Zanu PF won’t listen to MDC-T: Mnangagwa


Zanu PF has vowed to continue pressing ahead with its programmes regardless of protests by the opposition MDC-T Members of Parliament concerning alleged violations of the Constitution.


Speaking in Mataga last week, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa said First Lady Grace Mugabe would continue handing over government-sourced farming equipment at party rallies despite protests by parliamentarians.

“They asked me why [Grace] was donating government equipment when she was not part of government, but I vexed them with English and told them that there is a difference between donating and handing over and they sat down with tails tucked,” he said.

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The VP said the MDC-T, whose numbers had dwindled in Parliament, could continue making noise in the august House, but that would not stop the “Zanu PF train”.

“They can continue complaining and talking, but Zanu PF will not be stopped. We will continue to rule and rule and rule,” he said.

Mnangagwa’s statements came just after Grace had handed over four tractors, plough shears, planters and an assortment of foodstuffs to villagers in Mataga.

The tractors are part of a government-to-government loan agreement between Zimbabwe and Brazil.

The VP seemed to endorse the First Lady’s call that MDC-T president, Morgan Tsvangirai should never be allowed to rule Zimbabwe.

“He asked white people to put Zimbabwe under sanctions and asked them to remove the sanctions only when he gets into power, but he won’t get into power. How will he get into power, in which year and who would have allowed him to get that power? This country came through the blood of our ancestors . . . the bones of Mbuya Nehanda will rise again, it will never happen for him to rule Zimbabwe,” Grace said.

The First Lady also attacked former Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, saying he was a sell out even during the liberation struggle.

She said he was busy circulating messages in Mberengwa promoting a yet-to-be-formed political party, People First, which is expected to be led by fired Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

She called on the people of Mberengwa, were Gumbo hails from, to throw the party out of their space if they wanted development.


  1. This arrogant stance of not listening is what has brought about this economic mess. Fiscal indiscipline will not turn around this economy. Borrowing to finance consumption is not wise becoz u are not creating wealth to repay the debt. In 2007 the same people were told printing money excessively is inflationary. They never listened and as a result they created 500 million % per annum hyperinflation and destroyed the Zimbabwe dollar. With the same attitude of not listening they will never learn from the past and history will repeat itself. Wait and see.

  2. No investor in his right mind will invest in a lawless can the tax payers fund Grace ‘s campaigns its real unfair.

  3. brazil has sold the people of zimbabwe just like what china russia etc have been doing, . brazil will pay for this. this is a country which GOD loves. Watch this space. they grace and zanu will pay for this. ignore this at your own risk

  4. The words from the country’s supposed future president are a real cause for concern. Zimbabweans should be worried, very very worried. Nothing gives hope here.

  5. We don’t have any problem with you doing whatever you want with the tractors for as long as you do not expect us the ordinary tax payers to pay back the loan like you did with the reserve bank debt. Iyi ndoo inonzi nguva yenyu saka do as you please.

  6. Given the fact that this statement is being appropriated to one who is alleged to be the president in waiting this is a DISASTER…It is even made worse on the heels of the 1.3 billion which was written off to support people who stole the funds to buy houses in the suburbs in the pretext that they were using the funds for farming. In any case how do those who paid back their loans through blood, sweat and tears feel about this bonus to the lazy thieves? The VP could have benefited to the cliche: silence is golden…

  7. God will make a way. after mdc t has done its share to put some sense into zanu, there will be withdrawn and suddenly enter THE ALMIGHTY. Zanu is playing round with the grace GOD in heaven is giving them. Mdc is in parliment for them to see GOD’s grace about the cries of the people of zim. Dont be like pharoah, zanu.Remember GOD does not come in person in people’s situations but uses people. in most cases when HE does so we always be little HIM and that is why 2000 years ago when HE did so we even went ahead and killed HIM. poor zanu

  8. The problem with ED is that he is obssesed with ruling as opposed to governing in a constitutional democracy. If the opposition talks sense and the truth he will not listen becos its the opposition saying so. He should learn to listen to ideas and not persons. If the opposition tells govt to stop digging in the public interest then govt should stop it if it is a govt for the people and by the people. Listen….listen for your own good!

  9. Mnangagwa is a Zambian hence does not care about Zimbabweans. Tsvangirai and rest of Zimbabweans are suffering because we are under the rule of foreigners. I also feel sorry for Mnangagwa because he is not going to make it in ZanuPF.

