Mnangagwa challenges experts to revive Zim economy


VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged the academia, policymakers and the private sector to come up with recommendations to make Zimbabwe one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.


Speaking at the experts’ meeting on inclusive growth, investment and poverty reduction in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa said the conference had come at a time when the country was beset by challenges such as low capacity utilisation, limited fiscal space to implement development programmes and liquidity constraints.


The experts meeting, which ends today, is organised by the Ministry of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion in conjunction with development partners.

“We need to see an enhanced interface between scholars and policymakers working together to grow this economy. As the government of Zimbabwe, we are willing to implement your recommendations that we find practical. So, therefore, let’s make sure this is not a talk show, but it’s a serious conference to grow the economy,” Mnangagwa said.

He said Zimbabwe’s growth potential remained enormous and had to leverage on its comparative advantages such as a highly literate population, abundant natural resources, fertile land and tourism.

Mnangagwa said the Office of the President and Cabinet was making efforts to address the Doing Business framework in Zimbabwe.

A 2016 World Bank Doing Business report shows that Zimbabwe has moved 16 places up the ladder to 155 out of 189 on the strength of reforms

Mnangagwa said government’s aim was to see foreign direct investment increasing and would put friendly policies to get more inflows.

He also said the country had been receiving a number of foreign delegations from all over the world scouting for investment opportunities, with the recent one being Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote and government was able to achieve a record breaking time in dealing with his demands.

Mnangagwa said the government was set to host over 50 delegates from China at end of this month to attend the Zimbabwe China Investment Conference to be hosted by the Ministry of Economic Planning.

Speaking at the same event, African Development Bank (AfDB) chief regional economist, Mary Manneko Monyau said the time to unlock Zimbabwe’s potential was now and the continental bank will help.

She said Africa had experienced a delayed transformation and to foster structural transformation and inclusion would require, among other things relevant skills, government human development, inclusive and transformed infrastructure, engagement with the private sector, and linkages with emerging economies such as China, India and South Korea.

“The ability to capitalise on natural resources and achieving transformation involve a greater degree of industrialisation. As AfDB we believe the agriculture sector should remain central to the economy of Africa

“The five priorities areas of the AfDB building strategy for 2022 to take Africa out of poverty are lighting Africa, feeding Africa, industrialising Africa, integrating Africa and improving the social wellbeing of Africa,”she said.


  1. Easy……heres one recommendation… you, your 92 year old patron and corrupt gang must vacate office of there is any hope of economic recovery

  2. ZanuPf dirty hands must first be removed from the trough and the technocrats will fix the economy but as long as you have zanunised everything including my tea spoon and then you ask us to fix the economy? Emmerson we told you you go to RSA to borrow moneyand theSouth Africans have seen pictures of your extravagant houses and cars and you expect to get something. Ask all the looters in your party to pay at least 10% of their loot to Government and we the economy will pick.

  3. A man who speaks sense must be applauded.

    We need to see an enhanced interface between scholars and policymakers working together to grow this economy. As the government of Zimbabwe, we are willing to implement your recommendations that we find practical. So, therefore, let’s make sure this is not a talk show, but it’s a serious conference to grow the economy,” Mnangagwa said.

    Mnangagwa said the Office of the President and Cabinet was making efforts to address the Doing Business framework in

    Mnangagwa said government’s aim was to see foreign direct investment increasing and would put friendly policies to get more inflows.

    These are assurances from the Vice President of the country and clearly articulates government position and the new thrust.

  4. I’m no “expert” but have a few questions EM. Sometime ago you boasted of having been “trained to kill”. What was the objective? I understand you’re a trained lawyer, have you ever considered training in Economics? For someone who is politically powerful, doesn’t it surprise you why you (ZPF) are actually powerless in the face of economic challenges? There is noone, in my opinion, within the ZPF govt right now who can take this country forward – potential candidates are outside ZPF & Govt. Why do we have policies that are not investor-friendly? Why do we have more talk shows than action?

    • This man does not need to be trained as an economist, lawyer or killer. He forms the country’s top leadership and as they say, ” leadership decides what to do and management decides how to do it” He has decided that he requires FDI and management in the economic ministries as you suggest will work on how that can be obtained. That is how it works.

