Mugabe attacks NewsDay, Standard newspapers

President Robert Mugabe yesterday singled out NewsDay and The Standard newspapers for attack, saying they were opposition media desperately working to destroy Zanu PF.

By Staff Reporter

Addressing the Zanu PF central committee yesterday, Mugabe gagged party members from speaking to NewsDay and The Standard, as his party ups an onslaught on privately-owned papers.

“We have some among us feeding the opposition Press that attacks us. You run to NewsDay and The Standard and so on, those rubbish papers, giving them information that this one has done this and that. It is bad. If you are doing it, stop it,” he said.

“It is not that we don’t want our things to be known, but that we don’t want to create division in the party. If you have any grievance with anyone, keep it in your belly and find a way of saying it within the Zanu PF circles.

“ . . . when you take such things to the opposition Press, you are giving them ammunition. Don’t do that.”

NewsDay and The Standard newspapers are published by the biggest private media house in the country, Alpha Media Holdings, also the publisher of the weekly Zimbabwe Independent.

Mugabe’s remarks come after his spokesperson George Charamba last weekend warned that he would come up with draconian legislation against the private media, accusing it of publishing falsehoods.

On Wednesday, Mugabe’s wife Grace also took the war to the private media, accusing it of fabricating stories to tarnish her image.

Grace said journalists were uneducated, foolish and in need of psychological examination.

Last year, while addressing Zanu PF supporters at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera, Grace unleashed a vitriolic attack on NewsDay and Daily News “for snooping on her”.

Mugabe’s latest attack could mark yet another beginning of a dark era for the private media.

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  1. Its good to know that even Mugabe himself is tired of reading the boring Herald & has to make do with reading the private press

  2. Willard Mubvumbi

    The private media is indirectly assisting the govt on its short comings. The media is diverting people’s attention and spending ample time writing about Grace and Mudhara. We want news and more news of what is happening through out the country e.g how the jobless are surviving, company closures, Zesa problems, water problems and other issues. Daily news is worse, becoz everyday its Grace this, Grace that.

  3. Willard Mubvumbi

    The private media is helping the govt by diverting people’s attention on national problems. The pple want to know more about Zesa problems, water problems, housing backlog, shortage of medical drugs, poor roads , company closures, etc and how the govt is tackling those problems. The private media is helping the govt a lot by diverting the majority’s attention and to the govt, its a blessing in disguise becoz its shortcomings regarding national issues are not exposed.

  4. it’s called focus Mubvumbi. Those comrades care less about critical issues you are so worried about. So why waste time beating a deAd horse?

  5. It surely doesn’t need the media to tell the people that the economy is in serious trouble. People may not be able to read but they surely aren’t blind. As long as the great leader continues to blame others for his very poor leadership then the situation will only get worse. It’s time to ask for help and the only place is the west. It’s time to work for the good of the country and stop the corruption!

  6. Oops! The First family is shadowboxing their imaginary enemies unaware that the reality has finally dawned. Mugabe should just accept that his advanced age and failing health are fast calling for a substitution, something in the public domain where no media is required to ascertain. His attempts to impose his wife as his apparent heir is a joke to say the least. Mugabe constitutionally vowed loyalty to 14 million Zimbabweans while Grace vowed to Mugabe in person, two distinct issues. Furthermore, it is constitutionally clear what should follow in such circumstances but an attempt to alter anything to serve personal interests is unacceptable. Let us open our eyes and universally accept that nobody can stop change whose time has come.

  7. Mugabe must shut up. He is old, senile and a taxi driving drunkard guy.

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  9. I second the comment made by Mubvumbi. Journalist be investigative – find out the truth about mismanagement and keep reporting on those. Like i have written on another topic:
    I wonder why the journalists dont dig for the TRUTH regarding this ZESA issue. There is a strong rumour that this crisis is MAN-MADE and the reason for this is the Chinese Engineers who put a new system way UP on the Kariba Dam Wall. They did not consider the average normal water levels. So this problem will continue every year before the rain season. So the gvt was failed by the Chinese. Journalists PLEASE DO YOUR JOB and get the TRUTH. Give CIO a run for their money etc

    The Gvt (ZANU PF) keep peddling half truths and lies. We want the truth and the truth only. Dont even cover “Dr Grace” Lets not be divered. The economy has been mismanaged for too long. Any big problems must be reported. Journalists you are the FRONTLINE at the moment. You have been licensed to be mouthpieces. So do your job.

    And get information into Rural areas. Tsvangirai should have ensured open RADIO waves when he started unity gvt. Because all oppositions lose because of rural strongholds – its as sinple as that….

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  10. So vana vavo havadzidze muno, vanodzidza mhiri….imi venyu vaimbodzidza muno vasati vadzingwa nekushaya ma fees, they are your MPs, but 3000 of your children are dropping out of school from the same constituencies they purport to lead nekuda kwekushaya mari dzechikoro…dzavanofamba nadzo mota imi munongoita dzekuona dzakadhrowewa mumabhuku evana e art….vakawanda vavo magetsi nemvura havabhadhare…..mapurazi vane hobho hobho…vakawanda vavo havarapwe muno….imi kana mari yekuGomo kana kuParirenyatwa you can’t even afford, their wives and concubines don’t even shop here…..imi tinokuonai maPick ‘n’ Pay kuzvikanganwahama , matumbu ehuku nehove dziye dzinonzi mazitye…..apa kuMbare ku Kotamayi Boutique hamubve, vanhu vepi vanogarotenga vakafongora vachishara zvakasiiwa nevamwe… but you still twerk for them on TV zvamusingaitire varume venyu kudzimba… chokwadi ndechekuti they have sold us the Zimbabwean dream………..but they are living that dream, vanofara vachiona tichivaombera tichivagwadamira when they give us hand-outs, instead of enabling us to work for our own selves and sustain our families……ivo vanoita hwekuranga imi muchiita hwekurangarira……these are the same people you are willing to kill for during erection time, kutoponda mumwe munhu kuti hanzi warambirei kutsigira nhingi na nhingi……..svinurai mhani maZimbabwe……..

  11. Arthur Tutisani

    The COMMANDER always tells the truth.

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