JahPrayzah, Henrietta pics stir controversy

PICTURES of high-riding contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah and former Zifa chief executive officer, Henrietta Rushwaya, in apparent intimate poses have set tongues wagging on social media.


In one of the pictures, taken inside a car, Henrietta is seen lying comfortably on Jah Prayzah’s chest, with the two smiling at the camera, as they took a selfie.

In another picture, Jah Prayzah is seen fitting his military fatigue, while wearing a camouflage vest in a bedroom on May 11, 2013.

Rushwaya confirmed the veracity of the pictures, but said she saw nothing wrong with them.

“Jah Prayzah is like a son to me and I have known him for about seven or eight years. In fact, I am the one who helped him get permission to use military gear,” she said.

“People should not scandalise or try to blackmail the singer. He is rising. The pictures were indeed taken in my office, where I wanted him to try the stage attire that I had imported for him from China.”

An analysis of the pictures, however, shows they were taken in what appears to be a bedroom.

A dressing table and mirror is in the background of the images as Jah Prayzah appears to put on his military stage attire.


Rushwaya said she had pictures taken with many other people, including Gokwe-Nembudziya Member of Parliament, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, in her office.

Jah Prayzah could not be reached for comment, as his phone continually went unanswered.


However, when the pictures were put on a WhatsApp group for the Zimbabwe Union of Musicians, most singers expressed disapproval.


“I personally don’t mind people’s business, but I think this is wrong. We have fans, but we do not go to their houses around 5am,” a musician said.

Another musician tried to be sarcastic urging Jah Prayzah to give him his “charm”.

“I wish I had the charm that Jah Prayzah has. I would also want to have an older woman in my life,” he wrote.


  1. IF there is a thing going on for sure between Jah and Henrietta then Jah is sure on his way down nw.

    Henrietta there is everything wrong with you being in such a position or posture with someone you call you “son”.Madam H,Please don’t ruin the life of our entertainer by yo so called help stunts…..Get a grip.

    Jah….ZIP UP!

  2. ndikoko ndikoko

  3. Mai ivava vane moto mubrugwa

  4. iri ndiro solder rinosvika kure

    1. How can Mukudzei be said to be going down, when he hasn’t yet gone up.

      1. envy….know it when you see it

  5. pakaipa mheni ,diff to rectfy

  6. ‘….i am the one who helped him get permission to use military fear..’!!!. this is opening an even bigger can of worms! exactly how did the madame help? she is neither a government official nor a military department personnel. the rules for being allowed to wear military gear are clear – and none of them give room for ‘influence’ from anyone outside the military department. saka mai ava vakawanepi yawo permission??

    1. abuse of positions by the zanu pf people. henrietta’s brother martin is the perm sec of defence,so u cn see the hand behind that boast

  7. Prayzah nhaiwe, ndochii ichocho. Inga wange wakura zvakanaka wani. Ko unogovhara kumeso sei. Whats wrong with you. Plllllllllllllllllllllllllllz stay away.

    Child Abuse.

  8. Love has no age mwana wa mudhara, experience ndiyo inodiwa, someone with 20 years experience who knowd how to kiss how to hold tight ,tight!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What kind of an office has a dressing table? So how does one visit, in a suit or in pyjamas?

    1. pwaaaaaaaa taura hako truth asi ave kutorara mu office kahi haya ……

  10. Mukudzei haana kusvinirwa mukaka

  11. zvimwe ndezvimwe chimhamha ichochi chinoita. don’t ever make a mistake kuve padhuze

  12. ts not new to hear ths zvnota but putt the whole blame on Rushwaya

  13. ko kuhovata pachipfuva chomwana mmmmmm zvazvakatooma nhaimi chero mukadzi wake achiona zvakadai anoti kudiiko

  14. Willard Mubvumbi

    Kikikikikiki zvimhamha zvinochengeta cash inogara iri tii.

  15. Willard Mubvumbi

    On a serious note, i advice the singer to find a decent woman and marry. Wonder why most musicians do not live long . NB: The wages of sin is death. PAGA DEL PECADO ES MUERTE.

