Zanu PF targets Magaya, Makandiwa

ZANU PF has set its eyes on Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya and United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa for funding to raise the $3 million required for its December conference.

by Everson Mushava/Xolisani Ncube


The annual Zanu PF conference will be held in the resort town of Victoria Falls from December 7 to 13.

NewsDay is reliably informed that Zanu PF, after failing to find takers for its extravagantly-priced tables at a fundraising dinner to be held in Harare tomorrow night, has turned its eyes on the two churches for funding.

“They [Zanu PF] approached churches, including PHD and UFIC, asking for funding,” an official, who refused to be named, said.

“The party is struggling to raise funds for the conference. Very few tables have been bought. Most companies are hard-pressed and they are failing to pay for the tables, particularly the platinum ones, because of the economic situation prevailing in the country. Ads

“The party is fighting hard to ensure State-owned companies fork out more so that the budget can be met.”

Tables at the fundraising dinner range from $10 000 for bronze to $100 000 for platinum and the guests will be addressed by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa said he was not aware of the development, while PHD spokesperson Admire Mango could not be reached for comment yesterday.

But reliable sources insisted the two churches, arguably the largest in the country, have been approached for funding, as Zanu PF scrounged for money to cater for the over 6 000 delegates expected to attend the annual shindig.

Zanu PF secretary for finance Obert Mpofu somewhat confirmed that the ruling party had indeed approached the charismatic preachers in its fundraising drive.

“Churches form part of the public we have been working with. We have approached all the stakeholders of Zanu PF, people have been forthcoming,” he said.

“Most of the tables at the dinner dance are almost taken and we are receiving an overwhelming response from the public.

“It’s very encouraging to have such a response given the situation. People are willing to sacrifice for the party and they are giving all they have towards this conference.”

Mpofu said any funds raised from its latest drive would add to what the party hoped to raise at the dinner gala.

Zanu PF has always been accused of coercing companies, including financially-troubled parastatals, to contribute towards its functions.

Several companies were allegedly compelled to fund First Lady Grace Mugabe’s 50th birthday in July.

This came a few months after most of them had contributed towards President Robert Mugabe’s 91st birthday celebrations.

Last year, a group of white farmers, calling themselves The Team, was allegedly forced to bankroll the First Lady’s rallies that took place soon after her appointment to lead the party’s women’s league.

Businessman Phillip Chiyangwa revealed that Grace’s political meetings were being funded by the private sector.


  1. These two steal from gullible followers. They display a lot of it around donating this and donating that because they have stolen more than they know not what to do with it. They called for it and so should cough it up quietly. Lying preachers. Now this other one is going to waste poor souls’ time the whole night tomorrow advancing their usual lies.

    1. Son of Prophet Makandiwa

      Its unfortunate that you hate these two Prophets so much. As for my Father Prophet Makandiwa he is untouchable.A lot of people are benefiting from him. He is not stealing money we are giving him at our own will. The Prophet has more money than the church. As far as l know him he is not a politician and will never bow down to such demands.


      2. The church’s members finances its own gatherings…if zanu pf has got members then it must finace its gatherings too…

        Don’t they say its the people’s party? Where are the people?


    3. These two churches might be having the largest number of congregants but that does not mean thats the amounts of money the church makes. Roman Catholic is the richest church in the world and here in zimbabwe. Please zanu pf, go get donor money from Roma

    4. Ko mari ikutorwa ne zimra kuma church ikuendepi?

    5. ZANU yofarisa manje. Zvinodhakwa kana mukada kuisa mazioko enyu pamari yechechi. Zvipo zvevanhu kuna JEHOVA hazvishandi zvekusapota politics. Magaya be very careful, ndiwe unoda dzvene.

    6. The moment ZANU PF harrases churches then God will turn to my side….yeah yeah yeah

    7. Who is suppose to be begging from who here? Is the gorvernment suppose to be getting alms from its people or its its the people that are suppose to get help from the gorvernment? Its a shame when a parent is asking for provisions from the children’s pockets, all these kids have is pocket money.

