Mujuru, Tsvangirai plot coalition

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai are ready to coalesce, as the political temperature in the country soars ahead of the 2018 elections, NewsDay has learnt.


Mujuru’s re-entry into the political scene is nigh and the People First (PF) movement on Wednesday said she was ready to work with any “democratic Zimbabwean”, including Tsvangirai, to dislodge Zanu PF.


“We are ready to help each other restore our country to its glory days; we believe that every person has a task to solve the crisis we find ourselves in,”PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo said last night. “We regard every democratic Zimbabwean has a right to participate in our democratic development.””

Mujuru on Tuesday launched the PF manifesto setting the stage for a return to political life.

Analysts said the manifesto greatly undermined President Robert Mugabe’s 10-Point Plan presented to Parliament as the panacea to the country’s economic challenges.

The coalition between Mujuru and Tsvangirai is gaining momentum after National Convergence Platform (NCP) spokesman Vince Musewe hinted that they would prefer the two politicians’ alliance.

The NCP, which seeks to bring all parties and civic society actors together on September 24, could likely become the catalyst for the alliance.

“Mujuru would bring her liberation credentials, while Tsvangirai will come on board with his numbers of supporters,” Musewe said.

“Mujuru, too, has government institutional memory, which is needed, and stability, but we also need other parties to come together and sit down for a better Zimbabwe.”

Musewe last week also said: “A coalition movement led by Mujuru and Tsvangirai will work to get us out of a dictatorship”, an indication that this was a matter that had been considered over a long period.

Mujuru, several Cabinet ministers and senior party officials were recently expelled from Zanu PF charged with plotting Mugabe’s ouster through clandestine means.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said his party was ready to work with the Mujuru camp, as they carried “the much-needed liberation credentials that we need as a country and have now realised that in Zanu PF, there is nothing to live for”.

“We would like to make it known that as a party, we are happy that some former liberation stalwarts have seen the light and are now speaking the language of democracy,” Gutu said.

“As a party, we are ready and open for any dialogue with people who share with us the same beliefs and understanding so that we could help Zimbabwe come out of the current catastrophe which we have been plunged into by Zanu PF.”

The former Vice-President’s political roadmap included property rights, review of the land reform programme, a repeal of stringent media laws and an amendment to the indigenisation laws and a Diaspora vote, among other things.
Research and Advocacy Unit official Dereck Matyszak said Mujuru had, through her manifesto, effectively laid down a good platform for a coalition, but this could be undone by “egos”.

“The fact that Mujuru’s manifesto is clearly a checklist of the demands of the opposition in the past 15 years makes it easier to form a coalition,” Matyszak said.

“But the antipathy between Tsvangirai and other opposition formations makes it highly unlikely. It is difficult to come to a convergence given the fact that Tsvangirai, as with Mugabe in Zanu PF, has become a stumbling block to the democratic movement. The issue is he believes he has the masses behind him, but the reality on the ground and his belief are two differing things.”

University of Zimbabwe lecturer and political analyst Eldred Masunungure said for the coalition to work, it would need political leaders to change tack.

“Political egos are the anti-thesis to a coalition. It depends on whether Mujuru, Tsvangirai and the other opposition leaders are willing to swallow their collective egos for the greater good of the country,” Masunungure said.

“The question is on whether they see the greater picture beyond their own political ambitions. Unless there are fundamental shifts in the psychological and behavioural set-up within the leadership of the opposition, I am not optimistic.

“Singularly, it is impossible to dislodge Zanu PF and the imperative is for these parties to come together, but the probability is low.”

Masunungure gave an example of the stillborn moves to unite by former Cabinet ministers Tendai Biti of the MDC-Renewal and Welshman Ncube of the MDC as an indicator of how difficult it is for Zimbabwean opposition leaders to form a coalition.

“The Biti-Ncube attempt is dead in the water and there are lessons to be learnt from that and other coalitions in Africa, where they have been successful. We could take a leaf out of the Kenyan, Nigerian and lately Tanzanian examples,” he said.


