Made blames veld fires on white former farmers

AGRICULTURE minister Joseph Made has sensationally claimed white former commercial farmers were behind most of the veld fires recorded in the country as they were bitter over the seizure of their farmland.


Made told stakeholders at a capacity-building workshop for members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development held in Mutare yesterday, that most of the veld fires were acts of sabotage by white former commercial farmers.

“We should look at the nature of these fires. The whole country is burning and this is now affecting even the livestock and crops. As government, we should now pay extreme attention to this,” he said.


“Is it a reason that we took away land from them? Let’s just look at this issue closely. Let’s ask ourselves questions. Are these veld fires accidental? These fires are meant to destroy agriculture and we will be viewed as total failures, a lot is happening.” Made capped off this theory by urging Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri to be more vigilant.

Muchinguri-Kashiri recently complained that environmental crimes were being treated lightly necessitating the introduction of mandatory sentences for offenders.

“Our records show that environmental crimes have been trivialised and very few custodial sentences have been given despite the fact that 72 deaths have been recorded to date,” she said.

“The ministry has started a process towards the amendment of the relevant Forest Act (Chapter 19:05 and SI 7 of 2007) to ensure that mandatory sentences are effected.”

Muchinguri-Kashiri said a committee had been set up and funds provided to monitor fire outbreaks countrywide.

“To address this scourge, the Ministry of Environment has set up a national fire committee comprising of various ministries and non-governmental organisations,” she said. “The Environmental Management Agency has already deposited $200 000 into the fund.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Marble Chinomona has accused parastals under the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development ministry of stifling the growth of the agricultural sector.

“Another issue critical to the growth of the agricultural sector is that of promoting joint ventures and public-private sector partnerships through State-owned companies to promote the growth of the agricultural sector,” Chinomona said.

“Several parastals that fall under the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development ministry have been underperforming and these include GMB, the Cold Storage Company and the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe.”

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  1. siza bantu mhlobo wami

    Made kkikikikikkiikikiki twundebvu

  2. What a fantastic dream from a minister of government. After this, what more do you expect from this government. Former commercial farmers flying all the way from Zambia and the world over to strike a match stick and fly back. Lord.

  3. God help Zimbabwe if this is the calibre of the people running this country. This is as bad as the speech in Bulawayo telling us the UK, USA told the weather to put sanctions on us.

  4. With all due respect vaMade hamuna kumbonzwawo chinonzi ma fireguard here? In any case ndimi muri kupisa masango muchitsvaka mbeva kubva pakatanga “land reform” The fact that there are fires all over inyaya yekuti mumapurazi makungorimwa uswa(sora beans)

  5. Its a pity we have a calibre of clueless and dump people like Made as a leader.its high time to quit cde Made izvi zvakuratidza kupererwa.u have been onthe ministry for two decades and u r the worst performing minister of all.destruction minister.

  6. Humwe hubendzi hhunotsamwisa

    1. He keeps getting better with his zany n stupid statements. A complete A…… indeed.

  7. MAD MADE!

  8. AM i dreaming or not? “New farmers” burning forests and farms are now white evicted farmers. God less Zimbabwe

  9. we need to pray for our leaders before they get really insane beyond repair

  10. this is the same guy who lied to the nation that we were going to have a bumper harvest, same guy who oversees GMB, what can u expect,more lies of coz.

  11. Made,shame on u mdhara.kuti dzichiri ryt here brain

  12. all farmers without fences and fire guards shd be made to pay a hefty fines,prevent dont blame besides it is next to impossible to catch a veldfire criminal.

  13. Something is wrong in your upstairs Mr Made. Why do you hate whites so much? The did a lot to this country than your all wether friends the chinese. Mr Made are you serious or else you were forced to say out something without much preparation? . Blaming white farmers on veld fires is like blaming a goat on meat disappearance in a butcher. Failures are very good on blaming. The fact Mr Made is your people who benefitted from the land program are not farmers but lazy people who are doing nothing on the land but good on starting veld fires. Remember they are just people whom you gave land because they were good on chanting slogans not farming. The economy is vexing you to the extent of talking like somebody who is having nightmares.

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  15. reallllllllllllyyyyyyyy made no wonder you gotta a big head

  16. This is too stupid to waste time commenting on.

  17. The name is Made. Made what? Made a poo in my broeks, with my mouth! Itookleva

  18. I am speechless.

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