  5. A complete overhaul of the current system, be it political,economical and etc is required to re-establish Zimbabwe, not merely calling experts, to revive a non-existent infrastructure.Even if you engage millions of them in the present set-up, nothing worth economical rating will function. The country is dead as a DODO.

  6. We have loads of ecperts giving you advice on a daily basis.
    Its your arrogance as Zanu Pf not to follow the advice.
    You have no political will to end this economic downturn.
    All good advice you get is seen as regime change agenda. So you see you know very well. For the country to prosper again the current regime should go.
    Apart from that you can sing as much as you like.

  7. Apa ndipo pane problem nema Zimbabwean. I just read 6 comments and not a single recommendation. Ok, since you are pre-occupied with the removal of Mugabe, let us phrase our request for recommendations diifferently:

    Let us assume in a parallel universe, Mugabe and all the ZANU PF leadership is out of power, what would you do to ensure Zimbabwe becomes the fastest growing economy.


  8. the secret is in doing just one thing at a time.I commend E.D.for taking time to listen.@sagitar…lawyers understand economics without being trained in it.when it comes to matters of policy,a lawyer can understand and articulate anything.Maybe this is why most leaders of nations are lawyers.

  9. I think we need leadership renewal and not recycling….its now 35yrs of nothing else but high level corruption and zero effort toward sustainable development. The land reform is perhaps the only thing they tried to empower us with but hack…the choas that politicians unleashed has again left “most” people confused, disempowered and poorer than before. they have destroyed even the slightest feather of hope for a future to a whole generation in the 35yrs of is a very long time. I once came up with a list of just 35 things that were once viable but have now closed down or in shambles since 1980 but the list has now grown to over big 70 entities. 1. zesa 2. zisco 3. arda 4. nrz 5. cottco 6. csc 7. air zimbabwe 8. david whitehead 9. smm holdings 10. gmb 11. idc 12. zupco 13. ptc 14. rtg 15. noczim 16. ddf 17. zsr 18. willowvale motor 19. cone textiles 20. dunlop 21. zimalloys 22. zimglass 23. zimchem refineries 24. dairibod 25. mhangura mine 26. alaska copper mine 27. lancashire steel 28. mozowe citrus 29. national blankets 30. frist merchant bank 31. udc 32. kadoma paper mill 33. wattle company 34. caps 35. zimre 36. kondozi 37. pg industries 38. clever pen 39. g&d shoes 40. timber industries 41. horticulture sector 42. afreighteer 43. psmas 44. first national building society 45. jaggers 46. vet department (rural cattle dipping) 47. zifa 48. Zim Tennis 49. Zim Rugby 50. Zim Cricket 51. ZFU 52. CFU 53. ZCTU 54. Timber Plantations 55. Colgate Palmolie 56. Kamativi Tin 57. Jena Gold 59. Elevington Mine 60. UZ …….hhaaa
    ZPF must introspect!!! .

  10. munangagwa is the right candidet for the presidence come 2018 . all hands to dambudzo you are a true war vet . come december every one must vote for him

  11. Advising this lot is is like talking to the deaf. Since when have they listened to sound advise? They don’t listen to bookish advice thats why in 2008 they printed money like mad and produced the highest hyperinflation in World of 500 million % per year. Were there no Economic advisers at the time? What guarantee is there that this time they will listen? After 35 years doing the same thing why would they change now?

  12. It is refreshing to note that in the midst of all this hullabaloo of political squabbles there is an honest plea to get the economy up and running. Cde ED, the most important thing you need to do (when you get into the office) is to remove the binary thinking mode where citizens are viewed as either 1 (fellow comrades) or 0 (western puppets or enemies). Have you ever noticed that, apart from the immediate past, during the period the president went on annual holiday, tranquility prevailed even in the public and private and social media. Citizens dance to the tune their leader plays. De-politicize everything and understand that those who oppose ZANU PF views are not necessarily enemies of the state. We want to live like Namibians, Batswana, Zambians etc where elections come and go quietly unlike here where we are perpetually in combative mood. After elections you should tell the lazy party youths to be productive and discourage pacifying them with beer. Most of what needs to be done is not with the academia and business’ court but rests heavily on your shoulders. One more thing – No factional nonsense and no installing stooges as running mates.

