously

    During our times…which I will call the times of the end
    1. We have self proclaimed ‘prophets’ that teach their creeds, dogmas and doctrines in their churches
    2. 99.9999999% of people’s attention is focused towards these ‘prophets’ and 0.000000001% to God
    3. There is no proof whatsoever that God has sent our modern day ‘prophets’. Actually they gather crowds to chase signs and wonders, which is exactly the opposite of what happened in the bible times
    4. The number of ‘prophets’ this day is so very amazing and each and every one of them claims to have been sent by God yet they teach different doctrines.

    I wonder what would have happened if Elijah, Moses, Noah, Paul (not sanyangore), Isiah etc came at the same time……

  12. l think this ‘pastor’ needs deliverance, praying for condoms you do not know how and who is going to use them is like praying for beer so that who ever gets drunk will not engage in violent fights.

  13. condom rakan’hora pamberi pamwari. mwari vanoda vanhu vakavimbana, voroorana, vorovana nyoro after marriage. so i urge this young pastor to pray for nyoro isina chirwere.

  14. Wow great comment there Slim[C. vanombozviziva here??! kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndikudzinomhanyira chirikiriki! loosely translated LOL (where their tummies are struck.. thats where they run to

  15. Religion is the opium of the foolish and gullible. Christianity and Islam being high grade coke. The followers of these religions most of the time stop using their brains and follow hogwash from their priests

  16. These workers from NAC, most of whom were at the ICASA conference are crooks who spent a lot of money in hotels and luxury cars , now that the condomize campaign is being done in the churches they are afraid that their irrelevance will be exposed and they are a bunch of crooks just like he cashbert dube.

  17. Guys musatenderere kumbotsvagana nezvakawanda. Nyaya iripo ndiyoyo kubvira nakubvira, just like all these other pastors this guy is just trying to get a following and grow his church business. All these fake pastors who are fooling people will always come up with a way to deceive gullible people so that their church grows and they make more money. Its all about the money, it always has been and it always will be. Period!

  18. this pastor its not a men of god how can u pray for condoms what for haa??? mbavha inotsvaka mari dzavanhu eish!!!!!

  19. instead of encouraging abstinence to unmarried people,he is encouraging fornication using anointed condoms!
    this so called prophet is contradicting what God say when it comes to fornication,

    one of the fruits of the prophet,

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