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Dzamara to release seventh book


LEADERSHIP and development expert Patson Dzamara is set to release a new book titled Forced to Fight, in which he trains his gaze on the litany of fights everyone engages in as part of life and how to overcome.


Dzamara told NewsDay yesterday that the book — which is set for release on October 29 — was inspired by his own life experiences.

“My personal experiences inspired the book. I learnt that life is a series of fights. I wish to have it easy, but life is not programmed that way,” he said.

His hope, he said, was that the book would help people understand that success does not come on a silver platter and people need to do something rather than wait on luck and miracles.

“Through the book, I hope to sensitise people that they must fight for what they believe is marked for them. There is a place for miracles and luck, but in reality people must create their own miracles or luck,” he said, adding that what he had achieved in life came after a series of fights.

He said writing the book also opened his eyes to certain realities that he had taken for granted in the past, particularly that behind “every success story there is a fight story”.

This is Dzamara’s seventh book after Finish What You Start, Dimensional Leadership, The Development Matrix, The Anatomy of Process, The Winning Team and Dear Miss, Dear Minster — Wisdom for Relationships.

Dzamara, who holds a PhD in Strategic Management from Christ University in India, is passionate about leadership development and has been raising leaders through the Off the Hook Group, which he leads. This has been undergirded by life and career coaching as well as team-building and pioneering.

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