Mugabe trip to Tanzania ironic


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe left the country yesterday for the inauguration of Tanzania’s fifth President John Pombe Magufuli, with analysts saying he should be ashamed to witness numerous power handovers in the region while he hangs on at home.

by Staff Reporter


Magufuli takes over from Jakaya Kikwete, who last month said 10 years was too long a period for a leader to implement his goals. Mugabe has been at the helm of Zimbabwe for 35 uninterrupted years.

Almost all Sadc countries have changed leaders several times while Mugabe, at 91, soldiers on.

Publisher and political analyst Ibbo Mandaza said it was highly ironic that Mugabe goes to preside over successive presidential changeovers in the region while he hangs on.

“It actually shows that he is an incorrigible incumbent,” Mandaza said.

“The irony is evident. If he doesn’t acknowledge it, it means he is either too old to understand that or he lives in his own planet.”

Mugabe, the only President that Zimbabwe has known since attaining independence in 1980, recently said 10 years was not enough for a leader to make meaningful changes in a country.

Mandaza said Kikwete’s statement denouncing continued hold on power just before he handed over power was “a stricture against incumbency”.

“It is an indictment on incumbency and yet Mugabe goes there. He is making us a laughing stock. Even his advisers cannot see the irony,” Mandaza said.

Another political analyst, Alexander Rusero, said Mugabe presented a political contrast between the old guard born out of liberation struggles who have challenges in giving up power and a new generation of leaders who believe in leadership renewal.

Mugabe, Rusero said, would not care less about his presence at the inauguration, as he would be there under the African Union banner, and also a leader whose career was solidified by founding Tanzanian leader the late Julius Nyerere.

“Kikwete’s statement contrasted that of Mugabe who said 10 years was too short. Kikwete was simply saying power corrupts, but Mugabe represents a totally different political demographic age,” Rusero said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu agreed that Mugabe’s trip to Tanzania was a big irony.

“Whilst other countries within the Sadc region are changing their leaders and electing into office young and vibrant people,

Zimbabwe is still stuck with a Mugabe, who is 91, as President,” Gutu said.

“In complete defiance of reason and biological logic, Mugabe is even planning to run again for Presidential office in 2018 when he will be aged 94.”


  1. Foolish Zimbabweans deserve Mugabe, do they have any they think can lead? They have never known freedom so taking a caged dog out of a cage will see it going back to the cage.

  2. Vakomanaka, remember Mugabe wanted to leave office but he was told that you can’t leave that office without approval. So guess who these people are, who are abusing this old man. Munongoti Mugabe every time without mentioning the source of the whole problem. That’s why there will never be any change because these people will remain so powerful in the name of Mugabe, imi muchingotuka chidhara chisisina mhosva.

    • @Dhurun’aru: Why do I feel tempted to agree with you. Mugabe is really chained! I feel sorry for clique that enjoys seeing an old man running around doing errands for then while they sit and laugh. It’s very un-African, if you ask me. But Mugabe also invited it upon himself, now he can’t put down the load. Shame on us.

    • @Dhurun’aru there is no material evidence which suggests that Mugabe wanted to leave office. Mugabe is very corrupt and is simply trying to conceal this from Zimbabweans. Who is courageous to stand before him? None. All those people that we assumed to be heavy weights in the cabinet and politburo to the extent that it was assumed they will remove Mugabe from power passed on without even trying to do so. Papers have always classified certain politicians as the most feard, the truth is Mugabe is the most feared politician in the party simply because he instilled this fear on every one in the party.

  3. Well this Old man is foolish and unwise he does not learn, in Nigeria he was humiliated and dressed down because of his idiotic behavior of gracing inauguration ceremony of new president yet he does not want to relinquish power. in Zambia he was chanted MUGABE MUST GO!!! when he witnessed another inauguration ceremony of New Zambian President.
    On his own inauguration 99.99% of his invited head of states turned down the offer to witness his comic ceremony. This should have send signals and knock sense in his head that no one region and whole continent appreciate and tolerate his foolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior of clinging on to power for life…

  4. We are waitng to see what is going to happen.We are not stupid. They beat us into submission and they think they are clever. Age is not in this goblins side but God is on our side. We will have the the last laugh. These witches and wizards need to have nails driven into their heads for them to capitulate. SHAME does not exist in their vocabulary.

  5. Surely sarcastic! Mugabe has witnessed the changeover of all Tanzanian presidency from Nyerere in 1985 todate. Successive presidents have performed better than their predecessors, a lesson Mugabe should learn. Meanwhile, Mugabe’s latest remark on sunday at a funds drive in a church that Kenyans are thieves has drawn mixed reactions in locally.

  6. Mugabe genuinely believes that he is the only capable person to run the country. His belief is misguided given the dreadful result of this governance. There are thousands of other morons within his party waiting to grab the job and sadly millions outside who do not have the courage to get rid of them all. Hopefully this will have been an experience for all and used as a guide into the future never to be repeated.

  7. Its unfortunate that Mugabe has no sense of shame. He falls,ruin the economy and peoples’ lives . He caps University students knowing very well that there are no jobs and will end up on the street. The old man has no conscience and wants power for the sake of power. He just does not care for the people as long as he and his family are benefiting and living well. Shame!

  8. Mugabe is not Mugabe’s problem alone, it is a Zimbabwean problem. The centre of the problem is Zanu PF and not Mugabe. The fellow war veteran Dongo said it that all Zanu PF people are Mugabe’s pawns. He does as he wishes with them.

  9. Why change a winning team as they say in football parlance? His Excellency, the Chairman of the African Union, has a history of winning so why change? Life for the ordinary people is far much better now with Mugabe in power. If he goes we will all perish and be re-colonised. Our best foot forward is His Excellency forever. Lets enjoy Mugabe when he is still there – the future is bleak without Mugabe. We are blessed to have him as our Dear Leader. If there was some medicine to reverse aging we should get it for our leader.

  10. Just becoz other countries have changed leaders it does not mean Zimbabwe shld do e same, that is not a valid enough reason especially when we are undersiege from elements who are hell bent on reversing the gains of the revolution we’ve made thus far. Ibbo and his gang can go hang for all we care,after all their input is useless and totally worthless!

    • What gains shamwari? Look at the state of the country – no infrastructure, no water, no power hunger etc.

      What has been gained?


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  13. The President worked miracles in 2008. Mugabe transformed every single one of us into a millionaire or billionaire. That has never been done anywhere in this world. Future generations will know that at least their forebears were millionaires and billionaires – all down to miracle man Mugabe. Jealous regime change agents with the help of the West sabotaged Mugabe’s programme of us remaining as millionaires and billionaires longer.

  14. Correction. Mugabe is not the only president Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980. From 1980 to 1987 the president was Canaan Sodindo Banana whilst during that period Mugabe was prime minister. Mugabe took over as president in November 1987. All the same, he has been at the helm for too long and needs to rest.

  15. Muchatengesa hunhu nekukara zvinonaka, svinurai . Mugabe i number one chamupa makore ese ayo chii, hanti ndiye mwari, murikudzingana nemhepo zvirimumaoko amwari. Ndiye ega akadonha here vamwe vadiki kwaari vanotadza kuverenga ma number wani.

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