Nyamadzawo launches book


INFINITE Leadership Group founder, Simbarashe Nyamadzawo, on Friday night launched his debut motivational book, Faithpreneurship, in Harare.


Speaking at the launch, Nyamadzawo said he wrote the book prayerfully, drawing lessons from encounters he has had with leaders from different walks of life.

He said the wisdom teachings in the book were universal and will work for everyone regardless of their location in the world.

“I wrote the book prayerfully and learnt from everyone, be they a zealot or marketplace person. The wisdom in this book will work for everyone. It will work for someone in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Paris and Manchester,” he said.

Nyamadzawo said the greatest need of the current generation was of leadership and wisdom “What we need more is wisdom, not miracles because some miracles come to compensate for where we lack wisdom,” he said.

“What we need as Zim is the wisdom of God.”

Nyamadzawo said he decided to write the book following a prophecy by Heartfelt International Ministries (HIM) founder, Tavonga Vutabwashe that he was going to be an author.

The motivational speaker said he started off writing in a notebook, as he could not afford a laptop or iPad at the time.

Speaking at the launch, Rabison Shumba, said with the publication of the book, Nyamadzawo had “put a stamp on literary calendar of the world” and was fulfilling the need to tell the Zimbabwean story.


“This book will inspire generations even long after you’re gone,” he said.

“It is made in Zimbabwe but for the world.”

Businessman. Chamu Chiwanza bought the first copy of the book for $100 and pledged a suit for Nyamadzawo.

“When I started making money, I said I’ll not get anything for free. Learn to work for your things. There is a price you pay for living,” he said.

A pastor from HIM — who was representing Vutabwashe — Stanley Muguti, said the book was a reflection of Nyamadzawo’s hunger and “provokes insights into leadership and wisdom”.

“This book will redefine how enterprises are run in the 21st century,” he said.

“Nyamadzawo has proved beyond doubt he is a steward of kingdom information. He shows that success is not donated.”


  1. Well done Simba. The forests would be very, very quiet if only the best birds were left to sing their songs.

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