‘Women should not fear failure if they want to make it big’


WOMEN should be firm in decision-making and believe in themselves to succeed in business, stakeholders said on Thursday.


United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship Day ambassador, Natalie Jabangwe-Morris, who is also Econet Wireless’ head of EcoCash business, told NewsDay on the sidelines of the Women Entrepreneurship Day commemorations in Harare that women should not be afraid of failure for them to make it big in life.

“Do not be afraid to fail, success comes from failure and persistence, I have gone through that to be who I am today,” she said.

“We do more when we are together, see what other people do and copy from them and with that you will never go wrong.”

Natalie Jabangwe-Morris

Celebrated businesswomen in Zimbabwe, including Divine Ndhlukula (Securico), Rudo Boka (Boka Tobacco Auction Floors), Chipo Mtasa, Dalia Cohen, Diana Patel, and prominent human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, among others attended the event.

Youth ambassador, Chido Murina said women were afraid of taking risks and their confidence was low hence some never grow professionally as a result. She said access to funding was another major problem that should be addressed to have many women in business.

Murina said there should be representation of women in boards of corporates that deal with monetary issues as that would give access to funds for women.

Boka said women should share their experiences and empower each other in business.

Econet Zimbabwe said in the spirit of innovation, they had introduced an application called Women Entrepreneurial of Zimbabwe ,which can be downloaded and used to get business ideas.

The day is celebrated annually on November 19 and brings together women innovators and job creators.


  1. Life for women is easy and those in businesses are helped by their boyfriends and hubbies. Its very very rare for a woman to start the business from zero by herself. Most women with degrees and companies, its not that they worked hard, but, they were ‘helped’ either by men or laws of the nation.

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