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Great Kali back at work


Normalcy returned to the Warriors camp, after coach Kalisto Pasuwa accepted an apology from Zifa and immediately returned to work on the promise that he will sign a contract before the end of the month.

By Kevin Mapasure

Zifa and Pasuwa’s camp reached common ground in a meeting yesterday, where they ironed out issues that derailed the Chan finals bound team’s preparations, after the coach was fired.

The football mother body axed Pasuwa after accusing him of engaging in shady team selection deals last week, but after a
public outcry, Zifa backed down and reinstated him after the coach demanded a contract and an apology.

Pasuwa met with Zifa board member, Edzai Kasinauyo, team manager, Shariff Mussa and technical director, Takaendesa Jongwe at the association’s headquarters yesterday.

From left: Shariff Mussa, Kalisto Pasuwa and Edzai Kasinauyo
From left: Shariff Mussa, Kalisto Pasuwa and Edzai Kasinauyo

After the meeting, they addressed a Press conference, where Pasuwa expressed his delight at returning to the Warriors fold.
“I am happy to be back, I am ready to serve the nation and especially after the support I received from the fans, I feel I have to give them something back,” he said.

“What is important is that we have managed to talk, they have apologised so it’s time to move on.”

Pasuwa said they had agreed he would get a contract before the end of the month.

His manager, Gibson Mahachi said that they were happy with the arrangements.

“We are moving on. They have apologised and the coach has accepted it, we have agreed that he should have signed his contract by December 31 and we are working on that and there is some movement,” he said.

“They are already making arrangements on the players returning to camp, they have lost a lot of time.”

Kasinauyo said that the association had learnt from the debacle and that would help them resolve issues better in future.

“What is important for everyone at the moment is that we have managed to talk and that has helped us,” he said.

“We learn from past mistakes and I think in future we need to sit down and talk when we have problems. We are now working on a contract for the coach, it’s important that we come up with something that is satisfactory to both parties.

“But the good thing is that in the meantime, we are running around trying to contact players so that they can return and we resume preparations.”
Mussa said they had already started contacting players, but they could face challenges, as some of them had already travelled for the Christmas holidays.

“Hopefully in a day or two we will have gathered everyone and then we resume preparations, but some of them might have travelled, but hopefully we can start soon,” he said.

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