I won’t mind 1 000 protection orders: Jilted man tells court


A JILTED Harare man, Jaison Kautsa, yesterday, consented to a protection order barring him from visiting his ex-girlfriend, Faith Ndlovu, telling the court he would not mind even if the latter was granted a thousand protection orders.


Kautsa openly showed his resentment of Ndlovu, vowing he would never in his lifetime go anywhere near her.

Kautsa made the remarks while responding to Ndlovu’s application for a protection order against him before magistrate Ruth Kamangira.

In her application, Ndlovu had claimed Kautsa was a violent boyfriend who was in the habit of beating, threating and insulting her.

But Kautsa denied Ndlovu’s claims and told the court that he beat her once, last month, after he had caught her red-handed in bed with another man.


“I admit to only beating her once after I caught her cheating and I have already been convicted for that,” Kautsa said. “As for the protection orders, Your Worship, you can even grant a thousand I don’t care because I have no intention of making any contact with her.”

Ndlovu also asked the court to bar Kautsa from going to Julius Nyerere Easypark Parkade where she works, saying his presence always made her feel uncomfortable.

The magistrate granted the protection order in favour of Ndlovu and barred Kautsa from going to the Parkade for the purposes of visiting her, after he indicated he was also a former employee there.


  1. Lawyers should be professional and not emotional in trials, convictions and verdicts. Never be personal with issues which are personal. Never pass a law to bar a person to visit any part of his / her country because that’s contradicts the right to freedom to the individual. I suggest the protection order was only to bar the gentleman not to cause any troubles to the ex-girlfriend period.

  2. This guy does not go the Parkade to see friends or former workmates, he goes there to cause trouble for his ex. I am the learned magistrate had some good reasons to grant that order. The guy sounds like a very arrogant one, “you can even grand me 1000 orders i dont care”..

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