Zanu PF madness must stop


The escalation of Zanu PF factional fights in the contentious Manicaland province in the women’s league and other party wings for all intents and purposes is retrogressive, as they depict Zimbabwe as some kind of “warzone”.

NewsDay Comment

We believe the political fights, along factional lines, have a negative effect on the country’s economy. Besides, these unnecessary fights have relegated the country to some kind of banana republic, hence we call on President Robert Mugabe to bring together his foot soldiers and top party officials to save the country’s image.


Even if this is Mugabe’s divide-and-rule tactic to prolong his stay in power, this madness should just stop. It is no longer amusing, but damaging to the poor majority of this beautiful country.

We are cognisant of the fact that Mugabe and his family are sensitive to criticism, but this is no laughing matter. The President must understand that Zimbabwe is at a breaking point, with the economy hurtling towards an abyss, yet his party thinks it is business as usual.

The continued fights show that Mugabe has lost control of his political outfit at a time strong leadership is required to serve the troubled party and Zimbabwe.

In our report yesterday, we stated that the women’s league members almost came to blows. While what is happening in Zanu PF is a harbinger of its demise, it is clear its prolonged stay in power may kill all aspirations of the people for a better Zimbabwe.

We are not complaining so that Zanu PF should remain in power, no. We are relieved at least that for the very first time, the party is going to do what all opposition parties have failed to do for the past 35 years – that is to dislodge itself from power.

It is, therefore, not far-fetched to say that Mugabe — the glue that has been holding Zanu PF together all along — will probably sink with the party.

The writing is on the wall now and the hinges are slowly coming off, and this would be a sad end to a party that was instrumental in bringing liberation to this country. In almost all parts of the world, we are witnessing renewal and re-invigoration, as new young leaders emerge to chart the future of their nations in the 21st century. One cannot use old maps to find new land. In all this, the divisive figure has been Mugabe’s wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe. Unless she is contained, anything is possible. She may be the Trojan horse that will derail Zanu PF right from inside.

The signs in the party are not good and in as much as it may be too late to correct much of the errors that have been made, Mugabe must urgently act and allow government to work for the people.


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