DeMbare threaten PSL pullout


DYNAMOS have threatened to pull out of the Premier Soccer League (PSL), accusing the league management of selectively applying the law following four-match bans handed to strikers Takesure Chinyama and Roderick Mutuma.


With just a day before the trip to Bulawayo, the Easycall Cup semi-final against Highlanders at Barbourfields at the weekend, hangs in the balance.


Club chairman Keni Mubaiwa yesterday said the law was being applied selectively by the PSL, whose chairman, Twine Phiri, is one of Caps United directors.

Mubaiwa said they had continually thrashed their rivals (Caps United) on the field and the Green Machine was now “fighting them from the boardroom”.

“We have beaten Caps United on the field of play and now Caps United are fighting their wars in the boardroom. The PSL is applying the law selectively,” he said. “The playing field is uneven and we have concluded that they don’t want us in the league altogether. So we are going to pull out of the league and form our own. Dynamos are a big club with a huge following and it will not be a problem for us.”

Phiri spent the better part of the day yesterday trying in vain to meet with the Dynamos leadership in a bid to resolve the matter.

The meeting was eventually scheduled for today.

Dynamos secretary, Webster Chikengezha said they would withdraw from the Easycall Cup semis if the playing field remained uneven.

He said it was not about the sponsors, NetOne, but the PSL management.

Chikengezha said when they realised that Philani Ncube was the referee for the Chibuku Super Cup final against Harare City, they told the match commissioner that they were playing under protest because “Ncube doesn’t like Dynamos”.

Chinyama and Mutuma were banned for four matches over violent conduct after the match against Harare City in October.

On top of the ban, a PSL disciplinary committee ruled that the pair should pay a $1 000 fine each.

The players were found guilty of charging at Ncube in a violent manner after their 2-1 loss to Harare City.

Mutuma was said to be the more vocal and in the process abused the referee, making references to the reasons why Zimbabwean match officials were fired from Cosafa.

Everything was captured on video and, according to the judgment, it clearly showed the two “charging” towards the referee.

The disciplinary committee, chaired by Vusi Vuma, said in arriving at the sentence, they took into account that there was need to ensure players did not act on their emotions.

“In arriving at the appropriate sentence, we have taken into account the fact that there is need to ensure that players are deterred from acting on their emotions,” read part of the judgment.

“The behaviour displayed on the video is quite threatening — someone charging at the referee in that manner can only lead one to think that they may act on their emotions and possibly assault the official. A threat of violence is indeed violence. There is need, therefore, to send a very strong message to deter like-minded people.”


  1. Vusa continue sending that sms. We at Dembare are pulling out and your world will crumble around you. It is a known fact that Dembare has a good number of followers. It will no longer will be football at psl

  2. That’s a joke of the year for Dembare to even think of pulling out of the PsI .personally I think by doing sowould be a big relief to other Psl clubs who have been suffering unfair match outcomes in favour of Dembare. Remember football is a sport and therefore sportsmanship behaviour is expected all the times. A good example is when Highlanders lost to Dembare earlier on during the current Psl. The disallowed goal was a genuine goal but the assistant referee flagged for an offside or whatever and the decision stood, and it was 3 easy points for Dembare. Did Mubaiwa condemn the referee? The answer is a clear no and he went even to the extent of castigating the referees’ appeal commit of banning the incompetent referee, now he is at it again.How did Dembare win their easycall 1/4 final match against How mine, was that a legitimate penalty?
    Come on mr Mubaiwa, other clubs have been complaining about poor referring standards but because Dembare has been the most beneficial you gave it thumbs up. It’s good for you to feel the same pain.

    • I have to differ strongly with you Mangena no matter how logical you may put your arguments across. You are adult enough to see that Mr X deeply hates you and when you see that ndiye ari panyanga what do you do? Yes, we are aware that we cannot give that leeway for every club to kind of select referees, but when one has indicated to be a declared enemy, again what will you do. Now let us say the referee was forced down the DeMbare throat as a strategy to fine them knowing fully well that for the 90 minutes, the same referee will have created a situation which will result in disciplinary issues (which is what eventually happened), again what would you say? As ordinary citizens, if you and I meet Mangena, I can create a situation where you will end up beating me knowing fully well that I have a police colleague near me and when you discover that again what will you say?

    • Dembare through Chinyama also scored a clear goal when playing away to tsholotsho in BF and it was disallowed. The game ended in a 1 all stale mate but in actual fact dembare should have won 1 2. People didnt say anything about that but busy refering to a highlanders

  3. Budai tione so u think by threatening to pull out then bhora rafa hahahaha tibvirwe.So u wanted him to like dembare like that one who refereed those games u played against bosso

  4. This is disgusting!! All the time Dynamos players are disciplined for misbehavior, or they have a match pending against Highlanders at Barbourfields they engage in emotional blackmail of the entire football fraternity, and the cower to their tune.

    Please stop this nonsense!!!!

  5. This is the only way to go, PSL can not fight in the boardroom, let’s just pull out, selectively applying the rules is not fair at all, 100% support @Kenny Mubaiwa

    • Silly Dynamos, indeed! They pull out and go and play where? Dynamos leadership is disgustingly arrogant and bullish. I don’t think Zim soccer ios about Dynamos. They can pull out. No one will cry, except their supporters who will miss them. We can’t be held at ransom by a club that relies on “bygone” performances.

  6. Go! Hamba! Do you think if you pull out soccer in Zimbabwe will die? Never! Pliz, do it immediately, becoz you are a problem. We have plenty of clubs in Zimbabwe and if you can’t stand the heat better get out of the kitchen. WHO CARES, GO!