  1. What a stupid concept.
    Both are useless idiots – shagger MT and looter Joice – what a pair of mamparas.

    1. The New Party will be called MDC-PF

      Zimbabwe ine nhamo shuwa!!!!

    2. What sort of the adjectives would you use to describe the idiot who has been running this country for the past 3 and a half decades. The only thing he has to show for it is pulling down the country from the middle income level to the second poorest on the planet. This idiot and his wife have 13 farms between them. Now, that’s looting.

  2. We in Kenya united in 2002 and formed a Grand Coalition which wiped KANU out of power after 39 yrs of dictatorship. Today KANU is just a shadow of it’s own self with only about 3% of the whole parliament. Mujuru and Tsvingirai should sit down as equals and come with a masterplan to unite the whole opposition. You should write down a constitution guiding the coalition. Try as much as possible to convince all the opposition parties to unite by all means. Whichever method you come up with to seek your presidential candidate should not be questionable. A memorandum of understanding which is all-inclusive is necessary. Do not belittle any party. You have two years to unite and move all round the country seeking grassroot support. If you marshall your troops accordingly, Zimbabwe will be a darling of the whole world economically ever after. Aging Mugabe has no economic vision tor the country. Its now or never.

  3. who shld be joining who here.I think MDC should join the PF not the other way. MDC is becoming a bully of other new political parties yet they have failed the nation for the past 10years.Tsvangirai should should lower his highs and coalesce with others.Tsvangirai and his team,Welshman , Biti,Makoni,Magaret Dongo,Dumiso dambengwa they should all allow the leadership of Mujuru under PF

    1. You must be made.MDC have failed for the past 10 years yet PF as part of the governing body since independence have 35 years of failure.Why not sharing this with us

  4. If egos are put aside a coalition can work especially when there is an urgent need for a solution, the coalition could be the solution, the need being to remove a failing regime , something must happen action is needed, better now cause there is no other appointed time than NOW the regime MUST fall

  5. i hate Zimbabwean politics, i hate the politicians, their myopic idiotic supporters. i believe in Canning’s words ‘every man for himself and god for us all’

  6. We need an urgent unity from all opposition parties Zimbabwe is on fire we don”t want power hungry people as time is not on our side please implement asap before things goes bad.

  7. haiwa kupedza nguva kuteya zhou neriva mugabe woye

  8. The regime must FALL and it is going to FALL come 2018 !!!!

  9. in this case , Mujuru should be the leader , with Tsvangirai as VP . I t does not do any good for people to continue voting for a man who has failed us in the past

    Tsvangirai has zeal but knowledge hapana … Bravity without wisdom is dangerous

    but never take upon that ZANU PF professor ,Lovemore Madhuku into this coalition …

    you would rather take up magret dongo and simba makoni

    1. How abt Mujuru didn’t she fail us for the past 34 years? She was also part of the gravy train

      1. dont be sick dude Raul was under the wings of Fidel castrol for years even beyond those 34 years but where is cuba now? on its rise it doesnt matter where mujuru was but what matters is what she has to offer on the block tsvangirai had an opportunity to offer as a leader and he failed in the past 10/11years now mujuru shld be granted to lead also and see if she can bring what she has to offer to reality however what we need most is a turnaround strategy……

    2. It boggles my thoughts how we easily erase memories.
      Who failed us the most Mujuru or Tsvangirai.Joice has been part of Mugabe’s banana cabinet since independence.She is part of the same gvt that decided to send our beloved army to DRC when our coffers could not sustain any war for that matter.She is part of that gvt that refused Strive Masiyiwa an operating licence,when he wanted to create jobs for us.She was part of that gvt that until now is refusing to let Diasporas vote. She is looting diamonds in Chiadzwa and her son in law was caught with $90 000 000.00 worth of diamonds.She was part of that gvt which massacred our own in Matebeleland and the same regime which did the same in 2008.She set in numerous committees that came up with stupid,oppressive laws such as AIPPA,POSA,Indigenisation and Land reform.
      So for 35 years she has been part of failure and not even a single blueprint was fruitful during her reign(ESAP,ZIMASSET )you can name them all.
      Now Tsavangirai got to be PM for 4 years and we all felt the relief during his short stint.
      So please advice me?

