Breaking :MDC-T youths clash with riot police


Riot police clashed with demonstrating MDC-T youths in Harare this afternoon. More than 25 people were arrested including photojournalist Andrison Manyere.

Pictures by Tafadzwa Ufumeli




Riot police clash with demonstrating MDC T youths in Harare this afternoon
Part of the arrested 25 MDC T supporters get into a waiting police truck along Nelson Mandela avenue
More than 25 MDC-T supporters  have so far been arrested including photojournalist Andrison Manyere
An abandoned placard
An abandoned placard



  1. They will not stop will get hotter very soon…with courage we will one day see liberation from the tyranny of Mugabe, life is very difficult in Zimbabwe and the youth will not allow this to continue.

  2. Yes its only us who can bring change, not America , not anybody else but us, we need to voice it out with actions, otherwise if we sit and fold hands then things will remain the same for ever, its now or never

  3. Beginning of the end times.
    Mapurisa should feel it too. We need to hit their families hard. Their mothers fathers sisters brothers wives should be beaten up to compensate the brutality they are inflicting on the change machine.
    That way they will think twice…..

  4. Comrade Basa I understand your frustration but beating up the relatives of police doesn’t solve anything, it actually makes you a junior mugabe, it’s actually the same as committing another Gukurahundi, the battle should be in the streets

  5. Where is the MDC-T leadership in all this? They want to rule but sent other ppeople’s children to be cannon fodder. Leaders should lead from the front. Kana muchida kutonga show the sacrifice

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