    8. This kind of ignorance is very disturbing to say the least. First and foremost the writer is ill informed about how churches raise money for their sustenance. For PHD ministries we have partners who share the same vision with the man of God Prophet Magaya. These partners have taken it upon themselves to invest their finances, their time and their resources in funding some of the donation/s you are talking about. So when you talk about monies been stolen i’m a little lost because there is no money been stolen. Kindly verify your information before you rush to publish,

    9. Mwana wabelial tinyararire une yako yakabiwa here, What have you done better than them. Be delivered from stupidity. Manje kuUFIC hamulumi, mark my words.

  2. me not a zanu supporter but surely can they fail to raise 3m? Dnt think so with over 40 state owned companies plus 35 plus ministries its a small figure

  3. No to evil machinations

    the thieving hoodlums must never be allowed to dip their dirty and murderous fingers in church money. they have bastardised zimbabwe’s economy, now they think they can manipulate the man of cloth in order to satisfy their extravagance. the kleptocracy must fall.

  4. “But reliable sources insisted the two churches, arguably the largest in the country, have been approached for funding…

    Are you sure about UFIC and PHD being the largest in the country. I agree they gather probably the biggest crowds at any one given time but being the largest in the country, I am not sure. Vakomana musanyeperane kumapostori kune vanhu, ko Roman Catholic, kuzoti ZAOGA, AFM, etc. Don’t use estimates based on where you spend the day. Wazopona nekuti “arguably” though.

    1. you are right they cant be the largest

    2. I do agree with you , they gather the largest crowds at one place but they are not as big and even as rich as the Roman Catholic or ZAOGA. With ZAOGA you find church buildings in each and every corner of Zimbabwe, ZEGU University , Hospital , AMFCC , Houses for pastors in each and every surburb in Zimbabwe , cars for the overseers.

      1. roman catholic haingatadze kupfuma. inoita zvese zvese kkkkkkkkk

    3. Largest does not men numerically only but there are other things that makes UFIC a giant. At UFIC its all about Spirituality, Accountability, Submission, Order, and being a disciplined movement.


  5. If these self-styled prophets yield on this one, for me its the final straw that broke the camel’s back, when analyzing their integrity/ethics.

  6. Point of correction the two churches are not the largest in the country- they don’t even make it to the top three-Despite the failing economy ZANU -PF will always get what they want in this country -.Can the two prophets stand up like Nathaniel of OLD and say you are the men who have ruined the land?
    Or they usher praise to the abuser of human rights in order to preach their prosperity gospel.


  8. The church is full of the people that zanu pf could’nt provide jobs for, where the hell do they get the money from?

  9. money from churches? thats crazy

  10. better give that money to jairos jiri

  11. its one thing to approach UFIC for help and another thing to approach Prophet Makandiwa as well for help.. so my question to the editor is who was approached between the two bcz UfIC spokesperson is denying of such a thing

  12. ku UFIC rubatsirwo rwese runopiwa ne department rinotungamirirwa naDr Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa rinonzi Agape Family Care richishandisa mari ye ministry then kotiwo Prophet and Prophetess Makandiwa vakazvimirira pamari dzavo dzisineyi neministry vanobatsira vanhu hobo zvisina finance director weUFIC mukati.

  13. pakati pevaporofita vaviri ava ndoziva kune webvepfe uyu anotoendesa chete mari …… ipapo haatadze and haaendese through his finance director kwete but inotoendwa nayo naiye mbune yakabatwa muruoko kwazvo ask ZIFA

  14. webvepfe. kkkkkkkkkkk

  15. Well said prophet. Vaviri avo vakanzwa sokutaura kwako nyika ingapona.TAVAKUTOSVIKA!

  16. and when we give to our God you say tirikubirwa. mavakuidawo futi.

  17. The church denominations should tell the ruling party that mari hatina, takachengeta mari kuti tipe Zimra kana vauya vachida mari.

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