  10. naran gohweni ncube

    these political parties must come together so as to defeat this giant (ZANU pf ) which is already at its varge of decline all dey need is to put aside their egos and focus on this ZANU pf then okunye kuzolandela after

  11. This is a gud move .first things first mugabe must go then we will solve other issues later.They must be selfless and do it for the people.

  12. Morgan must lead the team as president and Mujuru as prime minister come 2018 Mugabe out by blaz

  13. Some people here are not as learned as they sound because they do not think outside the box, a coalition between all opposition parties is very much possible BUT no political party will use its name to spearhead the dislodgement of ZANU PF however they will have to form a coalition party that has a different name but represented by all opposition parties in Zimbabwe, and how do they choose a leader they will have a special congress of their own which will deliberate and decide which among the leaders of the parties involved in the coalition can be the president to contest in the 2018 elections then when it is done we are definately guaranteed that the ZANU PF govt will not prevail in those elections because there will be no split votes since people will be voting for a leader who is supported by all the various political party leaders who they support, on this one egos will be set aside because the nation comes first.

    1. What a good analysis. That is the only way to go if Zimbabwe is to move forward

      1. Yes correctly said,how about Zanu’s rigging tactics especially if there are no electoral reforms?

    2. That is a very good learned analysis. It shouldn’t be about Mujuru and Tsvangirai at the end of the day but inclusively all Zimbabweans eager for change hence there is a need to widen the political field to all other opposition parties.

    3. @Murambwa if you clearly read the Manifesto of amai it clearly states that for them to go into any election there must be electoral reforms and ZEC must be dissolved and capable people who are apolitical must handle operations, hence the same is being called by almost every other opposition party in the land, so Zanu PF must brace themselves because there will not be any election until all these issues are addressed and also if they do not want to experience a revolt from the people come election day then they better address such issues because people are fed up and they have learnt that their lives will not improve unless they remove this Gvt out of power.

  14. Big mistake. Get out of this fast MT. Remember ZANU PF still has some grip on Joice. …

  15. They may all want this coalition thing but the problem will be on who is going to lead. The solution here is for them to agree on terms. Mai Mujuru can lead for the first 5 years, then hands over to Tsvangirai.

    1. Sometime ago, presumably in a bushy area in central Mozambique, there was a general “gentlemen” agreement among three ZANU PF luminaries, Mugabe, Tekere and Zvobgo, wherein the terms of the agreement was that Mugabe shall rule for the first decade and Tekere the 2nd and Zvobgo the 3rd, provided ZANU PF retains power. When the time came for the incumbent to relinquish power, he simply requested a document where the agreement was written and the rest is history…

  16. @ Watcher, point of correction – Canning never referred to ‘man’ but but “nation” therefore there is nothing bad in having a national convergence. Tsvangirai ndiye chibabababa. Mujuru haana vanhu and is bringing with her a bunch of looters whose hands are dripping with the blood of opposition supporters. They are late comers to the democratic movement and therefore need some further orientation to get rid of a dictatorial hangover which may be haunting them from their previous party.

  17. Long live the spirit of liberating again Zimbabwe & can we all Zimbabweans support this noble cause. Our country depends on our combined effort to dislodge the dictatorship that has led us into abject poverty and desperation ! Long live Mujuru. Long live Tsvangirai. Long live Zimbabwe.

  18. Whether Joice Mujuru’s proposed party and eternal political bridesmaids, MDC-T form a coalition does not matter much because ZanuPF will win in 2018 and also in 2023.

    1. What makes u think so,be factual and relate to the current economic situation,we don’t support for the sake of supporting but we need tangible results pertaining to our economic drive.We are ranked good as far as education is concerned and our analysis must reflect so.

      1. @Murambiwa – whether the economy is a mess or not I can bet with my house – ZanuPF will win in 2018 and 2023. How do I know? Because Mugabe controls the levers of power and can easily manipulate the voting process to his advantage and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The system of having a Presidential-Monarch is all wrong as we have now. Mugabe does as he pleases.

