Farmers urged to adapt to climate change


Farmers should grow the most suitable crop varieties for their agro-ecological and climatic conditions to ensure food security, a seed company official has said.

by Staff Reporter

Addressing journalists at a media luncheon, Seed Co managing director, Denias Zaranyika said adherence to agro-ecological zoning was beneficial not only in planning, but reducing vulnerabilities to uncertain weather patterns.

“The phenomenon of climate change is a reality that needs to be acknowledged and mitigated by all value-chain partners across sectors,” Zaranyika said.

The country’s food security situation has been a cause for concern. According to United Nations World Food Programme and other agencies, 1,5 million Zimbabweans are in need of food aid.

Farming preps in Mutawata
Farming preps in Mutawata

Once a major producer of maize, Zimbabwe has become a perennial importer of food following a slump in agricultural production.

Efforts to attain food security will require aligning food crops grown in the country to their most ideal zones.

“Maize is naturally a critical food crop, with significant impact on household food security and farmers in natural regions 1, 2a, 2b, 3 and some parts of 4 must prioritise growing this crop,” explained Zaranyika.

He said Seed Co extension workers were on standby throughout the country to advise farmers on crops best suited to their farming environments.

Seed Co also donated two computers to the Zimbabwe Meteorological Services Department to enhance its work in weather forecasting. The Harare City Council, through its principal communications officer, Michael Chideme and waste management superintendent, Donald Sakupwanya, were handed over an additional 100 rubbish bins in addition to the 75 already donated to the local authority by the same company.


  1. Yes – they need to adapt to rising CO2! Because with CO2, the plant food, increasing, we are seeing record harvests globally and greening of the desert.

    And what’s the price? Apparently none! For the satellites show no warming in 18 years, Antarctic ice is growing, global sea ice is normal, Greenland surface ice has grown since 1990.

    So why is everyone still going on about this “global warming?” It’s because there’s still a lot of snouts in the trough of this scare: NASA have been caught cooling the past to fabricate an increased warming trend, NOAA can’t defend their own adjustments to their “temperature” measurements to their constitutionally appointed oversight committee. As a result NOAA are breaking US law – hardly makes them credible does it! And who can forget the UK “Climategate” the “hide the decline emails” the “Get rid of the medieval warm period”.

    These are the people pushing this “global warming” contrary to all the physical evidence.

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