  10. then from there you will go globe trotting like a chimpanzee holding a kamikaze vase looking for aid from countries that value the rule of law? anyone who votes these monkeys in 2018 should rather hang themselves before the elections because the only direction that they will take the country is down!!!

  11. I have never trusted this monkey called Ngwena and now he has just proved why he can not be trusted. It will be suicidal to have this monkey as President.

  12. Quite a pity, Zimbabweans, us a literate people have sunk so low to write gratuitous comments, very dull and shallow in depth, us the learned, us reknowned for eating books. Oh !! Goodness me. I challenge oga moderators to scrutinize our comments, determine what value they would bring to valued gentle readers. There is nothing by way of value, nothing by way of contributing to the current political and economic besetting this our house stones. Peter, Gibz and the whole cabal what are you talking about. Who is investing here, is it the Brazilian or Russian? I am flummoxed by you sheer ignorance about topical issues in the country. Matters you parrot as if you know. Apparently you don’t. I challenge you to do better next time. The tractors in question are coming as a result of a government-to -government agreement between Brazil, Russia and Zimbabwe. It is part of a deliberate effort by the Zimbabwean government to retool and retrofit the agricultural sector. IT is a wider plan for the Agrarian reform, termed Agricultural mechanization. Now, where is the problem if a government capacitate its farmers?. Is it therefore not the case of empty vessels making the most noise?

    • Sadzashumba, So the government wants to “retool and retrofit the agricultural sector” by importing tractors from Brazil and Russia?

      In case you don’t know, tractors used to be made in Harare in the Heavy Industrial Sites. What happened? Tell me, oh wise, intelligent one.

  13. Having zanupf as our liberators from colonialism was the greatest disaster to befall this land, now we are even more oppressed & miserable than ever

  14. hapana these tractors are being politicised why didnt they give them for farmers to prepare the land. in 2013-2014 it was a landslide victory, 2015-2016 factional battles. Build the economy and stop politicising the economy you morons.

  15. who in his normal senses would listen to this political midget (ngwena). I will not lose sleep over his stupid remarks that zanu will rule and rule as if the destiny of this country is in his hands. History has taught us of men who behaved and spoke like this idiot but in due time GOD proved them wrong. Go on ngwena and expose how stupid you are to the rest of the world. No one needs you

  16. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe used to produce tractors, of whiich 60 percent of the components were home made, at Farmec in the Heavy Industrial Area of Salisbury/Harare. This gave hundreds of people jobs and the means to send their children to school, pay rent, help relatives in town and in the rural areas, and put food on the table for their relatives.

    Now the tractors have to be imported all the way from Brazil and given as bribes to desperate villagers, impoverished by the bankrupt, corrupt policies of the ZANU PF regime.

    Impressive progress from the “annointed one” and his goons, indeed.

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  18. Grace you are a disgrace zveshuwa. You talk about Zimbabwe like you own it. Urimbwa iwe Grace. You are not the first are Mugabe prostitute.

  19. lets engage in mental sparring. This fora is not there for intellectual midgets to throw tantrums with out adding value to gentle readers, whom we owe much. Tell gentle readers why handing over of agricultural equipment become a political gimmick? To whom does this enormous responsibility fall? Is it not on the shoulders of those who rule? You may not like it, but Zanu PF is the thing in town. Like what lacoste said, they rule, will rule today, tomorrow and the day to come. Challenge them in that closure we call voting both, express your frustrations there. But for now and forever, you shall be ruled.
    To Chipwarara, whatever your name is, Zanu Pf is a party of history, your liberator and it is there to stay. If anything you better warm up to its durability. If it is a pain, then be rest assured that it will never subside, not matter what pain killer you take.

  20. Chibande Mhokore what is the sense of your question? What is the basis of your argument? Reread my piece and you realize that your questions are hopeless, misdirected and lacks intellectual stamina. Your ilks here are questioning the rationale of distributing agriculture equipment at rallies by the First Lady, something you reckon to be highly politically obnoxious.I the son of Mushumha says it is the responsibility of the government, whether you like it or not is you own vexecious problem, to serve its people. Where is the issue of closure of companies that once upon a time manufactured tractors in the heavy industrial areas coming from? Do you know after all about that matter you are broaching?. Stop tattooing ideas. It beats me when penny writers claims little found knowledge, thwart it on innocent gentle readers with a view to warp their appreciation of affairs. Mhokore, you man of puny knowledge, disabuse yourself by beginning to look at issues from a perspective. Then, would we venerate you as belonging to a rare breed of penny writers.

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