  13. Cde EM, you are not the enemy here. We must just treat each other with fairness in ZIM. The biggest problem of economic meltdown is not sanctions, bad publicity. The biggest problem is political patronage which is destroying our efforts. The biggest problem is that there is no confidence whatsoever in the current administration. The biggest problem is the ruling party which thinks that by the virtue of going to war has every right to rule ZIM. The biggest problem is inconsistent policies in ZIM. The other problem is absence of the rule of law and lack of credible elections. Lack of regards to protection of property rights. Electoral reforms are needed in Zimbabwe and must not be seen as a regime change agenda. The world have seen that the will of the people of Zimbabwe have been subverted. Zimbabwean people must exercise their democratic right to choose their leader without fear. White farmers have been recalled to come and occupy farms, do you think in their right state of mind they would come back to a country where they know very well that the policies are not consistent. Having all the above implemented you will see that our country will be prosperous economically, socially and politically.

  14. Politics should not be taken too far. In fact to be a politician does not mean day in day out you are scheming survival strategies, tactics of elbowing one another and moves to get to the top. Granted you need the stamina and knowhow of maneuvering in the political ocean, but you will realize that politicians who follow middle of the road policy of not being too political have a better legacy and relevance. It’s a folly to cram all of the recommendations of Nicolo Machiavelli because a politician will eventually become a fanatic, totally engrossed in the game of amassing power and retention of the same – at all costs. That kind of politics is old fashioned and highly undesirable because no one benefits apart from the political player who reduces everything, including well being of citizens, to a mere GAME. A classic example was Mobutu of Zaire who was a disciple of Machiavelli but left a prosperous country on its knees, while there was no longer an distinction between the state and the Leopard. There was no need of budgets, because Mobutu could just write a cheque from his personal account to pay the salaries of civil servants. We therefore advise that you desist from that and allow economic decisions to be taken where they are appropriate. A person who has decided to pursue economic endeavours and not necessarily attending party meetings is not an enemy. Life should not be very cold outside ZANU PF, rather the opportunities (land, business permits, social grants and concessionary loans etc) should be availed to all citizens. When we differ on policy we should not automatically become enemies. Lastly I challenge Munangagwa to reach out to people like Mutumwa Mawere and find a common ground and let bygones be bygones and allow him back especially at Mashaba and Zvishavane. I thank you.

  15. its actually has less to do with everything you said mr dambudzo but much to do with killing the real beast. the one and only enemy we have in Zimbabwe is the current government. it allows a lot of unpunished crimes go practically unpunished whilst they should be practically punishable in the right sense. kill the beast that calls itself zanupf and resurrect the animal called Zimbabwe. I don’t know if you get what I mean. in other words im saying we are not zanupf but that we are Zimbabweans. lets stop identifying one another as zanupf or mdc but rather as Zimbabweans starting with you dambudzo. the other thing is there has never been a short cut to economic prosperity. so rigging the elections does not guarantee you the access to rig the economy as they are two parallel parameters that don’t work hand in glove. economics require real reforms that come on a solid platform and willingness to adapt to changes that come with. telling us that our relationship with so and so backdate to the liberation struggle does not help resuscitate any falling industries and revenue channels. future relationships are more solid and realistic than past ones I guess you know that. above all democracy is the key to unlock everyone’s potential as it allows us all to participate equal and freely with a big smile of joy on the face. whoever wrongs us must face the wrath of the law so it means vana tomana avo nana justice chidyausiku vakaiswa through musangano should be relieved of their duties toisa vanhu vane the spirit to push the country’s interests first pamberi. a Zimbabwe whereby the likes of obert mpofu escape the arm of the law just because they are zanu should end coz we have seen him grow his wealth under unexplainable circumstances yet he escapes unscratched from the justice system in Zimbabwe. all the diamonds we were told of being in the billions mark what do we have to show of that vast wealth???????? no one can give any explanation to anyone. the only benefit we got from chiyadzwa all these years is the mbada cup soccer of cause. at least we had mbada which sponsored soccer what about anjin? what abt canadile? what about ZMDC and treasury? what about mpofu and misirembwa and their close associates. no one knows I guess. what I know is that they are still out there enjoying the loot living lekker life at the expense of all of us. there are many more things untold and not worth mentioning because of space and time my friends. the gonos and the kasukuweres not forgetting my worst minister chombo and all his ill gotten wealth. by the way he is one of the richest zimbos of all time?????? surprised look for it.

