Kasukuwere, Mutsvangwa in verbal fight

War veterans chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa

ZANU PF infighting degenerated to frightening levels yesterday, with the party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa engaging in a bare knuckle verbal fight ahead of the party’s national conference starting in Victoria Falls today.


Speaking to NewsDay soon after addressing a no-holds barred Zanu PF Harare provincial conference, Kasukuwere demanded Mutsvangwa to account for money that allegedly went missing from the State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) during his tenure as director-general.

Kasukuwere had apparently been angered by Mutsvangwa’s decision to back Bulawayo war veterans’ call for the national commissar’s post to be reserved for freedom fighters.

“He [Mutsvangwa] can go to hell. Why is he harassing us? He has no title deeds for the war he always talks of. He must account for the money he stole at ZBC,” he said during his address at a meetingwhere Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko was guest of honour.


“We will respect him if he stops attacking us. We are not his children. We have worked well with other war veterans before like the late Chenjerai Hunzvi and others. Why should he continue attacking us when we know he is pushing for a succession agenda? I don’t think the war veterans will accept the nonsense he is doing. Let us work together for the good of this country.”

Contacted for comment, Mutsvangwa said the ZBC issue was dealt with by a competent court of law, challenging Kasukuwere to stop abusing the “institution of marriage” by dragging the First Family whenever he is cornered.

“We will always respect the institution of marriage and he is confused and conflating the institution of marriage and that of the State,” he shot back.

“Clarity of mind is an issue with him. For a country where everybody went to school after independence, he was late to go to school unfortunately. In that dragnet of education made possible by President [Robert] Mugabe and war veterans, he gets left out.”

Mutsvangwa said Kasukuwere had failed as a commissar, adding that since the latter assumed the commissar’s post, Zanu PF had experienced a yawning ideology gap.

“There is a crying poverty of institutional memory in the commissariat department,” he said.

Meanwhile, Harare provincial commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe said the province had resolved to rename the Harare International Airport after Mugabe.

Mashayamombe said the party also resolved to have the quota system, a move that would see a woman being included in the presidium.

“We also resolved that everyone who is heard saying down with G40 be expelled from the party because it’s fanning factionalism.
We resolved that any party member who castigates the leadership on WhatsApp or social media be disciplined. We also resolved that Harare International Airport be named after Mugabe like in South Africa where they have the OR Tambo International Airport named after the late African National Congress leader Oliver Reginald Tambo,” he said.


  1. War vets are being used to fan factionalism. We all fought the war. Those who went across the borders and us who remained behind fought the war. We cooked for these war vets, some businesses broke down coz we supplied them with food and clothing. Some villagers were killed by the Rhodesian soldiers because they supported these war vets. Besides supplying food and clothing, we the people who didn’t cross to Moza and Zambia supplied them with IMPORTANT INFORMATION. That information is the one which gave us this freedom we all enjoying now. Why should people push for succession when the President is still alive? Who has the date of death of President Mugabe? Muchafa mukamusiya mese murikuda chigaro cha President Mugabe.Only God, the creator of all knows when He will put to rest my President. So these ‘factions’ should stop fighting because the more they fight, the more we pray for long life for the President. I speak good health, long life, prosperity and peace upon His Excellency President Robert Mugabe.

    • Matibili will leave us soon. His days are numbered. He cant walk, reads wrong speech etc. Please bring the wheelbarrow closer….

    • Nowadays his aides first thing in the morning is to go through the obituary pages to see if his name is listed before embarking on their days work.
      Ngwekazi what freedoms are you enjoying since the inception of these mafios to lead Zimbabwe by Lord Soames in 1980.
      As it is in Zimbabwe, everyone faces this fear. It is a fear created by the fear the government itself obviously feels. What is it that the government is in fear of is not very clear, but the fact that the government lives in daily fear cannot be doubted.

      Ministers fear to walk the streets without armed men around them, roads are sealed off, convoys of armed men race through the streets sirens wailing announcing this fear.