  7. The guy should contest PSL post rather than blame Twine Phiri. I believe everyone at Dynamos from officials, players and down to ‘supporters’ do not have discipline. Imagine the chairman of a club inciting players like that. Shame.

  8. we can start a pararell league zvinobvumidzwa izvozvo. we have 4 division in lower league so we can have two supper leagues fully registered futi. twine piri agarisa

  9. you can go ahead and form your own corrupt and lawlessness league where you will be referres and administrators and you remain league champions and cup kings till Jesus COMES KKKKKKKK

  10. Dynamos players did wrong but there is no denying that there is a sinister motive behind the sanctions. The laws must be applied fairly. Dynamos is simply saying if the rules are good, apply them across the board. Just that. Zvinonetsei kuti maplayers eBosso aita musarinya opanishiwa, eDeMbare akaitawo oitwa the same thing. Why should it always be DeMbare at crucial moments of the year?

    And remember that DeMbare is a big brand in spite of the small noises caused by supporters of “tiny”, nay minute teams. It’s surprising that some don’t know that without DeMbare there is no league soccer in Zimbabwe in this day and age. It’s either you are pretending to be soccer-ignorant or you have a serious emotional problem. We know you are neither! Kkkkkk.

  11. While I am a DeMbare supporter, I do not subscribe to the idea of pulling out. De Mbare are fighters who should not give up easily like a baby. However, I have to make an appeal to the Ministry to put more focus on developing our referees to graduate from being supporters to being professionals. We have the likes of vana Felix Tangawarima et al. Can we not train the current crop of referees to that level because we end only complaining of some members of our police force being corrupt while neglecting the the same from our refereeing fraternity. It is the way the referee conducts the whole match for 90 minutes which can be catastrophic especially if you see the level of interest and attendance in Europe and this only means that any funny error, lives may be lost. I also do not support hooligan behavior by our players while I pray for our referees to try and be professional.

  12. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah….Thats the most irrational thing that I have heard so far this year. If they decide to pull out of the league, well let them do but i have a few things to notify the chairman or whoever is behind the half though idea and who is emotions rather than brains to think

    1. Football was there even before the name Dembare was even coined around 1860’s and it have stood the test of time since then

    2. Without the few handpicks that they pick as gate entrance fees of whatever, the club is almost NON-EXISTANCE

    3. The premier league itself is not built or was not built around one team but rather a bunch of competitive teams

    4.There are more than 4 divisions which have approximately 20 teams in each division that are waiting for that particular day when the league will became vacant of a slot.Thus the league will not die just because one team have decided to pull out

    5.Dynamos as a club is not about the name being”Dynamos” but rather the people..Thus pulling out of the league is not so wise to do considering that Dynamos has peoplw who needs to survive and families to feed

    6.Decisions that are made based on emotions and temporary feelings are not that much rational at most times.So why dont you guys blend your emotions with thinking

  13. Dembare must learn to play to rules of the game.The fact that one guy murdered and was not caught does not make murder any good.Do not bring the game into disrepute. Many decisions have been passed by referees in favor of Dynamos against small teams and the same Mubayiwa/Chikengezha never complained.It was an open secret that referee Chapfika was a Dynamos fan but was let to handle Dynamos matches with glaring favoritism .There are channels to be followed when aggrieved. Twine Phiri was never part of the disciplinary team neither did he coerce your players to be unruly.Please Dynamos executives do not condone such behavior in our beautiful family game.Only yesterday we were all against Highlanders supporters for the unruly behavior now you condone it because its done by Dynamos.Stop this big brother attitude for there is no Dynamos without other teams.Even Real Madrid and Barcelona (bigger teams )respect rules of the game”.Pull out” ,who do you play against,,,,,,????.

  14. Dembare can go to hell they are a problem. Let them pull out of the psl and see if the game is going to die

    • We the true supporters expect the best brains in all football decisions,and need rationale decisions all the time. If Dynamos are concerned of pulling out, they should do so with immediate effect to circumvent all the unnecessary confusion, who does not know that the club has been winning dubious games against other teams? Those of corrupted minds will stand and support such a dubious club that fails to instil a sense of discipline along the designed and stipulated rules of the game. The club wants its referees, confused chairpersons, unruly players, pompous supporters, idiotic views, unfair decisions, corrupt rules,etc. The sooner we miss this painful episode the better,we expect better brains at this club and enjoy good soccer governed by international rules as stipulated by rationale administrative structures. We are really tired of bullish decisions, the sooner we miss them the better, we wont miss you.

  15. I remember two or so seasons ago dynamos was literally handed the psl championship after points they had been docked of earlier on in the season were reinstated through the back door. Dd Highlanders who were the biggest losers in this threaten to pull out of the league?? Infact mubaiwa should be howled before the disciplinary committee. Who is he to say we played under protest because a ref they dd not want had been appointed. U say that in countries where the game is run professionally u sure to find yourself in hot soup. Ask sir alex fergusen

  16. I think it would be cheaper for NetOne for they would end up paying less money. Highlanders would benefit money for getting into the final and then play the final.
    what does the rules of the netone cup say. let us as a nation align our rules for tournaments to those of other leagues like the la liga, English premier league etc.

    our refs have not been participating in most international competitions because their actions were tantamount to be bring the game of football into disrepute, so I believe. our refs should work hard to improve. why are they not getting these assignments.

    it is every team’s right to withdraw if they feel aggrieved. this would assist in standards improving. no game should be played under protest

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