  16. The zanu baboons have taken all bananas for themselves now they want us to believe they are genuine about engangement no no we are interested in working with f@$#ng criminals

  17. Zimbabwe is either open for investors or not; it cannot be both. ZANU PF policies of Indigenisation epitomize lack of understanding basic economics. Most two year olds know that once you have given them s slice of bread, anyone asking for a piece of it from them will not get a lion’s share. What more of investors with their hard earned money , why would one give you 51 percent? Munangagwa returned from China where Mega deals were supposed to have been clinched, so he had gone there for naught. As long as ZANU is in power, Zim should kiss economic development goodbye. After 35 years of destroying the economy today he wants to sound enlightened!!

  18. Create an environment friendly/conducive to investors where if one invest his millions, his investment will be safe. You can not just wake up one morning and say l want 51% without compensation. Read a story by Strive Masiyiwa on facebook about his experiences in Kenya where he spoke about the rule of law and investments.

  19. The world needs to produce at least 50% more food to feed 9 billion people by 2050. But climate change could cut crop yields by more than 25%. The land, biodiversity, oceans, forests, and other forms of natural capital are being depleted at unprecedented rates. Unless we change how we grow our food and manage our natural capital, food security—especially for the world’s poorest—will be at risk.
    Investment in agriculture and rural development to boost food production and nutrition is a priority for the World Bank Group, which works through several partnerships to improve food security; from encouraging climate-smart farming techniques and restoring degraded farmland to breeding more resilient and nutritious crops to improving storage and supply chains for reducing food losses.

    Taken from

    The blame game is a waste of our efforts and energy. We need to harness what our country has and can do. We have the ability to create high quality crops on mass. We have rich mineral resource. We have an intelligent population, who are lead by a war weary generation (Which is a blessing despite calls to the opposite).

    Mr Mnangagwa, if it is your turn to start leading our country then we need to get back to the basics. Allow Zimbabweans to grow, mine, and create our way to prosperity. Zimbabwe flew on the falling wings of the Rhodesian era, but those wings are decomposing far below the surface, below even the legacy that Zanu PF had the chance of leaving. Enable investment, and release our people from the shackles of your governments misguided policies and directives.

    Perhaps Zanu PF leaving is not on the non-existant democratic cards, but for the sake of the children being born today, allow us the chance to build a new our capable nation one business at a time!

  20. Just follow the example of Nigeria.Trim the govt and retire those who deserve rest.Despite Nigeria being the most populous in Africa its cabinet is about half that of Zimbabwe.Instead of cutting/or merging ministries we are busy creating new ones. Cde VP we are not serious at all and noone will take us serious.

  21. If Zanu Pf is serious, they should simply start their own businesses with the 51% investment money they want to partner already running companies. Show the international community that as a Government you know where the minerals are and you will buy the equipment and employ the Zanu Pf youth that is empowerment at its best. Start just like how Tata in steel and Dangote in cement. Zanu can start gold, chrome and platinum mining and Refinery and show us how to do the Beneficiation Economy and pay taxes and then let’s see how your companies will compete internationally and pay bills when the electricity is not avaliable but the directors of ZESA are getting monthly salaried. Jokers.

  22. 35 years after independence, Zanu Pf said they know it all. Let them fix their mess. They fired qualified electricians, artisans, bankers, professionals advisors, professional civil servants and investors with former freedom fighters because they were to protect the country from the enemies. We who never fought for independence were seen as useless except paying taxes and listening to their war stories. We have heard it all. Sort out your mess. We know that you will not do the right things, retire, resign or quit because you are all professional politicians.

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