Mujuru snubs Tsvangirai


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday cut a lone figure as he was flanked by representatives of small parties at the signing of a national electoral reforms agenda after some of the leading opposition leaders failed to turn up.


The poor response to the MDC-T-led lobby will dim chances of a formidable coalition against President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.


Some notable opposition figures that did not turn up for the much-hyped event were former Vice-President Joice Mujuru of the People First project and People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti.

Other absentees were Welshman Ncube (MDC), Elton Mangoma (Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe), Dumiso Dabengwa (Zapu) and Simba Makoni (Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn).

The signing ceremony, held at the Anglican Cathedral in Harare, was only attended by the MDC-T and nearly a dozen smaller and little known opposition parties.

Among the the parties that turned up were Marcellina Chikasha’s African Democratic Party, Transform Zimbabwe, Free Zimbabwe Congress, Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment, Zimbabwe United for Democracy, Zanu Ndonga, Freedom Front Party and Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe.

Organisers of the event claimed other key players could have stayed away because of mistrust in the opposition camp.

Convener of the meeting, Ancelmo Magaya of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny, said he would ensure all parties were represented at the national convergence conference planned for next week.

“I think, by nature, political parties being political parties, don’t trust each other,” he said. “We will make sure an independent person, who is not a leader of any political party, is tasked with ensuring all leaders are here.

“It is very tough because we have postponed (the signing) once or twice. I will make sure this is addressed.”

People First spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo professed ignorance over yesterday’s ceremony, although he said his party was fully behind the call for electoral reforms.

“I thought they had postponed it to a later date. I didn’t know there was something. I will find out tomorrow (today),” he said. “Generally, we are in need of electoral reforms and we want to have a level playing field and we want our people to be involved in electoral processes wherever they will be.”

While one official claimed to have been representing Ncube’s MDC at the top table, the party’s spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said his party was not invited to the function and, therefore, could not gatecrash.

“The MDC was not invited to the MDC-T’s private function and does not have a habit of gatecrashing events that are private. We are a democratic party that takes instructions from the people,” he said.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said they were not invited.

“We were not part of it,” he said. “We were not invited and we were not aware.”

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu downplayed the poor attendance, saying the lobby was still being worked out.

“This is work in progress,” he said. “All opposition political parties in Zimbabwe are being approached regarding the issue of having a common position on the electoral reforms that have to be carried out in the country.

“This has been an extremely good beginning and we are very confident that in the fullness of time, all opposition parties will be coming on board.

“I can confirm that the majority of the opposition political parties were consulted in the drafting of the document.”

Magaya said they should fight for everyone to freely exercise the right to vote freely. He said the fight was to see to it that all eligible citizens exercised their right to vote without the interference of traditional leaders, the army or intelligence officials in the process.


  1. now! now! what is this newsday. who called this meeting.not morgan of course. how can he be snubed? all he did was to support the idea.

    • Mujuru is not a political party leader, neither is her deemed followers. The only thing that is happening is that Mujuru has been made popular by the bold stand she made by refusing the package of ZANU PF and the confession of her errors while a VP. The blue print of the so called manifest is just a piece of paper craftily written with some good idea but still its far less than what has been done by political parties with some members in parliament. Tsvangirai is a brave leader, with such credibility under his belt that is known in Africa and abroad. Presence of Mujuru may have been significant only if Tsvangirai had been there too, the fact that she missed it its not a accident, she is known for not attending gathering where her opinion would be made clear. I guess its a strategy of some sort, however any strategy should have some direction, and in this case we all seem clue less of where she is going, whether to form a party or to rejoin ZANU PF or to join current opposition parties or to be just an ordinary citizen

  2. Rubbish News from RUBBISH Newsday. How can Mujuru said that she snubbed Tsvangirai when she has not yet officially launched her party. Foolish news from foolish editor and reporter @ Daily News.

    • If you differ with the reporter, it does not help to say all sorts of words without even providing a logical counter argument. Let us refrain from such practices because some of these reporters are well educated.

  3. Exciting headline there. So often Herald Headings read the opposite ” Tsvangirai snubs Mujuru” interestingly NewZimbabwe headlines always read something like “Tendai Biti snubs Mujuru”

  4. Opposition parties are comprised of fools.Every wise person now knows that to oppose Zanu PF is futile bravery against overwhelming odds.Muchapwisa mugodini but some things are ethereal eg.Zanu PF’s dominance.Mudhara tinongodzosera muoffice madinga tobva taapa notice.A friendly advice to all those opposition party leaders opposing Zanu revanhu:Dont waste your tym and money campaigning coz this game is the one u wil neva eva win.Muchangoramba muchinz please try again next tym.And let m quote one of the greatest men to ever lived on this earth.Albert Einstein “Insanity is repeating di same thing expecting different results.” unquote.

    • U don’t make sense. Zanupf has rigged elections again and again with hope to turn around the country’s fortunes to no avail. Who is insane now?

  5. Vachiri kushingirireiko comrade Tsvangirai? Nguva yavo yakauya varimu Caribbean neka babes kavo Kaye keku South. Dai vatofunga zvekukumbira tractor vaite zvekurima ma potatoes.

