Video: Mbare, Highfield fans welcome musician Busy Signal

Jamaican reggae star Busy Signal arrived today to much pomp and fanfare from an expectant crowd that had patiently waited for his act since last year. Busy Signal is billed to perform at Glamis Arena in Harare on Saturday.

By Audrey Mutasa

Fans that waited for his arrival at the Harare International airport jostled to get a picture of the star and clicked away using all forms of gadgets while some who could not get close to him were contend with shouting out the singer’s name.

Befitting of his status, Busy Signal was whisked away in a sleek Porsche that had a convoy of several cars in tow.

WATCH VIDEO of Busy Signal fans jostling to get a glimpse of the reggae music star

And perhaps to underline the place of reggae in the discourse of the townships and its struggles, the artists toured the populous suburb of Mbare, where he was met by enthusiastic youths who lauded him for his music and raced for several kilometres just to be near his top of the range escort vehicle.

Dressed in flashy black T shirt and matching trousers the reggae artists smiled occasionally and extended his hands to appreciate the love.

The Dreams of Brighter Days hitmaker brought his 12-member band for the much-awaited concert, courtesy of Devine Assignments and Chipaz Promotions.

Jamaican reggae sensation Busy Signal (wearing cap) arrives at  Harare International airport on Friday. Pic Shepherd Tozvireva
Jamaican reggae sensation Busy Signal (wearing cap) arrives at Harare International airport on Friday. Pic Shepherd Tozvireva

The concert will be part of the Jamaican artist’s African tour that will see him perform in Uganda and Malawi, among several other countries.

Music promoter, Biggie Chinoperekwei earlier told NewsDay that: “We have organised a welcome party for Busy Signal upon his arrival at Club 1+1 situated at Long Cheng Plaza in Belvedere. From Club 1+1, fans can also join the musician for an after party at Private Lounge.”

At the much-awaited concert which is expected to be a banger with the wide fan base the One More Night hitmaker commands locally, he will share the stage with an array of local chanters among them Winky D, Soul Jah Love, Dadza D, Killer T and Seh Calaz while Templeman and Gary B, Dj Cables, Judgment Yard Sounds and Smiley will be rocking it on the turntables.

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