Man gets 12 months for impregnating minor


A 23-YEAR-OLD Mufakose man has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment after he bedded and impregnated a 15-year-old girl.


Claudia Huchu will, however, serve an effective eight months in jail after four months were suspended for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence.

Huchu had pleaded not guilty to the charge when he first appeared before Mbare resident magistrate Anita Tshuma.


The court heard that at the time of the trial, Huchu and the girl had ended their love affair after the girl told him she was pregnant.

The State argued that when the two were still in love, they had sexual intercourse more than once with the girl’s consent.
Huchu, however, denied ever having sex with the girl, claiming the complainant had visited him when she was menstruating.

The minor girl’s medical report and the baby’s birth certificate were produced as evidence in court.

Tafara Chirambira appeared for the State.


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  2. The magistrate was angered by the stupid denial of obvious facts by the accused. Had the accused pleaded for leniency, emphasizing the genuine need to start a family, then perhaps the sentence could have been reasonable. What exactly is the age of consent in Zimbabwe? 16 years or 18 years? If it’s 16 then surely 15 is can be rounded off to 16. Is a teenager boy aged 19, called a boy or man, for at law he has attained the age of majority. In reality you will find that the teenager boy of 19 is still playing child games with other teenagers some of them below the age of consent. As human beings should we really allow the law to rule us, rather we should apply the law in context such that this monster can be termed and become our servant, otherwise we will continue serving it.

  3. Sex as defined by social scientist is a human right and pleasure to have it but should only be confined to the married one . The social boundaries defines how people should be controlled in their quest to quench their sexual thirst and the law is their to bring to conformity those who go out of bounds . Someone who goes about impregnating a minor definitely should play his own music . Its painful to ruin the life of a teem . Pamberi nemutemo , Mboko ngainoitwa mainini kuprison kune machinda ingonzwa kuti mateens haasi ekutama nawo . Mukoma mono teachiwa good behaviour kuprison , vabereki vakaita vacheche pakukudzidzisai . Chirioooooooooooooooooooooo

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  6. You can’t sleep with a 15yr old, impregnate her then dump her and expect to go away with it. Let’s castrate such irresponsible dogs.

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