MPs roast PSZ boss over abortion


Members of Parliament from the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care, on Monday, questioned the concept of post-abortion care being provided by Population Services Zimbabwe (PSZ), saying people perceived it as encouraging illegal abortions.


GlenView North MP Fani Munengami asked PSZ acting country director, Pester Siraha, at a family planning workshop for MPs in Nyanga, to explain if her organisation was offering abortion services as perceived by some people.

Siraha denied that PSZ was offering abortion services. She said they followed the laws of the country and were guided by Health ministry regulations and those of the National Planning Council of Zimbabwe.

“As PSZ, we do not work against the law (the Termination of Pregnancy Act),” she said.

“Where someone has been raped or there is gross malformation of the baby, or the pregnancy is aborted for medical reasons, we administer post-abortion care to ensure the woman does not die.

Abortion Ruth Labode speaks to a woman accessing family planning services at a Population Services Zimbabwe mobile tent at Chatindo in Nyanga

“This saves women’s lives and we cannot do abortions at our surgeries because there is a legal procedure that is supposed to be followed before an abortion is performed,” she said.

Binga MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda said it gave the impression that abortion was legal in Zimbabwe.

Another member of the committee who is also a medical doctor, Paul Chimedza, said it was imperative to clarify post-abortion care to ensure women did not perform illegal abortions knowing that they can access care at PSZ clinics.

Chairperson of the committee, Ruth Labode, said most health facilities were, these days, not reporting women who have aborted to the police compared to the past when they were criminalised.

“This has helped prevent maternal mortality because in the past women would bleed to death due to lack of post natal care for fear of being arrested,” Labode said.

Labode said she would advocate for amendment of laws to ensure children under the age of 16 had access to sexual reproductive health information as they made the largest number of people who had unwanted pregnancies and ended up aborting.

“It is a fact that some children are already sexually active and it is important for those to get information on sexual reproductive health, so that they do not have unwanted pregnancies and end up performing illegal abortions,” Labode said.


  1. Its true PSZ conducts abortions not only to medical and rape situations. I was once an employee of PSZ and I can testify to that effect. Pester Siraha dont lie to the nation, PSZ conducts abortions for a fee and when abortion reports are sent to the donor organisation they command more weight and more money is sent. The mother organisation was started by a medically non-trained woman who used non conventional medical methods. Abortions are conducted at Belvedere, Mbare, Gweru and other PSZ clinics. Siraha tell the nation the truth. I have evidence of an abortion that was carried out on a woman I know very well who works for the House.

  2. The Ministry of Health and Child Care are quite aware that PSZ does abortions and they are paying money to anyone who will have aborted. These are facts and the ministry is quite aware. Why is that the same NGO is violating the Zimbabwean law but its continuing operating without being forced to close and go. The government is running the Family Planning programme well but they PSZ are hiding by providing free family planning yet they are practising abortions. Ms. Margret Nyandoro one of the Board Member at PSZ as well as working in the Ministry of Health and Child Care in the reproductive health has confirmed that abortion is being done by their organisation but its illegal.

  3. The portfolio committee on health should ask the Minister of Health why does he allow PSZ to do abortion when government hospitals and parastatals are not doing that. USAID has dumped the government parastatals and moved to NGOs like PSZ and PSI giving them lots of money for doing abortions in Zimbabwe, its shame. The President and Dr. Grace Mugabe please pindirayi. taneta veduwee. Women are crying out in rural areas where these NGOs are dishing out their family planning commodities which have either expired or have been condemened in other countries. Please please government Save Our Lives, Save Your People.

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