Biti should join Zanu PF: Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said while efforts to forge a coalition with “like-minded” opposition parties is the way to go, he will never consider re-uniting with his former secretary-general Tendai Biti, urging him instead to consider joining Zanu PF.


Tsvangirai told hundreds of MDC-T supporters in Zengeza West yesterday that Biti and his People’s Democratic Party leadership should forge an alliance with Zanu PF instead of continuously attacking his person.

“They have launched their party and if they believe they can offer anything, let the people judge,” he said.

“There are people preoccupied with Tsvangirai bashing, but if they were using that same energy to attack President [Robert] Mugabe things would be better. I suspect that those attacking me should form a coalition with Zanu PF and leave like-minded people alone,” he said in reference to his reported plans to come together with People First.

Tsvangirai said it was premature to rule out an alliance with People First, a formation of former Zanu PF officials, basing on ideological differences.

Since the split from the main opposition MDC-T, Biti has been attacking Tsvangirai at every opportunity describing him as a failed politician who should be written off from the country’s political landscape.

Tsvangirai meanwhile, described calls by Mugabe at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit that there is need for a new world order as misplaced and proof that the veteran ruler had lost touch with world realities.


Tsvangirai said Mugabe’s remarks showed that there was no hope for Zimbabwe with the Zanu PF government.

Mugabe told the summit that humanity was on the verge of a new world whilst calling upon other leaders to be committed to that new world.

However, Tsvangirai said it was misplaced to think of a new world order because that had already been overtaken by the concept of globalisation.

“The government that we have is very unstable. They fight among themselves and there is no recovery to talk about on our plight as a nation,” Tsvangirai said at the official launch of an ambitious poultry project sponsored by MDC-T Zengeza West MP Simon Chidhakwa.

“At the UN when you call for a new world order people will ask whether you are from [the planet] Mars. The world has become globalised and there is no new order besides the fact that we are in a global village. You cannot break the global linkages of trade. This shows that we have a leadership that is out of date.”

The former Premier said there was need to open up lines of trade with other nations just like what other global giants were doing to unlock channels of development.

Chidhakwa said the revolving poultry project will come in three phases for the general populace, churches and marginalised groups such as the disabled and child-headed families.


  1. I would like to say mr Tsvangirai is 100% right.Biti is not fighting for the people s democracy instead he is fighting for his own plight the guy is a power hungry man .i expect him to be a trouble maker in the coalition

    1. these guys are still zanu pf but only under different name .Tsvangson don’t go into bed with them.

    2. Old Tsvangirai is politically immature. He thinks that anyone who challenges him is ZANU PF. This is ZANU PF thinking whereby anyone who attacks Bob is accused of being used by “whites”. Tsvangirai thinks there is no new world order. That is childish. there is a new world order every day of our lives.

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  2. Indeed. Biti’s political approach resembles mugabe’s in most elements in that they want to view Tsvangirai (and the sanctions) as the stumbling block yet ignoring simple principles of economics that cannot be altered. They dont proffer any solution to the woes of the country but are ever seeking scapegoats. I read in the daily news Biti saying a coalition with Zanu pf is the way to go. While everyone bemourns the decision to enter into the GNU in 2013 as having propped up Zanu then, Biti believes Zanu should be given yet another rescue. It is evident that Biti had mo input in the formation of the GNU than any other MDC leader and what they call Save’s failures can be traced to the GNU which they were all a part of, and which he so yearns to revive. I am certain Biti manufactured the so called Tsvangirai failures so that he finds some scape goat to thrump down while he ascends the ladder..

  3. Biti initially anounced that they had expelled Tsvangirai from MDC T…he had misjudged his influence and he was given a rude awakening when it was him who ended up leaving the party!

    Biti is full of bitterness….even if he is offered a mega-million prize offer to refrain from verbally abusing Morgan, Biti will lose that prize. Everytime he opens his mouth he talks about Tsvangirai! Biti is no a path to follow Welshman Ncube into oblivion!

    He is destined for the political dustbin!

  4. They should make sure there is no fire annually Gono has his chickens roasted by zanupf. On Biti, Tsvangirayi is right Biti should just take his party and dump it on ZanuPF HQ there that is where it belongs, not lying to us that they want to be a government by unsitting MT instead of Mugabe.

  5. my leader morgan, becoz i like your way of thinking although almost everyone wants to demonise you. the new world order is coming and mugabe asked for it because he knows how it is coming because he is roman catholic. if you ever get a chance to rule just try and make sure you fight the way this new world order will come because it is deadly although it seems so good on the outside.

  6. My young brother is completely confused. On 31 July 2013, he caught ZanuPF red-handed busing voters from as far as Chiendambuya in Manicaland but I was shocked when he started to praise alleging that Mugabe had won fairly. Up to now I don’t understand him.The guy puts his emotions before reasoning. He followed Mangoma but today he is now a spirited critic of him, he doesn’t want to see Mangoma. His so called PDP project is doomed to fail. As I speak cracks are now visible. Right now,his leadership is being questioned.

    Biti is a failed ZanuPF project. Even in ZanuPF they are disappointed by his failure to weaken MDC-T. The young man is highly schooled but lacks education and wisdom.Education and wisdom are rarely acquired from textbooks, they are inborn attributes. His continuous attack on the person of Tsvangirai shows that he is singing from the same hymn book with Mugabe.If he is sincere, why doesn’t direct his attacks to Mugabe?

    Biti should not be entertained by inviting him to the much anticipated coalition of opposition parties. He is a concoction of ZanuPF meant to poison the possibility of a grand coalition.

