Peter backs Kasinauyo


Zimbabwean soccer legend Peter Ndlovu has endorsed Edzai Kasinauyo’s candidature for the Zifa board member post in the upcoming December 5 elections, hailing his former Warriors teammate for taking up the opportunity to try and rebuild football in the country.


Ndlovu, regarded as the best ever footballer to be produced in the country, yesterday flew into the country from his South African base to attend Kasinauyo’s launch of the Under-13 and Under-15 tournament to be played in Guruve this weekend.

Speaking at the event, the Mamelodi Sundowns manager implored the councillors to vote for Kasinauyo, whom he believes his football background would help unlock opportunities for Zifa.

Kasinauyo is the only ex-footballer on the list of 10 contestants vying for the four vacant board member posts.

“A lot of us when we retire from playing football, we want to be coaches, but I’m glad that Edzai has taken up this opportunity. We must have someone who has played football in the board so that he brings the understanding, the link and balance between the playing staff and the leadership. We must have someone who can understand the dynamics of the game so that when they make policies up there which would make the teams and football to suffer, that person should be able to step in and stop it,” Ndlovu said.

Peter Ndlovu(centre) give a speech during the luanch of Edzai Kasinauyo School Tournerment to be held in Guruve this weekend Pic Shepherd Tozvireva

Ndlovu, due to his CV, is widely regarded as the ideal person to lead Zifa and a lot of local fans had wanted him to contest the election for the presidency post, but he said his time would come.

“It’s not all about who I am and it doesn’t matter if it’s the masses who want me in or by votes. The thing is if there are no proper structures, nothing much will change even if I come in. I can be Peter Ndlovu. So what? It doesn’t work like that. I have to get my things right first. So at this juncture, I would support whoever comes in. There will come a time when we will get in and involve ourselves. The winner on December 5 must be supported regardless of who he is because if we don’t do that, football will lose. If the person who comes in tries to push his agendas, the system will spit him out. We have to focus on rebuilding our football. We are all responsible for its downfall and we have to rebuild it together.”

Kasinauyo got a headstart in the elections when councillor Willard Mashingaidze assured him of his vote.

“I have known Edzai for a long time and I trust he will not be like some of the former players who have been there before, who, to be honest, did not make any impact. As a region, we support you [Kasinauyo]. We are happy with the development you bring to our region and the country. My challenge to you is when you get in there, because I’m very convinced that you will win, we want to see the Edzai we know from when he was still young. Go there and be the man we know you are and I’m very sure you will make an impact. We want to see change at Zifa because of you,” Manyengavana said.

In response, Kasinauyo said if he got elected, he would not allow himself to be bullied like his predecessors.

“There is no way I would sit and entertain things which will negatively affect football and (if I win), I’m not going to allow situations where I would be frustrated because I’m coming in after experiencing different things at all levels of football. So with that, it will allow me to be able to stand for things that benefit football. It’s a matter of going there and be strong, stand for what I believe in and what I think is good for football.”


  1. This is smearing one’s self with dirt. As long as the country has not changed leadership in government there will be no proper functioning Zifa. Now that you know her who would have wanted Henrieta to be in Zifa – NO ONE. She was brought in by Zanu PF from their corruption structures. The rule of law cannot be applied to Zanu PF members so they will corrupt every structure at will because they feel it is their business to do so, rearing their kleptomania.

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