  2. Resolutions that do not change the lives of the people will not change the country. Praise singing and directing how people must discuss political issues is the worst form of oppression. What is the G40 and why do people talk about it? Why does Mashayamombe believe that people must not talk about the G40 and that the leadership must not be criticised. With this kind of leadership where can the country go? Why is a group of people that is trying to position itself for an eventual succession of the aging president be an important issue in a country where real bread and butter issues have not been resolved.

    Cde Kasukuwere must stop blackmailing others when he is criticisied. The PC s the engine of the party and the status of the party is a reflection of the calibre of the PC. You cannot have a party that is so indisciplined to the extend that everyone does and says what he wants. That is not the ZANU that we know. Read a few notes from mayor Urimbo to understand the party and stop being defensive. If you agree that the war veterans are the vanguard of the party, then they must be at the centre of that party. What is successionist politics. At your age and having been minister for several years don’t you think that experience could help you if you were to become president one day. The current President has been at the head of the party for almost your age buddie. The country is burning and does not have money to support your lefestyle as minister. Simple minds have fallen to the machinations of the Dailynews which has destroyed the party by insinuating that certain members can lead the party ahead of those at the helm of the party now. If the centre of power is the President and he has chosen his assistants why should those who support him(President) question his wisdom. This party will go down with RG if what is happening is allowed to continue. But who can stop it?

  3. Dai vaMutsvangwa vadziidza kupota vachinyararawo. Kutaurisa maningi. We know he fought in the liberation struggle but he seems intent on personalizing it. Pfuurwaiwo nezvimwe comrade. Chionayi maakutsiurwa nevana vadiki ana Saviour Kasukuwere.

    • Mutsvangwa is right. Tosvikepi takasungirirwa mumakumbo agushungo nemukadzi wake. takudawo sanduko muparty. Why would people stampede to endorse RGM surely and sanely at 91 yrs OLD our dear leader deserves a rest. he trully deserve to take a rest for a job well done. he led chimurenga 2 we won the independence, he empowered us education wise, we are now employable everywhere anywhere anyhow, he empowered us thru land we can now que to sell tobbacco, he initiated indeginisation pliz lets give our leader a round of applause and let him take a rest. he also has a right to sit back relax and enjoy the economy he helped mould. not this abuse we are doing. its really unfair to the concerned family mambers, grossly unfair to him and extremely unfair to the zimbabwean populace. Our beloved dear president deserves a rest

  4. Supplying of information,described in a source, contact, informant-runner relationship did not deliver freedom to Ngwekazi on a silver platter, and that act can not, no matter the bravado. It can only help. Because many defining battles were fought without Ngwekazi’s information. But that does not mean to relegate Ngwekazi’s act of bravery. I am just locating his arguments into the right perspective. My point, lest you fail to pick the import of my argument is simply; vanamukoma were in the thick of things, sacrificing life and limb every other second, they executed the actual war against a sophisticated war machine. Juxtaposed against our megre yet important contributions, our part can never and should never be located on the same pedestal my brother. Lets keep our tongues in check there. We enjoyed our sleep in our houses, thatched however they were, after supplying vanamukoma with data about white soldiers, enjoyed the comfort of our nubial wives doing those unspeakable fleshly acts of the night, pumping out deep groans of satisfaction. Our heroes did not and could not enjoy the bachelorhood in the manner we did. And against this setting, i find Mutsvangwa very spot on. Why should johnie come lately like Kasukuwere, “Mutinda” take a jibe on war vets in the manner he is doing. He could have done better. I have strong reservations on the capacity of that conflated person of Kasukuwere to superintend that department he leads. ZANU PF needs a war driven ideology now than ever. Victoria Falls should act as the defining moment in shaping or in reshaping the succession debate. That agenda can not and should not be driven by Kasukuwere and his cabal. No!!!! War veterans must be left to drive this agenda, they have the ideological direction and discipline. Otherwise the party will be doomed and it will be too ghastly to contemplate.