  19. People who are supporting the present regime are those vanodya zvevapfupi nekureba. They are corrupt and do not want things to be normalised.

    I dont understand where and when Tsvangirai failed you people when in fact he won and not given the chance to prove himself because he did not go to war. People who fought for this country are the ones vanokutyisai kana movhota kusvika pekuti kana usina kuvhotera musangano tichakuona.

  20. The open zip widower is courting the widow. Result will be an ugly and very chubby baby. Matama ega. Gd luck to looters and losers coalition.

    1. @mavakirano. Kkkkkkkk. Can you be a bit serious nyaya iri pano ihombe iyi. Ukwane wanzwa. Kkkkkkkk.

  21. i think its too early to talk coalition. its premature. what is if she is still still under zanu pf payroll. let her come out with what she can offer on the table. is she able to have large following especially from zanupf. please be warned. if she able to take at least about 30% of zanu pf supporters then we should start talking. please just observe, the sooner you want to work with , the sooner zanupf start label her sellout-resulting in many zanupf chickening -all out supporting. its not her alone but making sure zanupf is split by half. we dont want another madhuku project.

  22. zvavekutoda nyasha dzaJehova venyama tazvitadza , chatinongoda hupenyu , runyararo . Nyika yedu inyika ine runyararo zvematongerwo ayo zvinoda mwoyo unotya mwari.

  23. This thing about Mai Mujuru being kicked out of the party is something we really have to think about. It’s too good to be true. Zanu pf is more than a party, its more of a think tank. They would not risk such a development to take place by kicking Mai Mujuru out of the party, if its not a strategy. If truly the charges levelled against her are true, there where a lot of options to consider instead of that extreme stance of isolating her. People lets open our eyes and think beyond reasoning. Zanu pf is a party of strategist. Lets be alert least we fall into the trap. I believe these people are one. Logically speaking, all these people who’ve been booted out of the party know a lot to be just let loose like that. Talk of Mutasa, Gumbo, Shamu and Amai Mujuru.

    1. Food for thought.

  24. Pamberi nekubatana

  25. The framework for coalition could be like this. They form a unity govt with Mujuru and Tsvangirai agreeing to serve one term each 2018 -2023; the other 2023-2028 without the two contesting each other; thereafter each one is free to contest the other for the second term.

  26. I will sooner vote for Mugabe than for Mujuru. You guys suddenly rise to support Joice, proclaiming her as a saviour of Zimbabwe. Have we quickly forgotten that she never whisphered a thing against zanu for the 35 yeasr she was in. She crafted a law in record time to try and prevent Masiyiwa from getting a business licence, how many other projects did she sabortage during her time in govt and zanu. She did not say a thing when people were being killed in 08, in fact she was part of the team that unleashed the violence. In 13 zanu stole the election and she smiled as she was being sworn in. She benefitted from zanu rule, how many farms has she? She participated in the looting of our resources for 35 good years and in the emascualation of our voices. Now that she is off the gravy train she wants to associate with us. She suddenly sees the evil that is zanu. Suddenly she realises zanu not sanctions has destroyed the county. She now becomes an advocate for progress and democracy. How convenient. If she is sincere, why dosent she return the loot of the past 35 years. Why dosent she tell us how they looted and rigged the elections? She makes me sick, such a hypocrite. Zimbabwe dont be fooled, if Mujuru had not been chucked out of zanu she would still be looting and making us suffer even more. For all our perceived education we do not realise that votin mujuru is voting zanu, its just zanu reincarnated. She hasnt changed, she is just trying to find her way back into control of the state’s resouirces so she can continue looting.

