Africa Praise carving own niche


GOSPEL music outfit, Africa Praise – moulded along similar lines with the top Zim Praise Choir – has caused a sensation with its powerful, rhythmic and soul-searching music.


The choir, a brainchild of Victory Power International Ministries leader, Believe Paradise, was established a year ago and its membership has grown from 80 to 150.

To bring a touch of experience into their music, the Chitungwiza-based group has roped in veterans such as Lawrence Haisa and Takesure Zamar. To help fine tune their brand, with voice training, the group has also sought the services of celebrated producer, MacDonald “Mac Dee” Chidavaenzi.

Africa Praise

“The main objective of the group is to groom people around Chitungwiza, who are talented but have never been given an opportunity to express what they have,” Paradise said.

“We are uniting as Africa Praise so people will hear our voices through gospel music and the main thing is winning souls, so if we don’t give them a chance they will go outside and sing things that are not godly.”

He said after their first recording as a group, the singers will be given an opportunity to do solo projects.

Preparations for the album recording are now at an advanced stage, following the release of two singles. The albums are set for release in February 2016.