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Guti warns against sacrificing the gospel for money


ZIMBABWE Assemblies Of God Africa (ZAOGA) leader Ezekiel Guti has warned the church against dedicating much of its time to preaching the gospel of prosperity at the expense of congregates’ salvation.


Addressing his followers last Sunday at the church’s training institution for pastors, the Africa Multinational for Christ Colleges (AMFCC), Guti warned against sacrificing the gospel for prosperity.

He advised church leaders to share the gospel of the Kingdom of God with the poor, as it had the ability to transform people’s lives.

“Pastors, don’t talk too much about money, but rather, talk more about the Kingdom of God. Don’t talk too much about money because this is now chasing people away from church,” he said.


He queried where the preachers expected poor congregates to get the money before they are taught the gospel, which gives them the ability to move out of poverty.

Guti encouraged people to remain positive regardless of the prevailing situation and to work hard as they brace for an uncertain future.

“Have faith, speak the Kingdom of God and eat the word of God everyday. Believe it, talk about it and exercise it and then you will see the results,” he said.

“When we are full of the word, money will just follow and miracles will just happen. If you have faith, things will be easy for you.”

He challenged people to go to school and pursue their studies in order to improve their lives.

“We encourage people, especially those who are studying, to aspire for the Master’s Degree level, but, however, what makes you rich is being in the Kingdom of God,” he said.

The energetic 92-year-old clergyman, who leads a 55-year-old ministry, which has established self-administering indigenous churches in every continent, said he “ate the word of God” and that was the secret to his longevity.

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