Cephas Msipa launches ‘captivating’ biography


RESPECTED retired Zanu PF elder, Cephas Msipa, on Thursday night launched his biography titled In Pursuit of Freedom and Justice: A Memoir, in which he documents his experiences – including a portion of his public life – at a well-attended affair in Harare.


Speaking during the launch of the book, which was published by Weaver Press, Msipa said it had always been his desire to leave a record of his life and public ministry for future generations.

He stressed that while the book could ruffle some feathers in political corridors, it was not meant to attack anyone.

“It’s not my intention in writing my memoir to attack anybody, (but) we must protect freedom and justice,” he said.


Renowned author and academic George Kahari, who said he had known Msipa since 1947, recalled how the retired politician was dedicated to English Literature.

He said through the memoir, Msipa “has immortalised himself” in a very honest and sincere manner.

Speaking at the same event, Terrence Mashingaidze of Midlands State University’s Department of History described the book as “a captivating autobiography”.

“In the main, the book is not about Msipa’s domestic life. It is a political autobiography. More precisely, it is about one man’s modest reminiscences about his modest contribution to nation building over the past half a century,” he said.

He said the book was “an even-tempered” narrative written in simple language and, like any other autobiography, interprets national experiences subjectively.

The book, Mashingaidze said, was a welcome instalment into the body of the country’s political literature that will – together with other pieces of writing – address certain gaps in the country’s political history.

He added that the biography would help to preserve the country’s memories of the liberation struggle, challenges of national building, the indigenisation of the civil service and the land reform programme.


  1. Tinovonga Madyirapazhe vana vaGutu vaidyira pazhe nokutya vayera shiri. Muri sekuru vangu nokuti ndiri muzukuru waRugare Gumbo. Although I might differ politically with sekuru Rugare I never tolerate those who now persecute him. He should be left alone because he has suffered enough.

  2. “Captivating biography” by a first generation black politician? Really? What can be “captivating” about failed black politics? Attention-seeker. Blacks politics is full of backstabbing, barefaced lies, self-aggrandisement and ostentation. Msipa’s book might captivate the young generation but not people like me. Black politicians had a wrong perception of what wealth creation was to start with and up to now the have no clue. They do not know the difference between orderliness and chaos.
    They did not understand statecraft and up to now do not understand statecraft. Education has not helped these politicians but has only made then worse human beings.

  3. please spill the beans on how zanu rigs and the deaths of all those heroes from 1975 to now. we want to look forward to dislodging the rogue party from power come 2018!!!

  4. Musona you always claim to know Zim history through your criticisms over time!Write a book not just criticize iwe usina kana study guide regrade seven rawakanyora!

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