DeMbare duo in trouble

Rodreck Mutuma

DYNAMOS’ hopes of landing any silverware this season have been thrown into disarray after their senior players Roderick Mutuma and Takesure Chinyama were yesterday hauled before the Premier Soccer League (PSL) to answer to charges of violent conduct towards referee Philani Ncube during their Chibuku Super Cup final against Harare City at the National Sports Stadium last month.


The Dynamos pair is alleged to have charged towards Ncube soon after their loss to Harare City, with Mutuma in particular said to have used obscene language directed at the match official.


Mutuma, who has been a largely volcanic character in his career, is also alleged to have made reference to reasons why Zimbabwean referees were sent home from the Cosafa tournaments.

The conduct by the players constitutes a serious offence, according to PSL rules and regulations, and could have dire consequences for the players, which could severely impact on the club’s ambitions.

After analysing reports submitted by the referee and match commissioner, Brighton Mudzamiri, the PSL disciplinary committee served the Dynamos strikers with notices to attend a disciplinary hearing next Tuesday.

“You are, hereby, charged with breaching of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) rules and regulations. In terms of order 31 of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League Rules and Regulations, it is an act of misconduct on the part of the player who: 31.2.1 directly or indirectly interrupts, obstructs or disturbs the normal proceedings of a game, before, during or after the match.

“31.2.9 assaults, threatens, intimidates, coerces, interferes, misleads or insults a match official, player, official of the league, public, Press or media, or any other person, before, during or after the match.

“31.2.17 behaves in a manner, which brings the league or any of its sponsors into disrepute or endangers the welfare of the league.

“You are, therefore, required to appear before the disciplinary committee at the offices of the PSL on November 17, 2015 at 5pm. You are not entitled to legal representation at the disciplinary hearing, but if you are a duly registered player with the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League, the vice-chairman of the club, with which you are registered, may attend and assist you during the proceedings.

“In terms of order, 32.32 of the new rules and regulations of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League, you are, hereby, required to submit in writing within two days of the date of this notification, your response or answer to the allegations aforesaid, failing which you may be called for another disciplinary hearing in respect of such failure,” the letter to the players read.

The report by the referee reads: “At the end of the match, some Dynamos players, led by Roderick Mutuma and Takesure Chinyama, charged at the match officials. In the process, Mutuma used abusive language directed at the match officials.”

Mudzamiri observed in his report: “When the referee blew the final whistle to end the match, I noticed Dynamos players, namely Roderick Mutuma, number 35, and Takesure Chinyama, charging towards the referee. The assistant referees, and both Dynamos and Harare City chief security officers, rushed to protect the referees. As I made my way out of the stadium, the security officials were still restraining Mutuma and Chinyama. I requested the police to ensure all those who were not part of the match (supporters) were not allowed near the players, as I had noticed a few supporters near the team benches. At this point, Mutuma walked past the match officials heading towards his team’s bench, he was shouting unprintable words towards the referee. He also made reference to reasons why Zimbabwe referees were sent home from the Cosafa tournament.”

DeMbare has shifted focus to the EasyCall Cup after failing to win the Chibuku Super Cup and they will be hoping that their front duo will not be forced to miss any matches, particularly in that tournament, if found guilty.


  1. PSL please leave our players,they were just registering their dissatisfaction with the way the referree had handled the match.Mutuma’s sentiments were out of frustration and it is common when things go wrong,so please the two players yes i admit erred by confronting the referree and moreover Mudzamiri is basing his claims on hear say.The man in the middle can lie to strengthen their case so instead Mudzamiri must caution his surbodinates to excercise professionalism when discharging their duties and not to be baised.

  2. I saw everything when i was watching the match on Supersport. Previously i thought Chinyama is a disciplined player but NO! he is not. The ref was nearly beaten by the players while the police details without even baton sticks tried to intervene and cool tempers but to no avail. The long arm of law should descend heavily upon these two nefarious dynamos players as a deterrent measure. The sponsors who knows, maybe are contemplating pulling out. Just becoz dynamos is the oldest club we dont want the punishment to be lenient. If you think iam lying just implore supersport to give you the footage and you will see for yourself that both dynamos players and fans have a wild behaviour. THE REF WAS GOOD AND HE OFFICIATED WELL.

    • Truth be told the officiating was poor indeed , how come a foul given to Harare City was not given to Dembare in many instances ? Last year Dembare lost to Triangle in the Netone Charity Shield cup final but the there no incidences of violence from these players who were also on the field of play that very day . These guys might have broken the rules in their advances towards the referee but I think the referee did not do well on the very said day and its not the first time we have seen poor officiating by our local refs and overally such kind of officiating is killing our football. These guys must also be brought before disciplinary hearings and the decisions penalties of such hearings should be made public so that other referees may learn also so that at the end of the day ZIM-FOOTBALL will emerge as the Ultimate winner. I believe that the PSL guys are not doing a good thing by only tightening the bolts and nuts on the players alone leaving the referees doing the same old poor officiating business over and over again , they should also tighten the bolts and nuts on the referees too.

  3. If this is a fair trial then why are they not entitled to legal representation? How will these uneducated guys defend themselves in legal terms?

  4. I do not know which planet you are from young man. This day and age you must learn to keep your emotions to yourself. It is very backward for a player to charge towards a referee these days especially after the match has ended. Referees everywhere make mistakes, and sometimes because the players try to fool referees. We watch matches on TV, matches that are much bigger than this one and when referees make mistakes in such matches we do not see the lunacy that you are trying to promote. So all right thinking Zimbabweans must rally against this kind of behaviour.

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