  27. Joining hands with the defeated puppets will bring a quick end to her project

  28. Takesure Zamar Ncube akaimba akati Nyangwe zvikaoma zvikasvikepi vakadzidza vakazvitadza Nyika dzimwe dzikatiseka hatinga pererwe netariro Zimbabwe mwari vanongoida isu tichadaidza Mwari wedu.. Coalition or no Coalition Zimbabwe let us call on God to change his actions and Intervene now…

  29. Wat is dis now?

  30. if this is to workout,morgan must b under joice&they must no their mission,which is not about leadership but representing the people as they claim.they both have massive suport both urban&rural&even international comunity.they need to be united@al levels,campaining now&plan ahead for 2018&post elections.devide&rule is wat is kipng zanu alive,by now they should be awer&ready to handle it coz its going to come from difrent angles.they should change name of party&bring unity amongest zimbabweans.if they contest against each other zanu wil win&we wil for ever die in porvety.

  31. MDC be careful vanhu ava vane hidden agender. PF ndiyo
    ZANU hapana chekugezera maoko. Leave them alone!!!!!!!!

  32. Mugabe’s advanced age is now causing the vultures to start circling in the sky above as they fancy chances of entering state house in 2018. New politicians & parties are forming left right & centre

  33. I have been constantly following the comments related to most articles of National interest and have been very concerned by the level of “ignorance” we showcase in our comments. We comment like a bunch of imbeciles who just have to say something for the sake of just saying. Going to any social platform and looking at the comments one is left wondering whether the comments are coming from people who need to rebuild their country.

    To begin with the predicaments of Zimbabwe emanated from too much expectation from one individual hence the continuous concentration of power.

    “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”
    ― Niccolò Machiavelli

    After Independence the majority were so much obsessed by their need to “prove” equality and perhaps superiority over the defeated administration hence anyone who appeared to feed that obsession was considered the “messiah” and revered. Zimbabwe approached a “total independence by any means necessary” approach which saw problems arising amongst the liberated way before the country could stand alone.

    Secondly there was failure, from the beginning, to separate politics from administration hence every policy has been crafted from a pro political perspective in some if not most cases totally overlooking the administrative benefits and or deficits. It is from this scenario where we see wealth being reflective, in most cases, of political muscle, links and influence.

    Ignorance and pride, on the part of Zimbabweans has sadly been the brooding ground for this cancer of deterioration to feed from. A successful nation is built by basically three elements,

    1. A patriotic citizenry that fully understands where to draw the line between political affiliation and National responsibility.

    2. A rule of law that is robust in it’s preservation of law and order above and beyond social or political muscle.

    3.Sound policies that are pro development, to EVERY citizen.

    Having briefly looked at the above mentioned, only then can you start assessing the future candidates to assume office. Zimbabwe is not in a very bad and doomed situation as you have been made to believe and secondly the current administration is NOT the ONLY ticket out! Zimbabweans must understand that the anti ZANU PF (ZPF) camps will use any means necessary to stir hatred and rejection of the ZPF Administration, and the ZPF camp will also smear the opposition as much as they can so as to lure you!

    Never make the permanent decisions based on temporary feelings, Zimbabwean opposition groups have always fallen into the same trap. They talk too much and concentrate efforts on one point. One Paul Mangwana said, “The advantage within ZPF is that if an instruction is issued from the office, within hours it would have filtered to the streets.” But you take a look across the pond, you have so many splits in the opposition camps, WHY? It is because they are easily stirred by minute emotions.

    There was a question about the ouster of former VP J T Mujuru, well let me take you back to the departure of ED “Two Boy” Tekere, the departure of Dr Simba Makoni and Dr Ibbo Mandaza. They fared dismally because the administration has managed to instill fear in the minds of the citizenry that they are omnipotent. That’s a plus for them. So you can decide for yourselves whether or not it is staged.
    Before clamouring about this and that Zimbabweans you need to learn to analyze the problem situation, explore the various avenues of change and the change agents. As long as you utter foolish comments like, “i hate Zimbabwean politics, i hate the politicians, their myopic idiotic supporters. i believe in Canning’s words ‘every man for himself and god for us all’” you will surely die wishing for an Utopia. No offence to the writer of such a comment but truth be told such comments are neither proactive or reactive.

    The talk of Zimbabwe’s future is not a stepping block for journalists to build a name for THEMSELVES or for some partisan individual to clamour about their party. In 90% of the cases a party whose ethics, values and morals they do not even know. It is beyond any political cult NO it is a matter of national interest and security of the future for the coming generations.