  7. Wellington Mutsindikwa

    Comrade Biti you are better off perusing your academic career zve politics izvi siyirayi ma DIE HARD vana Tsvangirayi
    we were informed you were doing a doctorate ku UK what happened My brother pursue that i think that’s “your calling”

  8. Whatever we may say…Biti remains one of the sobber minds in this country. Even during the period of GNU, he almost single handedly managed to lure back the Eu and other foreign investors. Despite spirited efforts from ZANU and some members of the inner circle to discredit him…the guy stood shoulders above the rest in the GNU…kana R G Mugabe akazviona kuti painge paita simbi yebasa akaramba kuti adzingwe paposition yaMin Of Finance.

    Of course everyone has got his shortcomings but theway we potray him its as if he is always on Tsvangirai. Apa Tsvangison ndiye atotanga kutsvaga Biti. When was the last time paakataura kuti MT is a failed politician? ndizvo zvichiri kungofungwa nanhasi naMT and he gets the opportunity to respond for sure after such a long time?

    MT ngaamire nerake bato and in as much as i see him as a hero…..i feel heroism to some extend if left unchecked leads to hero worshipping which has brought this country to where it is. Vamwe vave kutoti vamwe iCremora. MT has fought his fight…a good fight and i believe its time for him to groom someone anopedzisa the relay. Ega ega nacho chitanda relay yose? i doubt if thatcan lead us to the promised land.
    Already we have seen some of MT’s shortcomings for which i dont believe he will be the right candidate to take us all the way….its time he advises and we put him in the correct position of our hisstory books as someone who fought a brave war and showed others the way. Kana Moses haana wani kuzosvika Canaan but ndiye akaburitsa vana veIsrael

    MT you are our hero…wakaratidza vamwe kuti zizi harina nyanga and for that i respect you. I feel its time you take a back seat with your reputation still intact and for your Chosen one to lead. The chosen one should also reciprocate the respect to MT nt kuzoda kuita zvinoita dzimwe nyika…persecuting akuappointer

  9. Both Tsvangirai and Biti are certifiable immoral idiots
    That is why The EU and the UK (via praise-singer Catriona Laing) fully sponsor and support Zanu pf.

  10. Saka iwe haudi kutaurwa asi vaMugabe ndowaunoda kuti wataurwe nhai???????????????. The President kana vachitaura kuti tinoda a world order varikureva kuti interference munedzimwe nyika ndongazvipere. KKKKK rinenge parot chairo kuti chese chataurwa nevarungu ihemeni. Uyu haana chaanombocontributer mumasummit akadai becoz ndiyes man. I conquere with my president that the UN must reshuffle, World bank must reshuffle, IMF must do the same not to operate as they are doing now, they are not independent to themselves.

  11. That is where Tsvangirai misses it .
    He is considering a coalition with People First , but he does not consult the electorate first .
    He is now running the party as his private business , yet he is there to represent the wishes of the electorate .
    A coalition with People First ? Entering into a coalition with the likes of Jabulani Sibanda , who did attrocities to MDC-T supporters countrywide ?
    Tsvangirai is another Mugabe .

    1. You are missing the point..
      MDC is contemplating coalitions with Parties advocating to remove Mugabe’s ZANU from power.

      At most times we chose leaders who makes judgements which they consider good for their people.You dont need to consult the electorate on most petty issues.Otherwise progress will be slow.
      When ZANU printed bond paper as money whom did they consult? you?
      When ZANU neglected to service our Power Stations now we have endless load sheddings,where you consulted?

      Start focusing on those in Gvt ruining our country and leave Tsvangirai alone.!!

  12. tsvangison waakuita hwedindingwe chaihwo, rikakwevewa hanzi mavara angu azare-vhu.VaMugabe ndivo vadii vaunoda kuti vatukwe? ko iwe tsanga irimuziso rako hausikuiona here? kkkkkkkkk unotyei? tukwa!!!. icho!!!.

  13. lets help our dear colleague Save before its too late. What new world order was the president speaking when he delivered his speech to the UN summit? when did globalisation and int trade started? do you think globalisation is being ruled by America and britain, giving up your sovereign in the name of globalisation? then that would be colonisation and its far way backward. Lisen properly, digest and if not sure ask you advisor… (sorry by thwe way shumba has left), you can ask chitovah gutu. then you can comment latter. not this thing of putting the cat ahead of the horse. Ipapo chete Save ndopanokutadzisai kuenda pastate house. Fungai musati maroposha. respect inouya nekusangomwashuka mwashuka zvisina humbowo.

  14. Thank, Mr President(Ex-Prime Minister)(First secretary of MDC)(GNU Partner).

    Mugabe is so possessed with participation in UN affairs, yet he ridicules its values and principles of embracing globalization.

    I wonder why he bothers to go there yet he is against them.
    ZANU yapererwa……..

  15. one attribute of a good leader is tolerance and the ability to forgive maybe oneday biti will repent

  16. Zvainetsa Ngwarati

    My concern is that there seem to be more attack on Tsvangirai by Biti and company than on ZANU PF.Thsi really raises questions about this whole thing. If Tsvangirai is the problem, its better Biti and company now have their own party. They will meet and face each other at the poll.
    If they were popular as they claim why did they not contest for their seats ?You want to treat Zimbabweans as a confused lot. We know what we want and will liberate ourselves for the second or third time if needed.
    Use what ever evaluation criteria you want, Tsvangirai will remain on number one. He has never sold us since he joined opposition politics and the Zimbabwean people know that. They will support him in thick and thin. If he was not principled, he would be at a donated farm and forget about suffering people. He understand the life of ordinary people from his time at ZCTU. Do not pollute him.

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