Live Updates: Grace Mugabe Rally in Mbare


NewsDay gives you live updates of the Grace Mugabe rally near Rufaro Stadium in Mbare where she is addressing supporters

Xolisani Ncube

12:47: The Women’s League boss says she will tell Mugabe to build new flats for the people.

12:43: Grace challenges journalists to focus on developmental issues.

“Majournalist ekuDaily News, NewsDay, Independent ndokufarirai vana vangu. Ndoziva you can’t do without me. I’m back, Ukanzwa vakuita noise vana woziva kuti vane nzara. Vanoda havo chikafu vagofamba havo vachinyora nyora! .” (Journalists from Daily News, NewsDay, Independent I like you my children,you can’t do without me , I’m back. If you hear them making noise they are hungry, they want food so they can write stories)

She says “Ndambokuudzai, munoda Zanu pF ,pihwai rice mune nzara!”

12:36:Grace speaks on factionalism in the party, “There are people people who went and infiltrated the war veterans and tried to demonstrate against me.

12:26: Grace highlights the sorry state of accommodation at the Mbare hostels. She says the flats are so bad that people should not inhabit them.

“I know there are land barons who are cheating people because they are desperate. I hear they are staying 15 families in one house here in Mbare. Government should build houses for people.

“We must not give land to private people. Government has a responsibility to provide houses to the people. Council and government should provide flats for its people!,” she says

12:22: There is no sign of life at Mupedzanhamo. Gates are locked.


12:15: Grace says the event is for the Women’s League and they are doing it differently. She praises the war veterans saying she has great respect for them.

12: 11: Grace salutes Mbuya Wiza who is one of the founding members of the struggle.

12:11: The First Lady is now addressing the crowd.

11:55: Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko is absent from the event.

11:53: Grace is now being introduced by Kasukuwere.


10:27Despite forcing marching people to the rally the venue is still not full to capacity.


10:23 The women’s League women are dancing and waving placards with various praise for the First Lady.


10:20 Zanu Commissar Saviour kasukuwere is also in attendance.

10:18 The First Lady has arrived but the crowd turn out is low.


    • Matibili once called the residents of Mbare ‘mabhrandhaya’. This shallow fake doctor has a nerve going there. Mbareans are not stupid, they will never vote for this thief.

  1. Povo yaramba zvekumanikidzwa izvi . Isu munomuMbare tatoruza mariyakawanda ne disturbance ya Grace iyi. Zim stock exchange has been spoiled by the unwanted and illegal rally in our territory.

  2. I now believe what Gramsci views as political hegemony wc is gained thru coercion. Y forcing the people to go and listen to a bad mouthed lady who does not know even a bullet?

  3. Vese vanhu avo vanoda mabasa,,take take nevanhu kunovaunganidza kumbare and abusing state resources,, please stop it zanu pf,,the nation is bleeding

  4. The Women’s League boss says she will tell Mugabe to build new flats for the people. Zimasset will finally take off . Garai manyoresa mazita mungazoshaya ma flats matsva .

  5. Mai va Chatunga avo, Zimbabweans are very stupid indeed, from a 25yr old home wrecker to a first lady, now gunning for Presidency on the same fake promises and now some idiots are even calling her Amai..kkkkkkkkk, Lord deliver my brothers from a demon of stupidity

  6. T
    anwza nekunyuperwa imi matadza kure surface uban tared road mozovaka ma flats mari yacho iripi imi mazimbo musabvuma kunyerwa.

  7. Amai Grace is only coming now to lie to the people after 35 years of husband’s failure to address issues.
    The only thing to do is to gather and receive parcels which the Zimbabweans have been long waiting to receive. Its their wealthy which generate the parcels but were being used the other way round.
    If you steal something, you may only be forgiven when you take it back to the owner.

  8. The Egyptians prepared fo the lifehereafta .Snme idiots must also prepare fo life in the absence of their god father which is just around the corner

  9. Does what she is saying need a rally? why ae people of zimbabwe so stupid to accept to be abused like this. It only needed her maybe to call journalists

  10. Those hostels have been like that even before you Bona was born, they stayed 8 families per room and after murambatsvina it increased to even 24 families that is why the kids a always loitering outside kumbopa vabereki chance to add more lives

  11. I salute people of Mbare, for going to the rally-and hypocritically sloganering -come 2018 vanovhotera pavanoda,nekuti ukasaenda ku rally uno makwa ,Va Kasukuwere how many flats asati apera kuvakwa akasiiwa nava Chombooo ?Chikepe chenyu chaakunyura choda JESU.

  12. Is that all she had to say…nothing absolutely nothing with substance came out of the lady’s mouth , kuunganidza vanhu kuvapa mvura here vakomana kasi nde yemuteuro HOLY WATER coz mumaprofita varimo full time.

  13. “I know there are land barons who are cheating people because they are desperate. I hear they are staying 15 families in one house here in Mbare. Government should build houses for people.” Food for thought, ukatonzwa munhu achiti after 35 years oti “I hear they are staying 15 families in one house” honestly after 3 years anoita zvekunzwa, god have mercy on our beloved country, no one can silence her of course but I know only you Lord can silence this woman. Ini ziiii semunhu anotya mwari

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