  6. Journalism gone to the dogs ….makungofunga kutengess bepa chete with catchy headline but with story lacking in substance. Shame

  7. In as much as I am a supporter of the newsday, this time round it appears to raise a storm in a cup of tea. How do you expect to do all the foundation work and complete a house in a day? Alledging the impossibility of forming a coalition due to one poorly attended meeting is drawing into urgent conclusion. Forming a coalition in any country is always very difficult due to many conflicting interests which require to be harmonized and a memorandum of understanding to be written down and honoured, something which is no child’s play. As such, the media should not discourage the people by hurriedly ‘factualizing opinions’. Good day.

  8. @Abruzzi and @simba u r ryte , this is poor journalism at best. Therz no story here at all, wasted my time reading it. U ddnt evn check wth mai mujuru to confirm if she really ignored the event. Newsday u r now below standard, SHAME!

  9. Tsvangirai all by himself humiliated Mugabe in 2008 elections such that Mugabe failed to produce the results for a whole month. It must have been a landslide victory for Tsvangirai. Obviously he doesnt really need Mujuru anyhow

  10. There was no “snubbing” here Mr/s Editor.

    Last para:

    “Magaya said they should fight for everyone to freely exercise the right to vote freely. He said the fight was to see to it that all eligible citizens exercised their right to vote without the interference of traditional leaders, the army or intelligence officials in the process.”

    Kuti zvityise kani?

  11. Haa Newsday vakomana. Why should you waste our time. If you have no news today, just say so. This is utter rubbish and just trying to tarnish Tsvangirai’s image at every turn. Daka renyu naMorgan ndereiko nhayi vanhu veNewsday?

    Taneta nemu isu! Digital copy ndiyo chete yandooverenga now!

  12. Today is a dark day for journalism. Poor reporting indeed. Which political party does Mujuru belong to? How did she snub Tsvangirai? Didn’t Rugare Gumbo tell you that the dates were mixed up, and they support the initiative? Where did you learn your journalism? KuCCOSA or under Mahoso?? Shame

  13. I agree that political parties and politicians themselves DO NOT TRUST EACH OTHER and that is a fact which should be acknowledged while we argue and quarrel from all corners.

  14. This reads like a story from THE HERALD! I certainly agree with those saying “shame” on THE NEWSDAY. This utter rubbish…silly newspapers like this will not last!

  15. We do not care about who snubbed who, go for it alone Tsvangirai. MDC-T is the only serious opposition party in Zimbabwe chero ana mujuru,mavambo,biti, dabengwa vakabatana hazvivhundutse masupporter avo vese haatombopfuure eMDC ko vane chii chatinoda kwavari. These other so called political parties should jus admit kani kuti Save ndizvo pasina Save there is no oppsition to talk about. If the other parties were serious why not support such a noble cause.ana biti kuda kuzoita noise mangwana kuti makabirirwa but you do not want to support programmes anpita kuti nyika iende mberi Mukagodoka naSave hamupori. Chinjai maitiro.

  16. Tsvangirai is a brave man, he is going to rule this country, he is a good leader. Vanhu vangadai vakapera kufa dai asina kusaina MoU. Pamberi na VaTsvangirai

  17. I see people are starting to fight each other, and that’s classic politics- ensure that your opponents don’t form alliances, as divided they are easy to manage. The Editorial policy of Newsday has clearly shifted significantly suggesting changes in allegiances, shareholding. The ideological stance of the paper is difficult to ascertain. I would prefer the paper to remain neutral and objective, that will be sustainable in the long run.

  18. laughable, mujuru has no party, no membership, just three or four fellow sidekicks who were chase away from zanu pf, they did not even resign, kudzingwa ngeZanu sure, kunzi hamba iwe, haubatsiri chiro…aiwa, newsday be serious, its like you are saying Buffaloes fc or Whahwa fc snub Manchester uTD OR bARCELONA…hapana nezviripo mai Mujuru enyuwo…

  19. thats nonsense article this paper is a cio agent and must be banned no matter how much money you were given morgan tsvangirai is the only deal in town

  20. i dont blame journalists or anyone for ds matter but kips on askng myself whether ppl stl have dat thing called common sense..
    where did u get dat tsavngirai pic n why post it here cz its irrelevant.mujuru is nt ev quoted nubng tsvangirai as u claim but u go on printing rubbish.from reporter tl editor so no one saw any necesity fo facts verification?
    nway enjoy d rest of yo day

  21. I thought Mujuru still has to launch her party, so most probably she was not there becauseof that reason, while it’s healthy to state facts as they are but here newsday you should have shown your ability to be in touch with events on the ground, whilst you are a great media outlet but be careful not to get into the habit of being unnecessary vindictive .

  22. We know you are Biti’s Supporters, and you are hell bent to destroy Tsvangirai, as a newspaper you show it too openly kutodarika Herald.
    Be balanced.

  23. The absence of Mujuru, Welshman and Biti does not baffle a normal mind because we all know those are Zanu Pf so do you think in any normal situation will Zanu Pf support an idea that is working against its system , think again Mr Reporter, besides as far as I understand Morgan was also invited so he was not snubbed by anybody because he just went there to represent MDC. Can you be objective in your reporting please and again Mujuru is not a party and she has no party except that she is still in Zanu Pf but only operating form outside

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