Power outages increase water shortages


THE Power outages that have hit Harare in the last few months have caused severe water shortages in the city, with several western suburbs being offended.


Harare city spokesperson, Michael Chideme confirmed the water challenges that have hit most parts of Harare, which he attributed to serious power outages that were hindering pumping of water.

“Power cuts are a huge drawback because without power, we cannot pump water to all areas,” he said.

Water woes 2

“What it means is that, if we have no power we cannot do anything. The moment we have power, it takes time to fill
the tanks again and while we will be trying to fill the tanks, other people will be opening their taps and that provides challenges.”

Chideme said the western suburbs were the hardest hit by the water crisis, though NewsDay was reliably informed that several areas in Harare’s northern suburbs were also affected.

“We had a serious challenge in the western suburbs at the weekend and we are working towards addressing that, but like I said, power outages are a major drawback,” he said.

Power utility, Zesa has been struggling to provide adequate power countrywide, a position that has affected several projects including pumping of water to residential areas.

NewsDay witnessed several residents hunting for water, but from shallow wells, exposing themselves to waterborne diseases.

Some people, who can afford, have resorted to sinking boreholes, while others rely on acquiring bulk water from dealers mushrooming in the capital.