Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer released


THE countdown to the biggest cinematic showdown in history has reached fever pitch, as Warner Brothers released a new trailer last week from next year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set for release on March 25.


The movie pits Batman against Superman and a reconciliation of the two heroes when they are faced with an even bigger threat they must face together. Batman (Bruce Wayne) is played by Hollywood actor Ben Affleck and Superman (Clark Kent) is played by Henry Cavill.

The trailer opens with fictional billionaire Wayne  arriving at what appears to be a gala and meets Kent. It’s obvious that both do not know who the other is and the meeting sets up an ideological conflict.

While Kent tries to argue against Batman’s tactics, the latter raises scepticism over Superman’s true intentions.

Ultimately in a battle of words, Wayne gets in the final punch line when he said “maybe it is the Gotham City in me, I have a bad history with freaks dressed as a clown,” targeted at Superman with a double reference to Joker, Batman’s fictional arch nemesis.


The trailer established that, although the two heroes will go at each other, the real battle is ultimately of ideology. In the different clips throughout the movie, the differences in the two heroes’ tactics are shown, with Superman saving people through hope while Batman saves people by instilling fear.

Batman uses his heaviest arsenal against Superman while the latter refrains from using his full power. In one part that has Superman walking over to a seemingly beaten Batman, he says “stay down. If I wanted it, you would be dead”.

However, Batman’s resilience is clear as he says, “Its time you learn what it means to be a man”.

The end of the trailer shows the final image of Batman about to be taken out when Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) played by Hollywood actress, Gal Gadot, comes to his rescue.

The best part is when Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman stand together in what is definitely the most iconic image of the trailer ready to face the monster together.