Zanu PF youths trade blows

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VIOLENCE erupted in Highfield yesterday as Zanu PF youths traded blows during a restructuring exercise over the criteria to use in voting for party district executives.


The restructuring is in preparation for the party’s Victoria Falls conference next month and comes amid serious infighting between factions tussling to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

NewsDay visited Highfield, where witnesses said violence erupted after sharp differences over the criteria to be used to vote for the youth leadership in the district and several people were caught up in the fracas.

The situation had returned to normal at a local community hall, but the atmosphere was tense, with eyewitnesses narrating how they dodged stones and several objects that were being thrown from all directions by the fighting party youths.

charity charamba

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not immediately confirm the violence, saying she would check on it.

Highfield West MP Psychology Maziwisa was not available for comment, as his mobile phone was unreachable.

Harare provincial commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe was also not available to comment on the skirmishes, while national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was not answering his mobile number.

Witnesses said skirmishes started on Monday evening, forcing the adjournment of the restructuring exercise.

The process resumed yesterday, but officials failed to agree on modalities before the fights broke out.

“They were throwing stones and all sorts of objects at each other,” a witness said.

“We only heard that some wanted to use a book with names of party supporters, while others questioned that and wanted everyone present to vote, hence the violence. One of the troublemakers was taken to the police.

“The stones hit our houses and some cars as the fights turned nasty.”

Several onlookers watched from a safe distance as the elections proceeded.

Last week, Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere reportedly witnessed violent clashes as ruling party supporters fought during a restructuring exercise in Kadoma. Several party members were reportedly injured and rushed to Kadoma General Hospital.

Zanu PF officials are divided along factional lines, with one group allegedly loyal to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the other to First Lady Grace Mugabe.


  1. let the slaughter each other. meanwhile the country is burning. Zanupf will go to the grave with Mugabe. Mark my words. unfortunately the opposition is not taking advantage of this chaos. They are also very greed people like those in Zanu pf. In my life I will not support any part because politicians are the same only thinking about themselves. God forbid.

  2. Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not immediately confirm the violence, saying she would check on it.

  3. A true reflection of empty vessel.Hapana chinozivikanwa apa kunze kwe violence.zanu pf is a very good example of total failure

  4. What else can they do except fighting.. Also people are not coming out in the open, does this mean the president is ignorant of all these in fights? Why doesn’t he reprimand? Does he like this.? Analysts where are you guys? Channel these things rightly please.. People are hurting each other, we still have 1 and a half years to go for elections. i am just imagining how it will be by then, real time????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. if they can fight themselves now what will they do to opposition supporters in 2018 ????.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. i’m foreseeing bloodshed come 2018.,.,.,.,.,.

  6. Why do they always resort to fighting. The enemy here is zanu pf which they are loyal to. No oder no peace no future what type of a movement is that? May God bless my beautfull country by taking away zanu

  7. On zanupf violence Chariy is never briefed on MDC violence she is immediately informed, that is a national police spokesman for you, I think she is a zanupf apologist.

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