    There is need to correct the misconception that in order for one to aspire to a national or local governance office they must be from a political cult. Such a belief is poisonous and should be treated as such.

  34. pakaoma apa

  35. I can feel a new zimbabwe

  36. the best collabo ever,i dont trust these people. Hameno nyadenga vacho ndiye akatisika

  37. ndikukuonai mese manje ndiri chimdara chibabababa chakatodya nduru ndiri bhuru ende futy ndichatotonga kusvika mamama

  38. The strange part of Zim politics is selfishness. I do not know why Tsvangirai and Mujuru just cant form one party, not this silly thing called coalition! Coalition of who, whom, on what! Zimbabwe is one! The problems that all opposition parties want address are the same, yet these guys waste people”s time talking of silly jargon of coalition!

    1. Zimbabwean economy is fundamentally strong and all it needs is good management and it will do well. But it seems as if the MUgabe government has failed to manage it well instead they brought about poverty and corruption in the country. I explain that the opposition party, the MDC-T, is trying to bring about change through peaceful democratic means. I say many people are not able to to get good educations that does not mean they are unintelligent. Tsvangirai may not have gone to university, but i find him intelligent in analyzing Zimbabwe’s problems. Mujuru and Tsvangirai should form one party not coalition. that’s true , the problems they want to address are the same and they can only do this as one. When the country can have free and fair elections and the people can freely choose a new government, there will be change. if they there is no change in 2018 then things should get worse until they can get any better.

  39. Once again the nation finds itself dangling on a straw of hope with politicians at the other end of the straw. If only “egos” can for the sake of national progress be shelved we might if not ourselves, then our children , wake up to a better Zimbabwe. All progressive movements should come together to form a political juggernaut. With three years to go, this is the best time to start working on a coalition. Lets all parties merge into one new party which shall be given a new name \, this new party with the support of all leaders from the different oppositions shall for the next year move around the country drumming up support from the grass roots, After which they should vote for a leader {i.e primaries} with a year to go to elections….good thing is ZANU PF has already done most of the campaigning for the opposition, what with the -2million jobs, civil service uncertainty, ailing economy , corruption ETC

  40. Yes kubatana its a good idea, but vakadzingwa pamwe naamai vamwe maCIO, so Tsvangie anofanira kupaongorora.

  41. Mwari gore riya parichasvika mugotirangarirawo vana wenyu.

  42. zanu pf has strategist, check 2018

  43. I wonder wy pple say Tsvangirayi failed as if he ever get into real power to rule the country.its not fair to say that he failed the country Mugabe failed him coz he never allowed him to rule the country thru rigging elections and i dont think it was beyond his control so lets hope they get into a tangible agreement wit Mai Mujuru and see how it goes but i believe it will be a very good idea if they join the forces to topple the ruling party.

  44. Zvine basa reyi tese tichangofa.

  45. Dai Biti aiwerenga macomments aisiyana nazvo zvekaparty aka. People know the mistake they made when Makoni came and they will not repeat. Check comments on Biti’s launch of party and that for Mai Mujuru, you can see Mai Mujuru is better. A pact of Mujuru and Tsvangirai would be good, considering almost all provincial chairman supported Mujuru her ability to get rural support on board will be better thab Tsvangi and also her war credentials are important, she has an appeal to war vets and related and is then not a puppet of anyone. Tsvangi has die hard urban supporters and combining this with Mujuru gives them an upper hand

  46. As long as all these things can drive the old man out of power i am in support. Whether Mujuru is still zanu or not, whether there is a coalition or no coalition what i personally want is Bob out power. In 2018 i will vote for whoever has the great support at that time who will be opposing zanu pf

  47. It was meaningless to vote for any other party which was not ZANU 1980 elections. We have seen what they have done. It is silly now to vote for this party considering what we have seen. And what we are experiencing. To waste time again trying to figure out and making unnecessary debates on who should lead between Tsvangirai and Mujuru is not necessary. Let these noble leaders unite and dislodge this system of governance that has caused us untold suffering.

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