Grace Mugabe under attack for her ’one-party state‘ utterances

Grace Mugabe adressing a rally in Rushinga

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has come under heavy attack from opposition parties and analysts after she declared Mashonaland Central province a Zanu PF enclave where no opposition politics was allowed.


Grace Mugabe adressing a rally in Rushinga
Grace Mugabe adressing a rally in Rushinga

Grace, who is the Zanu PF Women’s League secretary, on Wednesday told party supporters at a campaign rally in Rushinga that the province was “a one-party State” and implored them to eject any known opposition activist from the area.

However, political analyst Takura Zhangazha yesterday described her remarks as an affront to principles of democracy.

“The First Lady was essentially trying to show (former Vice-President) Joice Mujuru that Mashonaland Central still supports not only Zanu PF, but her own political ambitions,” Zhangazha said.

“Calling the same province a one-party State is also akin to declaring that no opposition will be allowed to challenge Zanu PF’s political control of the same. It is the language of political exclusion and does not bode well for democracy in Zimbabwe.”

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said political intimidation was deplorable and had no place in a democracy.

“Zanu PF uses intimidation, physical, emotional and psychological violence to commandeer people to attend its rallies as well as to vote for its candidates during elections,” Gutu said.

“For someone who is supposed to be a First Lady to utter such nonsense in public is actually a complete disgrace. This shows us the calibre of people who are now at the helm of Zanu PF. They are vile, violent and intolerant.

“This is why the MDC-T is strenuously pushing for electoral reforms to be adopted to enable free and fair elections to be held in Zimbabwe.”

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume warned the First Lady to avoid politicking, but to provide alternatives to the folding economy.

“What the First Lady should worry about is the way the economy is performing. Soon she will say the whole country is no-go area. The people are tired and suffering,” he said.

“She wants to promote violence and intolerance, but the opposition is not the enemy. Poverty and mismanagement by her government are.”
MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said no amount of intimidation would stop them from setting up structures in any part of the country.

“The MDC has functional structures in every corner of Mashonaland Central, meaning that her utterances were overtaken by events a long time ago,” he said.


  1. Democrush and exclusionary policies are in Zanoids DNA whoever thought the culture would go with the oldguard should forget it the younger generation is even worse despite being in the 21st century some are still living in the dark ages.Zimbabweans brace yourselves for the worst violence come election time whenever that is.And it will also be last mark my words.

  2. Grace started off as “Amai”. Having said all she has said and done all she has done, I don’t know whether she will finish the journey as Amai. Sally never rebuked people and never had the language of exclusion. She embraced all – haters and lovers, ZANU PF and otherwise. She never showed an identity by saying ‘I am 100% ZANU PF’. She was the pillar of a man whom Zimbabwe idolized, whose speeches we would all listen to on wireless (wairesi), dropping all that we were doing. Although Mugabe was a black ZANU PF guerilla coming fro the bush, Sally gave him a national appeal, hence the landslide victories then. Those were indeed very good days for the country. Sally was a real Amai. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

    Advice to men: If you must marry, marry well. Wish you all the best my man, Cde R. G. Mugabe!!

  3. How can peace and reconcilliation be achieved with such irresponsible utterances coming from the highest office? She is seeking leadership using divisive politics. There are very many underlying problems caused by her party which deserve the first priority and such remarks should be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

    • This amai is clearly an Amai for a small ZPF faction comprising clowns. This is free circus that all thinking Zimbabweans should enjoy. Imagine cabinet ministers spending time at her rallies? We are indeed a leaderless country, with PhDs in charge?

  4. So is the First Lady going to cause the removal on non-Zanu pf people from Mashonaland Central for relocation elsewhere?