    • Thanx Sadza Mushumha. Of course I don’t doubt your comments, whilst we all fought the war, yes those who crossed borders showed courage than us who remained inside. But why is it towards Congress these Ministers fight? Last year yange irinyaya ye Gamatox Gore rino its G40. Do you know Zimbabwe is a very peaceful country compared to our brothers in the OAU countries? Think of Boko Haram in Nigeria, the IS in African Arab countries. We hear of suicide bombers, kidnappings and abductions, beheading of Christians by non-Christians but we are blessed we don’t have such things in Zimbabwe. Whoever said Mnangagwa will take over Mugabe? Leaders are chosen by people. I have nothing against Mnangagwa taking over if he is chosen by the people. If Zanu PF is a democratic party, it should not impose a leader for us. They should be elections like what happens in America. Remember Obama and Clinton. We might hate America, but when it comes to elections, they are spot on.

  5. Ok so the G40 is a reality, it exists. The G4o is President Mugabe’s group. This is what VP Mphoko was implying in Masvingo as he was reprimanding Nhari.Today Mashayamombe has said it all. As for Kasukuwere, he should be left one because he is just carrying out instructions by implementing them according to the wishes of those who appointed them. As for my fellow comrade in arms and brother Mutsvangwa he should not talk about war-veterans when he took part in annihilating of Teurai Ropa ( Amai Mujuru) He is the one who taught Kasukuwere to talk ill of Mai Mujuru, sekuru Rugare Gumbo, VaD.Mutasa and many other comrades. He has sold out.He should not try to drag war-veterans into his wars with friends of the Dec 2014 Christmas party.

  6. Ok so the G40 is a reality, it exists. The G4o is President Mugabe’s group. This is what VP Mphoko was implying in Masvingo as he was reprimanding Nhari.Today Mashayamombe has said it all. As for Kasukuwere, he should be left alone because he is just carrying out instructions by implementing them according to the wishes of those who appointed him. As for my fellow comrade in arms and brother Mutsvangwa he should not talk about war-veterans when he took part in annihilating of Teurai Ropa ( Amai Mujuru) He is the one who taught Kasukuwere to talk ill of Mai Mujuru, sekuru Rugare Gumbo, VaD.Mutasa and many other comrades. He has sold out.He should not try to drag war-veterans into his wars with friends of the Dec 2014 Christmas party.

  7. Harare International Airport will remain just that. Vakai imwe kwaZvimba and rename it Robert Mugabe. We foresee it being renamed again after ZANU(PF) is voted out.

  8. Kubva pachigaro hakudi munhu afa vanhuwee. Chiremera chinonyanya kana Baba vedu vakazorora vari vapenyu votamba advisory roll. kwete kuti succession inotaurwa nekuda kuuraya President bodo.

  9. ZPF think they have caught up with what pple want in that EVERYBODY fought the war. This is the strategy that ZPF is going into 2018. They know the numbers game well – war vets 5 to 10% of population / voters, so they know if they appel to “born frees” and denigrate the war vets, then the votes are theirs for the picking.
    Grace intends to go into the presidium, but the “talk” in ZPF was that NO PARTICIPATION IN MOZA OR ZAMBIA, then you can’t rule Zim. So what do we do – denigrate war vets – they are few anyway so why worry. These pple are not “stealing” supporters from MDCs etc.
    Watch this space

  10. Mr. Chris Mutsvangwa. You are double-tounged. In short, you are a sell-out. Yester-year you were busy savaging ex-combatants (JTRM, Gumbo and Mutasa) and today you want to attach value to war veterans? It won’t wash brother – you are stupid. It’s you who devalued war veterans and it’s sad that you head that ministry. We, the war veterans, are very ashamed of you. You should have been more tactical to preserve the dignity of that part of our history. It’s you who sent out the message that “war veterans did nothing during the war”, even to the extent of rubbishing some of the finest moments of our liberators. Kasukuwere is right in picking who to respect and who not to. You are the fool on this one bro. Be careful, very soon we will hear that you never went to the war to want to personalize so much!

  11. MATIBILI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT…….??? doesnt sound right to me……,asi kuti pamwe kuri kumusha kwake kuMalawi??


  13. kasukuwere should completely refrain from ruling ZANU as his bedroom, it is a people’s party therefore, he should also stop divisive structures that he is spearheading now.
    dzikama kasukuwere varimberi kwako ishumba asi dzinyerere

  14. Like in South Africa where there is OR Tambo airport. Why not like in South Africa where a president rules for two terms? Why not like in South Africa where there is democracy? 2018 is fast approaching guys.