  16. Pakaipa apa,mupfanha atamba nembuya iyi,inokupa zvekumberi chaiko apa beg riri tii?

  17. johannes kwangwari

    saka ndokwaamhanyira musong iya


    Inotambika iyi haisi nyowani………..Rudo ibofu plus manoey make friends and breaks friends…usanyare hako but kana une mukadzi haaaaaa maone ako Jah Prayzah……

    Still haisi pressure you are the master of your own destiny…..just be careful coz nowadays there are a lot of diseases…….tinozongokuita sezvakaita vamwe vako mamusicians akatisiya as a result of the same modus operandi….hazvisungise hazviite kuti music yako isanakidze…there is no ratioanl connection between your private life as Mukudzei and your public life as Jah ita yaunoda uchiziva kuti ukanyanya kudhonza tambo unonyura……

  19. Bhora mberi musoja kusvika kwati ngweeeeee simudza trigger with a magazine of 20 rounds laying load…..shot the target shot the target Heneriita must give birth chembere yekwa gutu

  20. Henreita will kill this young boy.From the late VP JL to VP EM surely Jah Praizer must be warned

  21. Iri Ndiro soldier rinobaya mberi mberi kwamai avo

  22. Ari kuti akarizunza zunza zimai racho ipungwe kusvika kwati ngwee hanzi kutamba kwamai ava mubedrom maari kupinda mugiya kunomufungisa kudzokera futi

  23. Mature women ndizvo. Lots of experience. Vanoita manje especially kana zviri zvakabatana zvazvo. They dont demand money, sometimes they give you. Havakubvunze kwavanga uri, havachengere coz they only want one thing from you. No strings attached with them, huchi manje. Age does not matter at all. Regai mwana anakirwe zvake. Zvinongoda kutamba vakachenjera chete.

  24. Ko zvine basa rei?

  25. You mean Henrietta, the one who was the late VPs GF?

  26. just don’t forget to wear a condom


  28. masoja please torai uniform yenyu. U are gone young man.

  29. army should not allow their uniforms to be abused. He is gone this young man

  30. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pakaipa

  31. I see nothing wrong with the pictures at all

  32. Pane here pavari naked? or actually sleeping together or kissing? Ndazvishayawo ini.Hapana nyaya apa.

  33. kasi vakambokuvurira madoors

  34. blessing gavhinho

    siyayi mwana asvagade………zvinouya zvega izvi

  35. iits part of social life , what went wrong there

  36. baba Harare musadaro…singing hangu……if ths is it haaa waita wrong turn shamwari Henrieta z too old fo you inga u got a beautiful wyf wani.wakutsomora tsomo chimdara

  37. Ndiwo maperero akaita Pio Farai Macheka zvimhamha izvozvi, kubikirwa uchidhla mubedroom kana kushow hauende.

    1. this is true shuwa this old woman wanna spoil the career of a gud musician to hell with her leave jah alone pliz enda kunana chinx

  38. Amai torai mwana abve muHarare,azvitadza.ngaaridzire kumusha achifudza mombe nevamwe.

    1. Machembere kunge mombe chingwendere…haaa Jah wakurasika

  39. truth is jah is gud musician but if he aint careful he is gonna regret,,we have seen gud musicians die with ntthng,,, kushaya mari ya burial becoz of carelessness so if he wants things to wrk let him invest in his kids and wife fo the purposes of the future than to be going aftr old women who are abt to die

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  41. Ndiye akadyisa DeMbare muchinda uyu


    its no problem to be in friendship w someone older than you journalist stay away from jar and his life,why media why

  43. even Justice Mayor Wadyajena futi haaa amai maBeb 10 munoada,mune choice,ende office yenyu yakanaka mufunge ine zvese wooow

  44. jah,henrita akanetsa kare.benji napeter vakamborwa,msika late vp,vaidya futi.sisi ndevemhene ivavo&vanoda vanhu vane fame,chenjera kushandiswa nechembere iyi.plus media ichiona zvakadai inokupunzira pasi bigtime

  45. mkomana wajuliet

    murege afare musamukanganise……

  46. Chembere mukadzi hazvienzani nekurara pasi kana kuita ngochani,
    Dananai zvekuti bhee, as long as u a faithful to 1 partner…..
    Zvirinane izvi pana Tocky waenda nenyika.

  47. ini zvangu zii semunhu mukuru

  48. Henrietta anowanikwa kupi? mai vane sugar ava. ini ndinotovadawo

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