  5. Mugabe is the only man left from the original Zanu formed in 1963. All the others are just blind young followers. Incidentally, although Zanu was formed in Enos Nkala’s house, Zanu was Mugabe’s project right from the off. Mugabe is the one who engineered the breakaway from Zapu. Originally, Mugabe wanted a one-party Marxist state and that has not changed. Can you imagine anyone being President and Mugabe being a ordinary cabinet minister? That was never going to happen. There was never going to be any peace unless Mugabe was in charge. Black nationalists had no common approach to anything. Once Mugabe is gone there will be a re-jigging or rethink of everything.
    The present are Mugabe’s crackpot policies which only himself and Zhuwao believe in. The man is firmly stuck in time warp. There’s a semblance of democracy with other political parties operating in very difficult circumstances with no hope of ever governing.

  6. I was told that this Grace who is now popularly known as Dr Amai she is 50 years old and her second and current husband is 91 years old. Grace insults anybody including the two foolish VPS and they apologise to her for being insulted. Emerson they call him crocodile but I think he is just a lizard mistaken for a crocodile because of his face. Grace vomits words and Zanuists applause. Jabulani once said power is not sexually transmitted how wrong he was because in his former party it has happened.

    Dongo once said the Zanu PF seniors are Mugabe wives how true she was but many people thought she was bitter then. Now all these zanuists are busy lionising the senior wife “vahosi” Grace so that they can have a peace of the inheritance what a shame?

    This is what there are going to inherit – a day in court using the same laws that they have used to supress others, bitten by the same police there are currently using as their own dogs and threatened by the same solders who are currently protecting them. Robert and Grace should learn something from Laurent Gbagbo and his wife Simone Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and do the right thing before its evenig.

  7. Zvinoshamisa chose…..zvamuri imizve munoimba nezvedemocracy and freedom of expression, munondongoda zvichiitwa nevamwe….munhu wese ane kodzero dzekubudisa pfungwa dzake regardless of his/her deity .That’s African politics and we can not change sound of the bird,If I was opposition I could go where she was and make the same utterance……use your own words to gain the hearts.But I think by now Zimbabweans are now clever as a snake and they they cannot eat poison by shyness.

  8. This uneducated, crass and horrible woman gets worse by the day. Poor Matibili, it must be a real nightmare being married to that loathsome harridan. I also feel sorry for the two useless VP’s who just sit there and get abused by this fake Phd holder. What a damn shame….

  9. @ Christ in Me: Also remind her of Hosni Mubarak, Charles Taylor and Mobutu Seseko among others. The public leniency should not be construed as a flow within their idiosycransies. We are in the twilight hours.

  10. Grace ppl are no longer scared of anything u jus waisting your time we are hungry and jobless. now other parties need us more dan we need them for the future of our children.and the survival of this nation

  11. Leave politics,pray more everything will go smooth by analysing hypertension increases and you can not do better for your family.No one will make this country better without God, except if it can be ruled by evil people,God has an answer for all our troubles………..God sees and knows our current situation and the plan is in his hand.We are delaying ourselves by reasoning thinking that having a new king things will stabilise but that’s not true.Let us repent and surrender as a nation.God help the desperate!

    • I think we put too much into God who gave us free will to do what is right and condemn what is not right to improve our lot. We all know what is wrong and what is right but we convince ourselves to do nothing and wait for others including God to solve our problems. It is not going to happen no matter how many verses of the Bible, Torah or Koran you can quote?

  12. Uyu ndiye chidhuura chemukadzi manje. Bearer check re 10 trillion, toilet yekuna fourth, zitye reku mpedzanhamo, condom rakashandiswa, tsvina yechidembo, sewage yeku matapi, dai ari muchero ari mufarinya, dai ari nhengo yemuviri ari musuri, dai ari mota ari mubhadhabhadha, dai ari newspaper ari herald, dai ari company yemagetsi ari zesa, dai ari public transport ari zupco, dai arimurume ari jonathan moyo, dai ari nhengo yemuviri ari madziwa.

  13. thank God for Amai. she is succeeding in what others failed destroying zunu from within. Keep it up Amai.

  14. Why are campaign rallies being allowed outside elections. We have rules about political campaigning. So many wrongs are being done. This is impunity. When Mugabe dies she should disppear from Zim space, people will not forgive her

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