Hookers in soup for stripping naked in bar


Four Goromonzi sex workers, who stripped naked at a party, were yesterday slapped with a $50 fine each or in default of payment to serve a 30-day jail term each.


The sex workers, Leosa Kazembe (20), Tracy Moyo (35), Nomsa Mabvindi (20) and Florence Maodza (26), were convicted for public indecency by Harare magistrate, Blessing Murwisi after pleading guilty to the charge.

Appearing for the State, Zorodzai Dumbura presented that the four are sex workers who ply their trade at Zimbiru business centre under Chief Chinamhora.


The court heard on Friday last week at around 10pm, the four, together with two others that are still to be identified, were on a drinking spree at Mverechena Night Club along with other patrons.

While drinking, the court heard, the six became rowdy and stripped, remaining with their undergarments only.

Their actions, however, reportedly incensed other patrons, who then alerted the police, leading to their arrest.

The court also heard that when the police arrived at the scene, they could not locate the six hookers, hence they ordered the owner of the club to close.

But later, the officers returned and managed to identify the four using pictures that had been taken by patrons.


  1. They were at a party in a night club?Smthing doesnt sound ryt here,its not clear.If they were in a night club,then hw does it becomes a public place when its not a mall?whats the age restriction for patrons at night clubs?

  2. They stripped to their undergarments, i.e. bra & panties? Many bars in Harare show this (or worse) type of thing nowadays, could it be because it happened in the rurals? I’d understand rowdiness as a charge but this? Is there perhaps a different license for strippers, the real ones?

  3. @Welly, you have spoken very very well. Well said my brother. It shows the prevalence of elementary or rather, rudimentary journalism in which we find ourselves wallowing.

  4. As far as i know a bar is not a public place,unless right of admission isn’t reserved…how does a bar become a public place,unless they had stripped in a Park ,mall or bus terminus then yes we would agree with them.
    Like Welly rightfully put it, something is definitely not right there
    Its something that can easily be argued out in a court of Law.

  5. I saw the pictures and I totally agree with the authorities for arresting them. Those guys were acting in manner that wasnt even suitable for a night club but bedrooms! The charges of public indecency are above board. What does the law define as public? Maybe im mistaken.

  6. But guys, people should not mix issues here. A night club is for people to club during the night and get drunk and see what happens from there on!! If u come there not intending to get drunk but take pics of others then u are in the wrong place!!! not justifying their action but they were in the right place for their actions at the said time!!!

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