  15. It’s utter nonsense for Mutsvangwa to say “In that dragnet of education made possible by President [Robert] Mugabe and war veterans, he gets left out”. Education was not introduced by Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Nobody was ever barred from education in Rhodesia. Children from poor families were given remission on school fees by the white governments. The schools were run by black headmasters. Mutsvangwa himself was given a grant by the Rhodesian government to study at the University of Rhodesia but spurned the offer because he could not stand mixing with white students – inferiority complex. He was petrified of white people. I find it very funny that these confused black politicians brag about education which was brought by whites yet at the same time say colonialism was bad. All first generation black politicians’ education was funded by whites. It’s a lie that blacks only started education in 1980.

    • Musona you can say that again, you did not need to sacrifice a limp for your child to go to school now they are putting as many potholes on the road to education for our kids. My worry is they are all bootlicking Mugabe, still to hear someone who says what is wrong if I aspire to be a President. Yes there is no vacancy but you cannot stop preparing because the vacancy will soon be there.

  16. Not only should the airport be re-named to Mugabe International Airport but the country must also be re-named Mugabe instead of the meaningless anglicised Zimbabwe. The University must also be re-named Mugabe University. Borrowdale must be re-named Mugabe suburb. The National Stadium must be re-named Mugabe National Stadium. This is all in honour of the man who invented the fresh air that we now breathe which we were denied by the white regimes. I cannot be left behind in the fawning contest.

  17. Mugabe has overstayed and this is the result. Now anybody who picks a fight says he is doing it for Mugabe. Kasukuwere seems to be laying his life for Mugabe so is this shoko totemed Mashayamombe, so is Mphoko, so is Mutsvangwa wacho futi so you start asking who is against and who is for Mugabe, which is a dangerous situation is the money was to kick the bucket now.

  18. I enjoy your sober and mature arguments Ngwekazi. Quite refreshing indeed in the midst of confused buffoons like Musona. The man’s arguments stings like pupu, he never relents to show case his askari, this son of a beach. The white man must have done wonders to his rectum, this man who does not shy away from revealing his gay pride decorations. Gentle readers, Musona ingochani iyi, he is unremittingly in hand for the defense of his husbands, this son of Musona. Its difficult to deal with an individual who does not seem to understand the binary between masculinity and femininity. You can not spar with a vapid triumvirate, a cant, a non such, an academic nonentity.
    But that was just an aside. Ngwekazi, this is for you. I agree with you, Zanu PF must stop this madness of being in a sustained political mode. The fights are perennial and the country does not deserve this. Rome should know its greatness and the earlier Rome mobilizes its greatness for the good of the country the better for everyone. But i guess it is a sign of the times, but never a sign of a crumbling edifice. That only happens in ideologically bankrupt parties like the MDCs whose fractious numbers i have lost count. You do not miss the penchant by bloggers here to see developments in Zanu PF as indicative of a party in the intensive care unit. I don’t see that, in fact i it from a different pedestal. It is a sign of a robust debate whose result is to invigorate the party. Kasukuwere will be shown gwara remusangano and he will tore the line. Such is the maturity in Zanu PF, once disciplined, you do not go in the wilderness to create a different project. It is cold out there. Zanu PF is not going anywhere, believe me you, whether parroting Musona likes it or not. It is the party for posterity. Zanu PF will reform at its own material time, in a manner that will never sale-out its founding ethos, the ethos that we the brave generation sacrificed a lot.

  19. Honestly speaking Mutsvangwa is a known thief, he supplied useless cars from China to a state security organisation at double the price, and besides the ZBC, HE HAS LOT OF OTHER SHABBY DEALINGS, HIS SON ALSO INVOLVED. He talks of G40 as if it exists, and yet imbavha yekumbare yava Minister. too AMBITIOUS FOR NOTHING. Kasukuwere is right. Mutsvangwa behaves as if he fought the war better than any surviving cadres, remember him attacking mai mujuru, and now he wants to be a super freedom fighter, idiot.

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