‘Mugabe will not die anytime soon’

Vice President Kembo Mohadi

State Security minister Kembo Mohadi has said President Robert Mugabe will live for a long time and God will not “take him” until people in Zanu PF are organised.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Mohadi, the guest speaker at the Zanu PF Midlands provincial co-ordinating committee meeting at the weekend, made the remarks after he castigated some ruling party members for fanning factionalism through jostling for top positions.

“There are some today, who are saying (to Mugabe) accept old age and we want to take over,” he said.

“But can you manage? He (Mugabe) will remain there until you are straight and God will not take him because most of you will sell this country back to the whites.”

Mohadi repeated the Zanu PF mantra that Mugabe was the only centre of power in the party, before blasting party hawks, whom he accused of bragging about themselves at the expense of the party.

The Security minister was full of praise for Mugabe, saying despite being 91 years old, he was full of experience and wisdom, which could not be matched by anyone in the party.


“Our leader (Mugabe) has the people at heart and he is one of the poorest leaders in the world because he doesn’t worship material gains like some of you,” Mohadi fumed.

He said corruption was tearing the country apart and urged people to emulate Mugabe.

Zanu PF critics blame Mugabe and his party for the country’s economic decline.

Despite Mohadi claiming Mugabe was poor, critics say the First Family lives a luxurious life, while the majority of Zimbabweans were suffering.

Mohadi also took a swipe at some undisciplined youths within Zanu PF, whom he said lacked respect for their senior leaders.

He said party leaders welcomed criticism as long as it was constructive.

“President Mugabe is the rallying point in the party and all of us will have our time at the right time,” Mohadi said.

Prior to Mohadi’s address, there were skirmishes as party youths booed Labour deputy minister and Zanu PF provincial secretary for administration Tapiwa Matangaidze, accusing him of belonging to the Generation 40 (G40) faction.

The G40 group is believed to be led by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao and is reportedly keen on blocking Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from succeeding Mugabe.

Kasukuwere has persistently rejected the existence of G40, while Moyo says it was a demographic reality.


  1. Ana Muhadi always singing for your supper. Katobaya kamudhara ikaka. Mira uone shasha. Ende Vanhu vanenge imimi ana Muhadhi muchazviona kuti hamusi mahadhi. Kusviba face kudaro.

  2. vhari mini pfedzi vhamsanda, nndiamba vhokhombo mohadi? this man resurrected from the dead when he was flown to south Africa half-dead when HIV had taken better part of him. here are his lifetime achievements:
    seized not less than 10 farms and companies in the matebeleland region since 2000
    has three wives and several concubines
    killed mutonhori on the suspicion that he was having good time with tambudzani
    couldn’t pay a paltry 37,000 to a wrongful dismissed employee only last week

    those that have ears to waste listen to this fool, dhabadhaba in Venda.

  3. Oh my God another prophet? Come on Kembo you don’t have to say that. Please leave God out of this. Who of you’s has time to listen to God when you’re too busy squandering taxpayer’s money and mismanaging the country. Find a better way to say it…..and leave God out of it. By the way Mugabe is not Zimbabwe’s savior, if he was this would have been a better place.

  4. “Our leader (Mugabe) has the people at heart and he is one of the poorest leaders in the world because he doesn’t worship material gains like some of you,” – Ini zii hangu semunhu adzidza zvakawanda gore rino ……….

  5. Zimbabwe will only be better after Mugabe. Zimbabweans have managed to be quiet to save him and his demn followers.

  6. Singing for your supper. You now acknowledge that there is too much corruption ZanuPF, when you were Minister of Home Affairs, how many chefs were arrested on corruption charges? In fact are you not corrupt yourself?

  7. Once upon a time the State House was deemed suitable and adequate residency for Rhodesian Prime Ministers. Enter Robert Mugabe and it was okay for a short while. Then, all of sudden, it was deemed too modest even as the economy was sliding and people were getting poorer. This is the man Mohadi shamelessly claims in not materialistic. What of all those farms and the mansion at the centre of legal wrangles in Hong Kong?

    By the way, Mohadi says the president will not die till the party gets back into shape; where was he when disorder took root?

  8. Shocking, ridiculous & disappointing statements from Mohadi, I used to have some respect for him but now its all gone in 1 swoop

  9. So now we have a new prophet. [Someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God]Perhaps his chocolate smudged face gives away the fact that he is a praise singer and a big time boot licker,

  10. You have sold the country to the Chinese already are they not whites?anyway only god knows when he will die and the time will come whether you like it or not.there will also be a time when zanu pf rule will end and the suffering of zimbabweans will stop

  11. lets not waste time debating issues of death and life. we need productive leaders who can provide political goods.

  12. So, Mohadi is trying to say that God will take the nonagenarian as long as the people in the party are organised. Death is feared by many and if i were the incumbent i would pray for the situation to remain like that, so that my days would multiply. This is what the minister said, ‘as long as there are people who are disorganised, God will not take him’. I believe its bad to wish someone to die becoz its only the almighty who knows the day and the hour.

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  13. Kembo this is an insult to the president watch out. Your message has been understood right! You are saying because Mugabe has created problems for the party and must not go anywhere until he sorted out that mess? Will you allow to rest tomorrow if factionalism in the party has stopped? Tambayi nezvimwe musaisa Mwari pazvinhu zvaSatan pliz.

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